Linkes, need help. I have an opportunity to propose LINK to a SVP of a fortune 500

The company deals with health insurance and is worth over 180+ billion. Childhood friend is incredibly successful, and has shot up the corporate ladder extremely quickly by pitching the right things to the right people. I helped him on one by mentioning an interesting startup (medical imaging software), he ended up pitching it to head of acquistions and they bought it out. I sold him on LINK a few months ago and he has a decent stack of LINK. He is not technical in the slightest, couldnt tell you what LINK does, he just trusts me. He is INCREDIBLE at networking. I don't know how he does it.

Anyways, met up for drinks with him, and he was with the SVP (I know). Got talking etc, mentioned smart contracts considering their industry. SVP was really interested and asked so many questions about the criteria. I gave the basic biz shill of LINK ( SWIFT DLT PoC, 1st mover, decentralised oracle network, PSD2, derivatives, AXA/ Zepplin/ speculation with docusign, etc.)

They were incredibly keen. Anyways I have to now prep a document on LINK in laymans terms; an (unbiased) pitch for LINK basically. They asked about competitors and I floored them with the whole "born before eth". I mentioned compatibility with IBM's HLF, and the rest of the potential of LINks blockchain agnosticism, they were hooked. PSD2 also got the SVPs engine roaring.

Basically, what do I include and exclude, This could be fucking huge, but obviously throwing in the gitter etc/ tesla dev spec won't go over well. I know there's a few pastas around biz that have a great explanation of the basics, but how do I go about including the real killer points like Ari & cornell, docusign specualation (worth it?), etc.

Any advice would be appreciated LINKies. This is our chance to get one of the biggest health insurance providers super keen on LINK. I mentioned running a node and hodges, and the number of API requests etc.

I'll pay in LINK if anyone can help me develop a good layman

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Tell them linkies stay super stinky $1000 eoy

Which medical imaging software company?

Top left

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if you're not larping you should probably reach out to with details for their input no? we're talking $180bil in txs, surely the team would be interested.

Don't ask for advice here. Ask for an invite to the Slack channel and get in touch with the team directly there.

If true tell them to contact Rory and Rory will set up a meeting. Do this conspicuously or they'll shut it down quick. Business is business. This isn't a hype train spreading false rumors.

Hhmm, interadesting.
High quality Larp

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Also, watch the SXSW conference "Smart Contracts are we getting Rid of lawyers"

His panel is with the president of docusign, the chief legal advisor for docusign and a woman that was the founder of Digital Commerce or something (blockchain specific) and has a whole website devoted to smart contract solutions. (Google her name + Smart contracts)

Look at how familiarly they speak...

Also, a year ago Sergey was noted saying he was working with a digital signatures service.

This is good advice, but you should probably clear it with the SVP. If not, just don't be too specific other than mentioning that "I represent an interest from a significant __ industry company.

Help me put together a layman's presentation"

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you need to do just that

I'm legitimately serious here user.

They make medical anatomical 3d structures; and have developed/ developing lecture seminars/ tutorials with some of the med schools in the US, standford being one.

They were meant to be bought over by Elsevier, and have recived 1/3 of their funding but fucked up with their big launch of an orthopaedic surgery-based app. Also their CFO was an idiot and didn't have a clue about finances. They grew expontenially and couldn't scale well in terms of operations. Not sure if I can name company, but its not hard to find if you search the stuff I mentioned. Negotiations are udnerway as far as I'm aware.

Thanks anons. I had planned on doing that, but I said I'd draw up a document and send it to him, and he would would pitch it to whomever.

Its not a larp at all. I swear on all my 84k linkies.

I just need something to prep my friend on while he goes to pitch. Thsi company will obviously get involved considering their field, but if he gets to be the one to mention it first it'd be beneficial for him (and me I guess)

I know lol. I follow the guys autistically. I'm one of the 34 who has subscribed to the gitter updates. I didn't mentioned perianne as I don't know as much about DCC as docusign.

That top left is the one I was talking about. Thanks user

Well they can help you draw up the document anyway. They probably have some ready made PR package with some selling points that can help you.
I wouldn't approach them with a document you made w/ info you got from here b/c they'd get anxious about NDA's and shit. Get info from them first, then augment with credible Veeky Forums tips & rumors to make a stronger sell.

Also if you get any juicy info from interacting them, you can repost here :^)

Yeah thanks user. That's what I was worried about; what can I/ can't I mention, and what can I legitmately back up. Can't exactly use the collective consensus of turboautists on a taiwan sushi photoshop board.

Smart contracts are basically pieces of software that can oversee and execute a trade, without any third party having to press the “trade” button. So if we want to trade, say, 1000 LINK for 10 ETH, a smart contract can “look” to see that we have both put up our ends, and when we have, it automatically performs the swap. It’s great because we can never rip each other off (the swap only happens when both sides have fronted) and we don’t need a third party to do the swap for us and take fees.

But smart contracts are limited at the moment because they can only perform swaps for very specific things, and that is, things that are coded in terms the smart contract can understand. For example, an Ethereum smart contract can trade LINK for ETH because it can “see” both of those things on the Ethereum blockchain. But it hits a wall when we want to trade, say, ETH for a concert ticket. The concert ticket isn’t coded in a way that Ethereum can natively understand, so there is no way for the smart contract to know that it is a legit, non-cancellable, version.

