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have you seen a better logo than this...

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super low market cap, super cheap at current market value, 10K PFR nodes will net you 1200 a month passive income if compared to localbitcoins. responsive team. Im all in.

also dubbz, masternodes recently released, will cofork with Bitcoin to form BitcoinZeroX

The only right answer here is JNT. Partnered with the royal family of Dubai, who have agreed to give 250 million to the project. Also in talks with Korean banks and other central banks. It's a no brainer

I'll kick this bitch off
OriginTrail - TRAC - $44M market cap
supply chain coin
blockchain agnostic
company has been around a long time and already has customers and tons of POCs going on
masternode info should be announced soon
not on Binance but definitely will be soon

sorry I forgot to add NO PAJEET COINS to the criteria. gtfo out of here street shitter

I own 20k of these. the team is very active but I'm not that confident in their abilities. definitely a big gamble

Hexx is a slav scam

jnt aka jibrel

Well Reddit knows about it but fucking TRAC man. It has been gaining SATS all through the dip and they have a product

I buy pretty much any coin that has:

>market cap of $10m to $100m
>team based in the U.S.
>CEO, developer, and advisors have 500+ connection LinkedIn pages
>an idea that can be summarized in under 10 words

Which is surprisingly few. Most coins have slav or chink teams that can easily exit scam me at no legal repercussion.

Bounty0x - actual product that actually works, growing partnerships, $8m marketcap, on Kucoin


>XMR fork (same max supply of 18.5 million), but default ringCT size of 12.
>Pretends to be for XMR what LTC is for BTC, but, of course, with some differences (see roadmap)
>No premine
>4 million mined so far (since september 2017)
>actual price: 2000 sats
>only XMR fork which the dev received a compliment from Spagni in twitter for github contribution

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Ok faggots, you guys helped me make $ on raiblocks, so i'm giving back for the sake of my user bros making it too

dyor, it's pumping now but still below ico price of 3 cents

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5k Nuls, 20k Eve, 25k Zilliqa, 1k Elastos, 10k Bluzelle.

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what was the point of this post if you're not going to list a single fucking coin that meets your little purchase criteria you faggot

retarded pump and dump bullshit. token isnt needed could just pay the hunters in eth. you buying ufr too?

this actually looks interesting but the team is pretty meh considering the scope of the project

Dyor lazy retard.

Advertisers will be using the tokens to advertise on their platform. Beta platform will be released by the end of March, the developers are on track on the roadmap.

One of the Adbank's goals is to cut out middle-men that take out between 20 to 50 % of ad expenses.

" ...Adbank’s plans to deploy $10 million USD in acquisitions may result in the ADB
token having a token-transactional volume of $20 million USD a month." --from their white paper

I'd recommend taking a look at it. They have an all-star team with experience and expertise in advertisement. Their token at least will have an utility value, unlike the rest of massive ocean of shitcoins. This is a hidden gem, in my opinion. Reddit and biz have not shilled it yet.

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People fud how the ICO went down, but the project itself is a sleeping giant. Endorsed by Roger Ver.

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read the title of the thread you little bitch. you come in here just to type 'dyor' what the fuck is the point of that if you have nothing to contribute then dont post do you not have anything better to do?

kinda looks like the poor man's BAT but the market cap is so low I may throw a few ETH at it. thanks user

your text literally say that skywire makes zero sense?
is that your way of endorsing it?

pointless post. please kys thanks

It's nowhere close to BAT. BAT encourages and rewards users to use their browser and pay them with certain target ads. This is a huge friction to make.

With Adbank Network running live by the end of the month, users will never know that advertisement changed at all behind the scene. Advertisers are eager to make more $ in return for advertising their contents, but often lose more to middlemen.


eh hello adblock? the world and his mother uses adblock or similar what makes you thin k its going to change. everyones sick of damn intrusive adverts I wouldnt touch this or anything similar

dubaicoin (DBIX)
brand new exchange Palmex (middle eastern coinbase) launching full fiat-crypto trading end of Q1
Founders of Palmex also founded DBIX, and DBIX will act as BNB/KCS do, by reducing trading fees.
DBIX also is a platform for smart contracts
market cap currently $11 million, 2.1 million supply, buy on cryptopia
should x10 next month, x100 end of year when Palmex fully gets rolling
Also, CEO of ArabianChain (founders of dbix and palmex) is chairing Saudi arabia’s first ever blockchain summit in april

Finally, the CEO of ArabianChain was on skynewsarabia promoting Palmex yesterday (8pm dubai time 16/03/18). Moon mission is imminent

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Nice FUD, websites will still force their audience to either disable adblock or whitelist the sites they go on. Most websites rely on advertisement revenue because of their incentives to make $.

