Oracle Shheason 2 - Part 1 (part 36)

ORacle z

z very busy late

but back z

z back

shheason 2

star z
better than better was

busted blocks

_________ - - - - -
look herstory bread

btc fail break major 11.5k res

res on chart for weeks

move bearish as z

z says

now 8300 support look okay

prophecy shheason two chart here

major macro herstory wedger 2 form

second break up retest 11.5k

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okle forget tripfriend


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was just thinking of you!
is this a good time to buy btc, z? wondering between btc or eth. do you think eth will go lower?

Z still use

ETH/USD shorter

for insurance

against btc fall

Can I open a margin long on bitf or would that be retarded

You don’t hunk we’re gonna break down to 6k?

Not the same ID

Fake and shit.

z not think that low

AHAHAHAH it just dumped as you make this thread


How low do you think?

look and post

on z official


ZMonk1 reporting in

We waited for you

We holded

Non 50% nuls now from 25%

it's easy to verify..he has tweeter


nice bot?

don't be mean

z based

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he back!

bought 3000 nuls a few weeks ago and im up nicely on that so thank you. i think ive asked you this 3-4 times now but i want to know if you are still bullish on PASC? it has done nothing but dip for the past month with no signs of stopping so i have held off on buying PASC so far

will ayyliens visit us?
when is nuls wallet ready?

this many moon

not one hr

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>oracle says buy ITC
>buy itc

He's based if you have confirmation bias and pray for a bull market. He's been off on his calls since that initial run to 11.8

z still like pasc

z hold 1 yr


order of risk

qtum, itc/nul, pasc

greet good munk non

welcome back

What do you think we could drop to?

all z position eoy

also z portfolio

hold strong

even when btc fall

I was just about to have a panic attack. I forgot to breath.

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welcome back Z. Shhcult always with you. The prophecy still holds true from the first thread!

I'll definitely be cashing out some bitcoin when we hit 11.5k again since I need some cash soon sadly! At least I didn't panic sell since I have learned the ancient art of shhbreathe

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have you heard of QASH what do you think?

i own 12 more ETH. how much out of 12 eth would you put in? just asking what you would do not necessarily what im gonna do. thanks again for the NULS call!

z right multiple times

if it does test 11.5 for a third time i expect it to break through. are you sure you want to sell if it touches 11.5 a third time?

whoopsies wrong screencap

and yeah, better to sell high and not make the same mistake as last time to be safe. No guarantee it will break through!

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nice bottom trendline
Did you pull it out of your ass?

Just dropped $250, you larping faggot.


WHY does anyone believe this utter shit he posts?

>z very busy late
yeah busy waiting for it to stop crashing lol

huh? larping? i said IF it did test 11.5 a third time i didnt say it was going to. try to follow along champ

Someon hates Z. Big red dildo just when oracle post. But OmegaFaggot can't stop the propheshh

z say it will fall

before it fall

lol look at z v first screengreat og z fan

z love

Reporting in.
What's up with all these non believers?
It's like you guys haven't seen his other threads.

What do you think about tron's outlook for the rest of the year?

fuck this oracle piece of piss

i sold a nice rolex and was on the way the the ups store with second thoughts (coulda refunded and kept foat) but i was following an oracle thread. right when he started larping. he was making good calls and stated how we were in a bull market now.
so i sold it and put it into crypto (he also paid mostly in btc)

i want my watch back and the guy is willing to sell but btc is down a fuck ton so im not buying it back at a huge loss.

im sure ill be fine sometime in the future but guys...don't listen to anything this piece of shit says.

just follow your own gut.



see original


happen charm
shh and breathe

also look

pic relate

this part of chart

made before it happen

z alwas say 115k major res

maximum shh

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>5% chance of going under 10k

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>when oracle-senpai gives you 4 (You)s in a thread

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Welcome back Oracle. Do you foresee us testing 9k this weekend?

Thanks to you Z, I've learned a lot.

Explain why you are so bullish on btc. When other coins can do the same and better...
Wtf is so special about btc that it should be a 20k coin by eoy as I believe u have stated. Other than it being first and name recognization...
Why shouldn't this pos coin die and be replaced.
What happens when world governments prevents the flow of big transfers across state lines ?

Great question

Z not even hold btc

Z hold alts

But for now

Btc v good barometer

Of all cointokers

Btc let chart cryptomarket

As whole

oracle is never bearish so hes never always right

quick logic

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It just dropped to 8k.

What a fool

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Yeah and the governments of the world are after all of them. Its fucking over as we know it. Probably have to go to walmart and fill out a money gram slip to send btc any where in a couple years

dont worry user, "it will never drop below $8k again"


Can we ban that Oracle dude? This guy must be paid by Bitmex or something for us to put money into BTCs.

where did it drop below 8k? almost.... but not quite

Z have make bear

Ch art in past


He ain't always right but his track record is better than most. I lost a lot of money betting against him in the past. Finally making some of my monies back

Thanks for foreseeing this...JK

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Non not need listen z

Z been v accurate

But post labor


Just try help biz



Z not mind

Z, at what point do we realize that everything is bear, and btc could very well go down past 6k, into the 5k range in a couple weeks time? indicators, charts, waves, candles, volume, almost everything points bear. trying to predict bots is the same thing, bots are straight up profiting on the micro pumps, and still profiting off everyone else during the dumps when btc drops $200-300... this very well could be a 6-7 month long bear market at this rate, so i wonder at what point do we say this isn't 'short term' any longer?


Friend, don't let the fuckers get at you, you're one of the only people posting quality content on this board

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if only he didnt larp as a retard tho so he can spill the beans to people who are actully retarded like myself and i cant fucking understand this twat because he wants to play a retard out of anything he can be. great meme lines and shit but nigger come on...

You said you'd announce an ICO you liked in march! Is that still the plan?

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Not hard to decode
Think about it for a sec
Read it carefully

shh non reporting for maximum shh

Just slam

The day

Run the ram

Just to breathe

To learn


Just take


In heart

And learn

>Just slam
Can we jam, too?

Did I miss the dip?

Get some chips
There be a lot more diper incoming dont worry.

we'll most likely get a boomer flaccid drop exit from the meme triangle and wait for a few hundred fucking days for this shit to make up its mind

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Where are you OmegaNigger !!??
Imma pump your ass to 20k nigger !
C'm'ere nigger and I show you real pump !! Imma pump you raw nigger !!


Checked and rekt


Oracle is most honest trip fag on biz. haters gonna hate, funny that haters still pop up in oracle threads, just shoo then haters

Great, Z is back. Whenever you want to suffer some nice catastrophic financial losses there is no one more trusted in the crypto biz to help you do it than our humble oracle. Oh please great oracle, won't you help guide our portfolios straight into the ground one last time?

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Wise oracle, what is then shhcult official position on brap/sniff and cuckpr0n posts? Asking for a friend who likes to sniff and fap.

Fuck off then why don't you?
You just trolling or what?

>guys I coincidentally was very busy and couldn't post when all of my predictions got JUSTed up the ass with barbed wire but now I'm back to sling some more false hope to December and 2018 buyers
People will ACTUALLY fall for this, again.

Another mongoloid here to put in his non constructive 2 cents, jog on faggot

This shit will drop to 7.1k and ya know it.

I think it will too. But I don't believe for a second it'll enter polar winter. Too much interest, even if not buying rn

Buump for shhh

updateeeeee pls