Newfag here. Im using two years of scholarship, $9600, for crypto...

Newfag here. Im using two years of scholarship, $9600, for crypto . what is the absolute best coin to buy that can get me a million dollars?

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Welcome to the board newfag. Remember dyor. Also buy, chainlink.

Probably OMG. Not giving financial advice here, but you might have a tidy sum by 2020. Thank me later with a thread on biz.

short sell btc on bit mex YEET


Short BTC with 50x leverage.



EOS is the very best.

$100 EOY.

Krinlges' TBC

If you're in for the HODL, go:
50% LINK
20% JNT
20% OMG
10% REQ

How did you ever get a scholarship being that retarded?

I make it easy for you - XMR

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XRP and XMR are your best options.

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Put every cent you own into this

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Do your own research.

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probably a diversity scholarship
OP is a nigger

Research Interledger Protocol.

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Research Codius.

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Research the nostro/vostro account problem.

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Try to find a cryptocurrency with richer customers.

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And most importantly:

Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says.

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LINK is the only way everything else is vaporware

I would say its pretty damn smart to buy at rock bottom after everything already tanked 90 %


Just think a little: For that, you need 100x. With the top 200 cryptos, it will be hard to accomplish. So, try to find two or three little hidden gems (but not too low market cap). Something between 500k - 1.5 million.

Unless its OMG

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buy one bitcoin and two eth


dont fall for the link meme

this is pathetic man

I'm the only person in this thread who provided facts and statistics to support my recommendation.

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>unless its a cripple
>release sats 11k
>current sats 8900

I unironically sold my OMG because I do think XRP and Interledger is the best payment option. With that being said, XRP has already mooned a fuck load, and there is more money to be made elsewhere (outside of payment cryptos)

Babb. Buy on idex. Less than .01 and could easily be .60 at Eoy.

Unironically buy LINK and hold until January 2019, then fucking sell.

link, jnt multi year holds. jnt will hit binance soon as well due to its support. which would be nice, I dont like buying anything on that shithole kucoin.

Roll it up and shove it up your anus

+1 do 50% at least, cause it's safe...