This is where oracles come in. An Oracle is a company which has recently appeared in the smart contract space, whose job it is to translate data into a form that a smart contract can understand. So, you could hire an Oracle to program your concert ticket in a form that could be read by the smart contract, so that the smart contract could properly execute a trade when you have fronted the ticket, and they have fronted a couple of ETH.


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But there’s a pretty serious problem here. If you’re paying a private company to translate your data into a smart contract readable format, then what’s the point of even using a smart contract in the first place? The whole point was that we didn’t want to have to trust a middleman in order to make our trade, but now we’re using a trusted middleman and both of us have to believe that the Oracle is doing an honest job. The whole reasoning behind using a smart contract is wasted, because if we’re going to be paying private Oracles to translate data, we might as well just pay a private mediator to oversee the trade and take a fee.

This is where ChainLink comes in. ChainLink creates a decentralised network of oracles so that the entire process of smart contract execution is trustless. Instead of trusting a single private oracle to translate the data honestly, we are now using a trustless network of nodes to move information on and off blockchains. This is massive, but to get an idea of how massive, you need to think bigger than concert tickets.

Big business, and I mean pretty much any big business, will love smart contracts. Billions if not trillions of dollars a year are spent on exchanging value, and huge money is paid so that the value is exchanged properly and accountably and fairly. Smart contracts automate the process of value exchange and therefore offer billions and billions and billions in savings to companies that use them. But companies aren’t diving all over them yet because of the problem listed above. If a number of entities want to perform large exchanges of value, but are all using their own private oracles, then the trustless exchange is not achieved and the smart contract is pointless. ChainLink, and ChainLink alone, offers up the possibility of bringing end-to-end trustless smart contracts to the world, and this is a revolution so profound that at this point it is almost impossible to see the future extent of it.


But is ChainLink the project that will do it? You might have been reading FUD about 2 man teams or absentee CEOs or shit like that, but here’s what we know.

The ChainLink team were the only blockchain related team to be invited to present at SIBOS two years running, and in their proof of concept this year they showed that the ChainLink network could automate messaging for certain aspects of SWIFT’s bond processing. Sergey’s EOY announcement mentioned SWIFT by name twice in giving examples of the sort of work that ChainLink could do, and the work that was ongoing. While the market seemed to want to hear the word “partnership”, this was proof of a close and ongoing relationship. SWIFT manages messaging standards for more than 11,000 banks worldwide.

Also, ZeppelinOS recently announced a partnership with ChainLink. ZeppelinOS stands to be the base development layer for future dApps and smart contracts on the EVM (Ethereum network). They provide a standard interface for dApp/SC development and will use ChainLink as their default oracle service. This means that the vast majority of new projects built on Ethereum will use ChainLink in the background without even knowing it.
And this is just the beginning. ChainLink is probably the most profoundly anti-hype project in the crypto space right now. They have said that they will let their partners announce all partnerships, and they just want the tech to speak for itself. If ZeppelinOS and SWIFT aren’t enough, the EOY announcement hinted at ongoing work with everyone from small SC startups to the absolute monsters of finch and insurtech. ChainLink’s demo at SWIFT had data provided by organisations (like Barclays, Santander, BNP Paribas) with literally trillions of dollars in assets.

Read between the lines. Consider the complete absence of hype. Look at the monster information that has come out already. DYOR.


please read and ask anything you may have questions about senpai

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And yeah, 110%. If it goes ahead I'll use the trip of this post.

How about this. A multilingual crypto notary.

To analogize: imagine a Japanese businessman wants to make a trade with an American businessman but neither can speak or read the others language. The multilingual notary would translate the proposed documents so that they are understandable for both parties and would verify that each document is what each party has asserted they are.

That's what the oracle does

This plebbit post might help you, it's pretty clear and reasonable

I second getting in touch with Rory and telling him the situation to see if they have prepared material.

let us know what you decide to do and keep us posted pls! good luck

I was going to use some of this in the document, obviously change the tone a bit. No need to mention FUD or anything lol. I'll work at it and keep biz updated. I'll contact the slack, but I need to get this to him by Monday evening, so I may need to cook up my own to deliver the elevator pitch, and can then follow up with an actual one from the slack if possible.

totally agree with this. might be the best idea in this thread

I highly recommend to check this plebbit post, it might help


Great minds user. I am working on a presentation for a head of state as we speak. No larp. I'm more focused on policy execution, financial exchanges to and from the government, efficiency etc. This tech truly will revolutionize the world.

Also, a bit shorter pasta extracted from /r/LinkTrader

PSD2 is the primary reason I became involved with ChainLink and co-founded this subreddit. For context, I work in the Financial Services sector in the EMEA region, and I can tell you it is all about PSD2. In 2019, every European Financial Institution must provide API support for payment initiation and account enquiry made by the incoming onslaught of new Fintechs.

