Redpill me

redpill me

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buy this if you want to slowly lose your sats

cue bashing of xby in 3...2...1

will make me a millionaire or I will lose the 8000 I dumped into it

my nigga

iron hands here

this is the logic of a retard

I know employees for the XBY company and they literally gain well over $30 / hour. This is serious stuff.

All shill, still no proof of tech..

If you claim to not have this in your portfolio you’re either trying to be “cool” or a fucking retard

This god damn coin.

Where’s the fucking product.

This is beyond a full blown scamcoin. It's going to slowly bleed out to a 5m marketcap

They'll give you every explanation possible, none of which contains proof.

I hate how they think a patent gives them defensibility.

What’s stopping another group of anonymous devs from copying their proof mechanism? Nothing.

It's called a lawyer

Well, they can copy us, but if we have a patent they cannot use that tech in a normie-friendly and legal way, which is where future money is.

Patents can be good or bad. They are tools of powers. Some projects use them well, others use them bad and others do not use them at all.

They said the company didn't exist, but they found it did, for example, so it is likely patent also is a reality.

>suing anonymous people

>XBy developers are anonymous is a bad thing and wont make them successful

>somehow other developers will be anonymous and will be relevant


>anonymous developers that are relevant in 2018
>Anonymous developers that won't get doxxed, because that never happened in crypto beforr

Sorry OP can't bullshit to you mate. Maybe if you donate someone will do their best to redpill ya but they are just talking out of their ass with no proof of anything

Delusional idiots that think that their patent will cause the next crypto revolution.

A delusion is something that people believe in despite a total lack of evidence.

Very promising, if they can deliver

fuck i hate this opinion. no shit. anyone can promise or tell you some cool thing they are making that is world altering. like this: i am working on making immortality decentralized and affordable.

very promising if i can deliver. don't delude yourselves, this shit aint going no where.

hello XBY IS SHIT, you sure don't like xtrabytes don't ya?

I don't like seeing people get fooled from lack of experience, which the vast majority of their community does not have. i havent liked xby since it started in the ccex and yobit troll boxes

visit reddit much?

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you visit their discord?

here is a fresh redpill user
fresh out of the ground, just for you