What the fuck is wrong with Bitcoin?

So the price goes up $500 all of a sudden and stays there. Some people dump, others buy, but price won't move more than $50.

Who the fuck buys a coin and makes it surge like that? Did I miss any good news? Is this all wash trading to paint the charts?

Please no conspiracy theories.

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Pump it and paint a bull flag...

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literally all manipulation. every "surge" like that is always a few large buys that pump up the price in under 2 minutes. then it's bots trading pennies between themselves. Been like that ever since that dump after we reached 11.7k

>open 100x long on BitMEX
>buy a gorillion btc
>wait a bit
>open 100x short
>sell earlier buy

jep. it looks goys need more regulations.


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Kek Im not even surprised.

Fuckin lol what I tell you?

pretty much expected that

Even asking such a question could damn you and your bloodline to eternal JUSTing.

was easy to hide when bitcoin was in a bull run, cant hide it now

Margin trading is ruining crypto, there would be no other reason to manipulate BTC otherwise

Why are those whales way too blatant and obvious. The very least, they could wait few days before dumping but no, they dump it after few hours kek

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This makes sense.

>stop-hunting shorters who put their orders in predictable places
>painting a bullish pattern to trap naive traders into a long position before squeezing them out by going the other direction
>dumb trader(s) who tried to paint a bullish picture for their long position by executing a market order despite massive slippage, making him an easy target for shorters to squeeze out

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What if whales want to make it obvious to fuck us over ?



Probably Trump Jr.

It's been doing this, almost on a schedule, all week. Crashes after the Burgers leave the market for the day, goes flat, Europe pumps, then dumps, then Asia pumps, then dumps. Now it'll go flat all weekend, and Asia will shit all over it, as usual, and Monday, it starts over again. This is so fucking manipulated it's not even funny - it's all momentum for whales to skim off the krill. Every move that REKTs you on Bitmex is another cloud of krill for them.

Wake the fuck up. What's left of Bitcoin is being harvested, and when they're done, *BOOM*, 4k or lower.

If you're not moving the water, you're krill.

How do one become a whale like this? Are they actually in cahoots with one and other?


They speak telepathically once they reach a certain level of anal coke consumption dependency. You need to let your soul be raped by 3 chiggas and then get it back to carry on with the shame for the rest of your miserable life if you want to become one.

Price Discovery.

Currency of the future.

So... time to get out of crypto, huh?

>>stop-hunting shorters who put their orders in predictable places
>>painting a bullish pattern to trap naive traders into a long position before squeezing them out by going the other direction

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this is just fucking ridiculous. crypto is officially no longer fun

Stop being a pleb and it'll be real fun for you too

What exactly is to gain by making a bull flag? There's always sellers, they don't need to get naive traders to buy.

And these traders would put their stop below the bull flag, so why would the whales take those coins from the normies then keep driving the price down?

Shaking out more coins.

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I dont see anything

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He fomo’d in

Yo did someone just do a shitcoin pump and dump with bitcoin?

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Do you just happen to discover now that the crypto market is MANIPULATED BY WHALES?

The absolute state of biz...

What are you talking about? This is the kind of shit that's fucking hilarious about crypto. You need to learn to enjoy the ride.


>What is a stophunt?


How dont you faggots understand this yet?
BTC will not moon till the whales have accumulated, scared out all normie investors and most neets, and have some good news in the pipes.

Whales are whales because they accumulated when nobody else wanted to. this ponzi doesn't work when everyone wins. they know this. and they are trying their absolute hardes to shake out every normie possible so that the ponzi works. it just can't happen again if we have millions of average people getting rich too.

patience user. If you even realise the whales tactics you have a chance. you cannot beat them despite knowing their overall goal, so don't try to leverage trade or short and long, they will just fuck you and acquire your coins. don't paly their games, just ride their tails.

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>You need to learn to enjoy the ride.

So true. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I can tell that I was chosen by god to get rich as fuck off this shit. Stay mad as fuck fail traders

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>There is no manipulation Bitcoin is decentralized there is no way to manipulate it because the blockchain is by its very nature immune to manipulation

what did he mean by this?

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You newfags its huge institutional longs/shorts. low volume post crash makes the longs/shorts easier to detect since the order book is so thin.

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>being on the losing side of a trade is no fun

They've been doing it over and over again for a few weeks.

>they don't need to get naive traders to buy.
these naive traders are the easiest to squeeze, there's an incentive to get them on board because they are better fuel for the move down

another aspect of it is a liquidity pump...if the order book is too thin to sell into they can try to artificially pump up the bids to reduce slippage. the more prominent the bull flag is the better the order book gets stacked.

>And these traders would put their stop below the bull flag, so why would the whales take those coins from the normies then keep driving the price down?
I was talking about shorts putting stops above the resistance line, not the longs/bull flag. easy to hunt because it's easy to spot.

>and have some good news in the pipes.
Or it crashes to nothing. They win either way. If it crashes, by the time it's cheap enough for you to afford a buy-in, it's too late. You're thinking their wake is the tide.


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>you cannot beat them despite knowing their overall goal,

So the HODL meme is a sound strategy then?

>he bought the dip
>continue the dump
>he panic sold
>temporary bottom, reversal
>hes not buying
>pump it and then paint a bull flag
>he fomo'd in
>put him to sleep and load the korea fud
>hes awake
>make him think its the bottom, drop off the volume
>he bought more
>dump it again
>he tethered
>push it sideways
>hes doing research
>print 100mil tether when he goes to sleep, and then pump it
>hes awake
>load a dip
>he bought the dip
>sideways till sleep, then crash it with the exact same korea fud, get vitalik on the line
>pump ethereum for 2 hours and then wake him up
>load the flippening threads
>he bought
>crash it
>hes trying to kill himself
>activate quantum immortality
>now print 200mil tether
>he thinks we're going up
>we are. let him in
>hes in
>pump it
>he thinks hes about to make it
>now kill him, transfer everything and then find another

u know what happens next...

