COSS Daily Thread

Who comfy?

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>comf af
I see it like this, the only way this doesn't take off is
>rune exit scams
>crypto as a whole dies
How can anyone not be in this, seriously

I agree. Almost hoping btc crashes so I can drop some more money into this

no fuck that enough crashing, if you haven't accumulated enough already then fuck you

i want to make money now

Comfy af for sure
$1 eo april

Comfiest I've ever been
My prediction is a 10x in 2 months

Comfy af
>60c end of April

Deluded.. we for sure seeing 60-80cents. Mabye even a buck

Can you screencap this and come back in 5 weeks please?

Been in since 6 cents thanks to an user here

I however don't think FIAT will be enough to bring in volume to the exchange, especially within a bear market.

not comfy at all at over 50% loss

comfy af, waiting for the moon to 50c

500k COSS so I get pretty decent payouts each week even with this low volume. Excited for fiat and an API for sure.

I bought the dip

500k coss must be like $100 a week man

You’ve made it user

Yea right now it's about $100 which is ok. With fiat and a working API it could be 1-3k a week easy.

Price predictions for summer?

Once fiat is rolled out we'll probably go back to $1 and then back to $3 with upgraded engine/API.

When is the engine/API upgrade?

not comfy. need more.

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