The banking landscape in Europe will change radically in a short period as Europeans begin to take advantage of the latest technology offered by Fintechs to meet their banking needs in today's world. Blockchain technology has come along at precisely the right time, and DLT has become almost as big of a buzz-word as Fintech itself. Also, in extraordinarily good timing comes ChainLink, a service that bridges the gap between Fintechs using DLT and Financial Institution APIs.

Behind the shiny new APIs lies the prize that SmartContract have evidently positioned themselves on - legacy payment systems that will accept nothing but the payment formats they were originally designed for. This format is likely to be the new (actually >15 years old) ISO 20022 XML format. Any Fintechs wishing to make use of the new APIs can bet for sure that the Banks will not be converting formats on their behalf and instead will need to submit instructions in ISO 20022 format. Through their PoC with SWIFT, ChainLink has proven themselves as being capable of not just bridging the gap, but supporting the very formats that will run the post-PSD2 banking world.


There is a lot of speculation since the PoC about a partnership with SWIFT. For me, SWIFT has already given ChainLink something very valuable; a platform on the closed stage of the Financial Services Industry. SWIFT is seen in the sector as the keeper and enforcer of best practice for financial messaging standards so when Fintechs and Banks decide which Oracle services to use, ChainLink stands poised as a service made credible by SWIFT.

It's important to note that after the introduction of PSD2 APIs, Banks and Fintechs will not require SWIFT's telecommunications to communicate and therefore can work directly with ChainLink to connect to on-chain/off-chain data.

Often people suggest firms will just build their own oracles, but the reality is Banks will not be providing this service as, unsurprisingly, they aren't going to make the job any easier for 3rd party Fintechs. Meanwhile, Fintechs are often brand new companies who are not going to be spending their start-up funds re-writing Microsoft Outlook just because they can - they will simply engage with the industry standard oracle; ChainLink.

As you can tell, I am bullish about ChainLink. Often in crypto, the old saying about how the guy selling shovels in a gold rush is the one to get rich. Well, I believe PSD2 is another gold rush and ChainLink is the first in the door selling the shovels, the diggers, and the whole wash plant.


GJ user. Great to hear. When is your meeting?

Also, would a main point in terms of saving be rudcing the cost of their claims department? Its a huge part of the company, processing, checking, double checking claims, payouts etc. Surely a simple "If condition W occurs to patient X under circumstances Y, payment goes through. If occurs under circumstances Z, payment doesn't go through". I know that's stupidly basic, but that's an ok way of getting across the whole "cutting out the middleman" type thing right? Middle man being the bullshit of human error/ laziness in claim form processing, as well as probably reducing overheads via employee salaries etc.

Ty user. I think this, and zepplin will the main "future potentials" I can talk about off the cuff, if the company decides to vest based off future value, as well as the tech.

smart anons. listen to them.

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I am presenting when I have the presentation ironed out. I have a back channel so I get to pitch pressure free. I don't work for the state, so it makes it a bit easier for me to throw this at him. He is already rerally interested bcuz he has a f500 background in ironically enough the healthcare game.

Yes that is great way of explaining it, I am trying to even take it one level simpler and presenting them with a wall of references, articles, powerpoints, journal references etc. I am going to focus on their ability to do away with a good number of managers, accountants, and lawyers that work for the state. Ill let the pros at chainlink get specific with them if they reach out to them. This has a massive impact in one specific area. Pensions.

If they can replace the professional service employees with automation they can eliminate a huge chunk of downriver pension liability. I will go into oracles and how they can get a much better readout of the efficiency of the operating government and better know where to cut the fat, but when we spoke last, the pension issue was the thing that piqued their interest the most.

bamping for moar

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>This is where Chainlink comes in

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Wonderful. Thanks. I just don't want to get too technical, as most people get lost (including myself) when you start delving into the real nitty gritty aspects of it.

>If they can replace the professional service employees with automation they can eliminate a huge chunk of downriver pension liability.

This is exactly what rung the bell with me. The biggest error in claims is human error, deceit, miscommuncaition between the medical practioner, patient, and insurance provider. Having all the different bureaucratic levels makes it operational & financial nightmare. Hope it works out for you. Do you have an email or anything that I could contact you with to review my elevator pitch in a few days? It'll be basic, but I just want to ensure there's a clear, flowing narrative. Considering your position, it would be good to get a critical analysis of mine. No worries if not, I udnerstand we're all busy.

Hope it goes well.

[email protected]

good luck to you as well. I think short sweet and simple is the way to go. Give them the concepts and let the dev team take it from there. I have a few other links and pdfs I don't have on hand right now I can send you back.


Great, thanks. Apologies for taking a while to reply, was making the basic plan before I hit the sack. I'll get onto you in the next days. I appreciate it. All the best user.

Doing God's work, user.

no worries you too. God speed.


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>people falling for this
this is a LARP guys
everything here has always been a larp

This is fantastic news. So happy to be holding my nice little stack of 1000 LINK.

Does anyone have that chainlink meme of sirgy in the pic? I need it for my collection.

Rory will assist you in anyway possible. This kind thing is basically his job as community organizer.

Slight brainlet here, how would ChainLINK work/help docusign?

/r ing the high res version for my phone background