Tfw done wage cucking for the week and my alt is mooning

>tfw done wage cucking for the week and my alt is mooning

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I love being a welder. Easiest 500k a year ever

tfw 300k welder

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Why do you guys keep baiting people with welding memes?
I'm a welder and this shit is getting annoying.

Because idiots keep falling for it lmao. Its the most unbelievable bait and they still bite

>tfw austrian welder
>E U R

I'm a welder and I only made $53K last year.
Shit isn't so profitable

lol 40k maybe of youre lucky
think austria has no program for spacewelders

Does europe even have that much money? I thought every spare euro went to sub saharan africans and arabs?

>been a welder for decades now
>No longer suffer 500k/yr starting anymore
Feels real good.

Where do you work at OP? I currently working a job in Atlantis and making mad dosh since everything is underwater welding over there.

get your adamantium qualification brainlet

>Be welder in post-Soviet shithole
>Earn bigger salary than the president

Feels fantastic man.

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Oh is it? Good job, my alts are all mooning too. Which, of course, is the case every week, as since I am not bound by the constraints of employment I'm free to pursue advanced market research all day. That's right, you see by investing in myself I'm actually able to exceed the profits you make working and begging for wages.

Well, probably time for you to get to bed. You must be tuckered out from a long week at work. Only two more days until Monday! That is unless you get called in to work a weekend shift. Gotta put those hours in if you don't want your manager, Mr. Shekelburg, to fire you!

Myself? I'm quite comfortable with my productivity for the day (saw my portfolio rise another $1500), I'm just going to settle in here for a marathon session of Fortnite and Papa Johns, and I think I might spend all day tomorrow sleeping. You jealous??

eating papa johns
no welding skills
only made 1500
has to spend all his time "researching"


Left welding at 1000k a year to be a mechanical eng.
now I'm poor can't afford any crypto.
Worse choice of my life

>adding benefit to society at large for the legally mandated minimum required hourly rate
>don't work and leech from society at large for 1/4th the amount as above
>begging for wages


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>Welder in Texas
>800k yr
>I didn't even finish high school

fuck life is great

This is a lie please stop

Antarctic welder
1,200k year
Life’s great

moon welder
1bil a year
lifes great