Just bought 5k usd worth of btc at 8500, when should i sell??

just bought 5k usd worth of btc at 8500, when should i sell??

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what do you mean 7k? that's fucking lower, moved like crazy today after that huge crash so it's obviously a recovery

If I were you I'd think about considering selling maybe perhaps immediately right the fuck now

why? it's been at like 8,5k forever why the fuck would it drop now?

You must be new here.
Welcome, friend.

You literally just bought the top of a bull trap, nice

It'll be in the 7k range in a few days before a crazy 6k dip then recovery

been here 3 months, Veeky Forums 4 years. hardly new


Buy high sell low

In that case bitcoin was over 10k for an eternity and yet here we are

i come here asking for advice and i get a bunch of bullshit like this. why would this be the top of a bull trap?

seriously if you're going to say shit like this back it up, it fucks with my brain

It's gonna dump to like 2k.

Now, it's possible it'll get pumped up by manipulators first but who knows what they're gonna do and even if it does they'll still dump it down afterwards. This whole thing is a complete scam and a terrible investment.

sorry kiddo, you just ain't tough enough for this town

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as soon as you're in profit, this thing is gonna dip below 8k sometime before g20.

Also, who is this thicc beauty?

dont worry user, "it will never drop below $8k again"

okay it just went below 8,5k i'm fucking sweating already i know dips are common though


At least make it to 16k for that 2x profit, this might take a few months though until all of the governments will finally get done with their regulations.

Wait until it gets to 7k then sell.
Buy high sell low. Every time.

this is Veeky Forums not tradingview user

there's tons of resources out there giving pretty accurate patterns. It could spike up to 8800 or so before it drops so I'd sell then

Don't say I didn't warn ya kid

who is he?

I think we are going to test 7-7.3.

Nobody wants to buy right now, we need to hit some lows to gain momentum.

if your larping good job, otherwise youre a retard and should sell now before it hits 6k

Yeah, I'm larping - lmao. I actually did a 10x short at 8,5; got a limit off at 8,3. Made the thread to entertain me while I wait.

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It's already too late...

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