Stuck at 8.45k to 8.55k

>stuck at 8.45k to 8.55k

The next candle is going to be so red.

It'll be unimaginable.

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I'm thinking the same thing, resistance is squeezing down, support is staying the same, and volume is dropping off.

it seems like all the price action on Bitcoin is controlled by something or someone it shoots up or down all at once what a crock of shit is this really Satoshi's vision?

i still have hope
we will return to 9k soon

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I may actually be retarded. I wonder if that would allow me to not pay taxes?

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o no

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Of course 6K is real. Will it go lower is the question

there is a myth that if u say
say ni hao three time in the mirror
chinks will dump BTC


everyone needs to get out now. If it drops below $8k again, crypto is dead. Miners will shut off and we will never update difficulty. All crypto dead, minus a few dellusional holders for the next 2-3 years. The Jew killed it good this time.

Next long term bullrun will once again require a ciris such as venezuala, china or south africa to people convert their global currency to bitcoins. Now it is mostly just consolidating and traders speculating at 6-13k range.

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Fucking CHINKS ruin it every time


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>minus a few dellusional holders for the next 2-3 years.
S P E C U L A T I V E . M I N E R S


How much to have her brap a wet one into my face after she wins Code S?

haha jk whales you've fallen for my ruse, i was actually shorting all along
can bring the price up now haha

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It went down.

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damn! well got most of ya anyway, up we go!

ETH bottomed out.
BTC too

I wonder if they will hold.

Mind if I save that edgy pepe?

Not at all.

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