Remember when Vitalik was the meme on Veeky Forums the way Sergey is now? What ever happened to those Ethereum holders...

Remember when Vitalik was the meme on Veeky Forums the way Sergey is now? What ever happened to those Ethereum holders... hmm... oh that's right, they're all worth $20-$50 million.

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post some proof ...give me some archived files...screenshots...

until then you're just larping you faggot

your memecoin won't even reach over a fucking dollar EVER...chainlink is obsolete and everyone knows it

how actual new are you?

Sold at $20, $50, $100, $200...How many did really hold from $2 to $2000?

I know a guy who was in on the Ethereum presale. Sold at $10.

i held to 3k

money skelly has been replaced by money belly

>link Is the next ETH
Lent flee lel

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jesus I would fucking kill myself if I did that

>how do i use the archive?

that's why I'm never selling my link. never.

how can an erc20 token be the next etherium?

sergey is a forced meme

I remember all the memes about him back in 2015. Jokes about how he used to be this ripped Slav who stopped working out to focus on ETH, and then turned into a skelly. Back when Veeky Forums was 10% ETH shilling and 90% dropshipping.

Link also got It will literally blow ethereum out of the water.

The new here disgusts me

true, but money belly > money skelly

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I was in the pre-sale and bought two sales @ 0.1 BTC each. 200+200 = 400 ETH.

I sold 60 at 800 and another 30 at 1400, then invested the rest in other alts.

Now I'm holding my last 300 for the next bull run.

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That was before paid shills and forced memes became an everyday thing on biz.

this is why I don't speak in absolutes when it comes to crypto
this guy probably feels stupid as fuck

It was like 1.5 just a few months ago

Ethereum had an actual use case being the first ever platform for smart contracts, what does LINK have?

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The difference is Vitalik is actually smart while Sergey is a brainlet.

He probably forgets he even posted that

i honestly wish sergay made this his own coin instead of a fucking token

being the first ever platform to feed data to these smart contracts

linkies are by far the most deluded people on this board. The tech Sergey is working on may be great, but there's absolutely no need to use the ChainLink token for that technology, which will render it worthless.

The Milhouse of Crypto.

How? They're not even comparable. ETH is a car, Link is a seatbelt extender.


This...Vitalik is an autistic savant while Sergey has no credentials whatsoever

>t. someone who didn't listen to Sergey wow the crowd at SXSW

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You won't find anyone in this space who knows more about tamperproofness than Sergey does. Seems like a savant to me.

segey got a fucking philosophy degree

You have got to be kidding me...

Yeah it's like he's not even there

He gave a bunch of canned the footage you posted to one of Vitalik's presentations.

>an ERC20 token is the next ethereum
why are linkies such brainlets?

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Kek this, a lot of people forget that half of the project they own are related to or using ETH and could never be the "new" ETH. We're not seeing the next ETH for a while imo, it's gonna take time before we see the next break through and most people aren't even gonna know about it until it's to late to buy in.

Canned answers?
You're implying that that is a question he gets regularly asked?

if any ERC20 has a chance of reaching the level of the parent chain it's OMG

Looks like people are already starting to pitch LINK to F500 companies and to heads of state.

I am so fucking excited and so comfy. NO other crypto has this level of encouragement about it. Have 75k. All we have to do is wait lads. For any other successful LINKies, please see if you can find a use for LINK and shill it to your superior. WE're all gonna make it.

That is not a canned answer, he fully addressed the guys question and even asked the guy at many points whether he understood what the answer was


That's because it was probably a normie posing as one of us. Normies don't care about being autistically right like us.

this is the face of nolinkers

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>next bullrun

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Is it normie or norman? I was under the impression that norman is the proper Veeky Forums term while normie is the term actual normans use.

LINK won't even exist a year from today, total vaporware.

>newfag: the post

Normalfag is the official nomenclature. In my experience norman is used as the shorthand version by lurkerfags, I've heard normies actually use the word normie.

>normies actually use the word normie
enough reason for me to avoid using the term...I always like norman or from the South Africa thread normgroid, normalfag sounds too tryhard.

The soyim know

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fuck off out norma

>1 eth for $20 and he's a millionaire
Hope he held it long enough

>le 56% anonymous
>la normala


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>money belly

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>50 million dollah

They all sold retard. Only 1 percent were able to hold from 10 dollars to over a thousand. The ones that followed the trends and charts sold early. No one knew what the top was. Why wouldn't they sell at 50 bucks?

And also, btc and eth , neo, they all had a parabolic one in a life time growth. It's not happening again, doesn't matter how good the project. The market is all pump and dumps now sadly. If you honestly think Link will be over 10 dollars from here you are retarded.

Sergey Nazareth will redeem us!

Jesus, you guys are better salesmen for LINK than Sergey and his team

It's because they're not trying to sell it. Based Sergey is giving us time to accumulate.

We will never sell either. Leading to massive scarcity seeing that most of us have 100k plus because we were doing it for the wallet rankings and memes.

new favourite fud

I just don't see this hitting 1k idk. $100-150 by 2020 sounds about right tho.

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This user has it right, ETH is a platform, LINK is just a utility project...a utility project that will be rendered useless when platforms like ETH incorporate their own oracles

Holy fuck, read the whitepaper you actual retard

damn i'll only have like 10 million dollars wtf am I gonna do with that chump change


>implying LINK isn't blockchain agnostic
>implying it won't be on its own blockchain eventually

is that tot a x-ttrraa mac? might as well got junior mac...

>he fell for the whitepaper meme

You have 100k LINK? Too bad it's going to be rendered useless once platforms solve the oracle problem themselves in house

Why would LINK have it's own blockchain when it's a utility project? It's not a platform like ETH or NEO

ah the classic 'apps can be built over bitcoin via counterparty, so ethereum is worthless' argument

What's the approximate amount of % that biz holds of total LINK supply?

lol, most of you will sell once it hits 1 dollar, this project is going nowhere. Where is the code? Where is the product?

how can I acquire 100k LINK? Right now that's like $40k worth

If true, then there's no need for LINK to have any value. If one wants to speculate on the success of oracles, they should buy ETH instead. In that case, would actually be accurate since ETH has already broken the $1k mark.

I believe Craig Wright have a philosophy degree as well. It's quite funny that the leaders behind two of the most shilled shitcoins on Veeky Forums both have bullshit degrees.

not even remotely comparable
Vitalik != Blockstream

will chainlink go lower? I've never bought it before, I would buy right now if someone can convince me how link is necessary for Sergey's smartcontract tech

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dont play that game, everyone can see how fucking new you are. not everyone says every fucking picture they see every day

Is eth a confirmed pedocoin now? It's under 600

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Normal McNormalton won't know or care. Business tech marketed to small businesses is like a used car salesman rolling back the odometer provided the car has a year on it.

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If there was any chance of this amount of money involved, some serious pros would make their own solution and blow link out of the water.
It's literally just a json parsen, It won't even hit $1, let alone $1000

Honest question for linkies

why would someone like ETH adapt chainlink to their platform instead of just making their own?

It seems to me that maybe some of these smaller coins will have chain link adaption but big coins with huge teams simply have no reason to use chainlink. Its like 3 lines of code to fix the problem of oracles

This user gets it, LINK would need 350 billion marketcap to hit 1000...this is more than the total marketcap of all of crypto.

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Have fun fomo-ing in at twenty dorra

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20 cents maybe...where is the product? Roadmap?

>grass in sillycon vallie pls user try again

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