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Whales are playing whale games. No one on this board is able to compete. I know this because you'd either be glued to your charts or sipping mai tais in Tahiti. Too many people still think that the December pump was normal. The only winning move is not to play, and let the market settle.

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Whales don't need to accumulate because they profit regardless of the price direction. Even if bitcoin plummets to the very lows of hell, they'll still stay rich

So where does litecoin come into the mix? Will it moon at the same time as bitcoin?

>Will it moon at the same time as bitcoin?
So never? Seems accurate.

more like this may

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This. If they bought in the 3 digit range, they have profit all the way down. When they decide it's low enough to leave the market, look out below. Most of the big holders bought WAY before December, the winter children here bought thousands of dollars over their cost basis. They're not even in the same game as the 3 digit players. The funny part is people who bought in the thousands think the whales give a fuck about supporting their profit potential.

1 That's not wash trading, that's a stop-hunt
2 Whales did not become whales because they accumulated BTC, they became whales because they were early either in BTC or some shitcoin that mooned that they then sold for BTC

Well... Why the fuck would whales crash the price of their assets? Unless they are shorting BTC, I don't see how this could be 'profitable.' Anyway, shorting is risky too. Even whales can get liquidated by other whales.

you literally just follow their pnds and you will profit

>Unless they are shorting BTC

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Market making algorithms. Buy/sell at the same time

>Even if bitcoin plummets to the very lows of hell, they'll still stay rich

sorry but thats stupid. mind explaining that incase i am the retard?

Makes no sense. lol. you are just painting whales as some magical overlords who always win even if BTC is 0 dollars or the planet earth is destroyed. its retarded.

Dude, fuck this...i'm offically done with cryptos...

if I didn't fomo in at the end of janurary I'd have over 500k right now. Instead i'm sitting on a shitty little stack of 50k at best...


I understand, however over time, as normies begin to lose money, and as the market continues to crash, people burn out and leave the market, which ends up hurting the whales as there's no one left to buy their coins.

You have to kill every instinct to hope for gains to survive this market

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This confirms what I just posted here: People are burning out and whales will get fucked when normies decide to abandon this game.

whales will pump it slowly and think the market is recovering to bring people back in then flash crash again

the only way to survive in this market is to do the exact opposite of what the whales would want you to believe

Now playing at an exchange near you!

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whales are the ones burning the normies out you absolute retard

There are always people who buy and sell regardless of the price. Using extremely complex market making algorithms and operating on large volumes, whales buy from them and re-sell to them, staying in continuous profit.

That's what I said. Are you dyslexic?

The next big pump will have to come from real adoption I think.. I honestly hardly understand the tech of any crypto but the risk/reward ratio is amazing. Might as well buy coins I like low

the whales WANT normies out so the next wave FOMOs even harder, aspie

kek my favorite pasta

I hope they do get fucked...I litrally lost 90% of my portfolio to this shitty game...

If you didn't buy in early 2017 you're a fomo fucking idiot who won't make it..

Maybe in the next 5-10 years once some of these cryptos have real world uses then the ones that stayed will be rewarded...

Right now it's just one big bullshit speculative bubble...


999k$ x .05 x 5 leverage = 249999$

That's a bretty good daily salary for the whalies.

He bought.

If it drops back down to 6k we’ll moon hard. Every bot in all the land buys in and normies begin FOMOing again shortly after breeching 12k. Then it’s $25k here we come, then crash like a mofo again and repeat

yeah no fucking shit, keep your position on this ponzi train buddy, don't try to hop your way up

crypto is pronounced dead

A lot of this is just pure pic related.

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>he fomod the december meme

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get the fuck off bitmex and there would be less of a reason for them to do this


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Next time litecoin goes to 170 I'm selling, because I think it will go back to 160 agin before the moon.

It will be a fucking rush

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The bottom is almost here. The time load up and hodl again is almost here

>buying ltc with all eyes on btc

Exactly . This. You fucking idiots you can't find out about the secret of crypto life hacks. Then expect to buy in and have it happen to the masses. It's over, the market is all garbage now. Why I'm still holding coins is beyond me I'm addicted to small trades. But I know it's not going anywhere.

Hold is the only logical way. Most traders lose. Winning traders dont out perform holders in gains its about equal. Then you get a squirrel who finds a nut rarely but they shouldnt be considered.

Take profits regularly at aths. Thats my one biggest mistske. Im still over 2x my investment down from 10 times, but if i had skimmed cream off of the top id be better off. Greed got me. And its what will get ppl who play the whales games

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>Maybe in the next 5-10 years once some of these cryptos have real world uses
Bitcoin will never be used in the real world when just a few holders have the power to crash/pump it 10%+ a day.

it will in the long term dude, and timing the bottom is impossible.

There's no way these whales are going to permanently break their favorite toy. They will catalyze the next bullrun one way or another, it just might be 1-3 years.

OP did you just see the fat dump?

I don't trade on Bitmex, I'm not a degenerate gambler.

If you look at the hourly ichimoku it makes a bit more sense. Stopped right at the top of the cloud, was resisted right at the bottom.

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inb4 candlestick charts were invented for trading rice markets it doesn't apply to crypto blahblahfuckingblah

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fuck your trips brainlet

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