It's over

>pic related

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Fucking christ, that's the most autistic tweet I've ever read. We sure that fucker doesn't post here regularly?

He claimed all the Twitter giveaway scammers are from here.

congrats on this, seriously

Thanks bought 100k

>tfw you will never ragequit wow and create a $60 billion dollar idea.

Was this tweet recent?

Adam Morgan is a fucking faggot.
>uh oh wtf?
Fuck this world. Fucking soyboys.

Congrats on this. Seriously.

lol at all these december buyers in this thread

Even worse, he probably is a dirty kike

Congrats on this. Seriously.

we're lucky hes autistic as fuck and the money doesnt get to his ego like a normal person.

it's fake and gay

how can vitalik be so based?

that tweet is literally what started the last eth bullrun to 1k+

I unironically agree with him though

no its super old and ethereum actually pumped 10% shortly afterwards

kek, i remember that Eth dropped by like 3% following that tweet lol

>not buying cp with eth

Thats why monero and shit will never make it

at least 6 months old

its real newfaggit

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when someone possesses cp, they most likely request and download off websites that profit from the act. those websites get those sources somehow. and by viewing the advertisements/ paying for the cp, the person who possessess the cp will have indirectly harmed the child present in the cp.

>being this new

Thanks just bought 100k lolis

Old news. Also, he is right. Possesion of child porn does not necessarily imply that the way you obtained it resulted in profit for the creators and distributors.

Tbh, You have to like Skelly's autism level, he makes everyone here look normal

you're introducing a bunch of bullshit assumptions to his argument.

On the face of it he's correct.

Hes wrong by the way. The child counts an other.

people that produce, transfer, possess, profit from or in any way aid or abet child pornography should have their genitals blowtorched off

no its super old and ethereum actually pumped 10% shortly afterwards


kek, i remember that Eth dropped by like 3% following that tweet lol

The absolute state of /biz

and then dipped in sulfuric acid

Did Vitalik just imply that child porn is harmless?


I can easily argue that (i) these tweets derail your project, or (ii) make you the dumbest and biggest faggot in crypto.

>Elites see that Vitalik will maintain existing world order
>brainlets on /biz dump it
>they pump it

whew laddy

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no you dumb stupid pol inbred

he said that the POSSESSION of it compared to INJECTING yourself with heroin is harmless shit, which is true

poltards are so low in iq its disgusting

That tweet is not fake lol

No he isn't you disgusting pedo

>only pol has a problem with cp

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Congrats on this. Seriously

> I can easily argue that
Therefore he was not really arguing for it but simply making a comment that he was completely detatched from. In other words the words he said were not his words but the words of an ego within his ego that he just created for that single instance. Being able to do that takes a rare ammount of genius. I think he is so skinny because his brain consumes so many calories than no matter how much food he eats he cannot gain any weight.

ywn browse pedoskellys pizza collection feels bad man

holy fuck LOL

In reality, the reason why this shit gets made is because there's demand.

You're either naive, a contrarian or a pedo.

To further elaborate on my theory he used the word can and not may. For the same reason some gradeschool teachers would respond when asked, "can I go to the bathroom" with, "may you". I can jump off of a cliff is not the same as saying I will jump off a cliff.

Possession of child porn created a feedback loop and demand for more child porn. Skelly is not only a commie but a pedo too

>browses board for business and economics
>does not understand basic supply and demand

He is right!

I consumed CP for about 5 years and never wanted to touch a real kid

(Fuck off feds, i am outside your jurisdiction)

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The only child porn that is harmless is anime lolis because they are drawings. Although there might be some artist that uses nude children as models from photos of them but I am not sure how prevalent that is

You are a retard


Source: 5 years consuming man/boy cp (i no longer watch porn nor i care for sex anymore since i converted myself to budism, but things are still pretty much the same in cp sites)

Audible kek.


ch...checked user

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Trips confirm

its not a fake tweet

It is real faggot