But whatever floats your boat..

the online advertising industry is over $70B/year. even more than TV ads. just because you use adblock doesnt mean everyone does you sperg

Balls deep in $BLUE, gonna be yuuge

how they make their revenue is not my problem. someone tries to make me disable adblock fuck them I dont go back. these advert kikes gotta learn there is no free lunch anymore and Im not alone

they aim to be the visa for the crypto scene, similar to qsp but more passionate devs

Price based on volume of the exchange
Buy only if you believe that exchange will be successful with a volume of at least 10m.

capped. you're dumb as fuck starting this thread and ignoring JNT which is the holy fucking grail of what you're looking for.

i've got about 50 caps of faggots ignoring this gem and yours is going close to the top, look for me in 2019 if you haven't necked yourself already for missing out.

looks pretty amateur desu

Doesnt this token only have value for advertisers,

sorry faggot thats not how the world works. running a large website or application is expensive as fuck these companies have to monetize by either charging you for access or display ads otherwise they go away. the site you're on right now pays its bills with display ads. if everyone here were cheap niggers like you Veeky Forums wouldnt exist.

You're welcome to ask more specific questions on the Adbank telegram. The admins are professional and responsive. They love to tackle tough questions with weekly live stream ama and interviews, etc.

Their telegram link is provided at the bottom of the adbank site. Their white paper answered many of my questions.

Devs give updates almost every single week, it has clearly bottomed out, and they are about to release their beta.

looks can be deceiving, dyor their telegram is pretty active and they just got listed on two slightly bigger exchanges.

gonna keep hodl it and hope I'm not betting on the wrong horse

I can tell by the way you type you're the same guy that spams this pajeet coin all over biz 10 times a day pounding your chest and screaming about how its 'guaranteed to go up bro because arabs n shit'


see pic

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Its not my problem bro. they can go away it makes no difference to me.the reason they can flood everyone with ads and make money for nothing unlike everyone else is because faggots like you let them. I am enraged they attempt to flood my screen with worthless advert shite thats why i and everyone else uses adblock

BOS if you don't know why then you can't be helped.

what does it do? what problem does it solve? nobody cares about dev updates thats like the bare minimum for any coin.

Winding tree (Lif) and Wax

right but once again youre just one random faggot that nobody cares about the online advertising space is over $70B/year just in america saying that all advertising focused projects are bullshit because you use an ad blocker is peak retard

looks interesting but if its so great and has been around since 2015 why is it so cheap? red flag.

anyone holding RLC or ENG? both look very solid and relatively safe for a small cap but not sure what the potential upside is for either project. no clue how to value them

you are the worst sort of genuine nigger on biz. you start a thread in which everyone else does a song and dance and you sit back like a kennel club faggot eyeballing projects without contributing shit because you're too much of a brainlet to contribute. you have no clue what makes a good cryptocurrency and you will never make it. kys you fucking normie

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seriously if JNT isn't at the top of your list you're fucked. not joking at all. do 10 minutes of research pussy

hey schlomo guess we agree to disagree. Im not saying the devs arnt professional but it is the whole advert industry that is failing and this just seems an attempt to try and keep the industry alive and relavent. I imagine history will be the judge of whether this business model can remain profitable

Its a shitcoin. Crowdfunding and p2p lending kek

What's the best of these recently added ones? Sether?

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1) I shilled TRAC in one of the first posts faggot
2) nobody is forced to share anything in this thread this is a free exchange of ideas sorry I think your sand nigger coin is dogshit if you dont like it get the fuck out of my thread butthurt little soy boy queer

Adbank is definitely legit investment,
ICO began allowing only faggot KYC investors in, excluding Americans.

ICO price was like 3 cents

It makes my dick harder than usual when I've bought in cheaper than the price they bought in the ICO. Fucking faggot btfo


obviously weycoin. on tradeogre & has a marketcap of $148,920. GRAFT has a market cap of $22 million & turtlecoin has a marketcap of 1.2 million. WAE is absolutely a 50-100x coin this year.

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Stupid fucking logo but the lock-in for interest platform is like pajeet honey and that means big bucks.

Devs seem suspect but open to criticism. One to watch I guess.

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Not hidden, but constantly overlooked. Has mooned before, but even shitcoins moon more than once.
>aims to be a decentralized eBay
>marketplace (i.e. their product) exists and works
>GUI updated very recently
>dynamic peg to prevent price dumps coming this year

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Pay close attention to Sociall (SCL).
They're running a close beta of the platform. Market cap is like 10 million.

3 million actually. Holy shit it's low. This is by far the most undervalued coin.

Lendroid (LST) the 0x of margin lending.

isnt their product simply a virtual mall with a few bells and whistles? a bit like ebay allot like it but this time its different lol

It is like eBay, but different in that there are no middlemen. There’s more, but the jist of it is a decentralized marketplace that is literally years ahead of their competition in terms of development and functionality.





It was shilled the fuck out on here and it dropped ridiculously, so most people seem to have dropped their bags. But unless I missed something there is not much bad news, so good time to buy in. This coin will actually have a niche use. Worst case scenario you'll be able to gamble it directly one last time before you shoot yourself. Chainlink, nobody plans to use the smart contract. BTC, nobody uses it as a currency except to buy other cryptos.
FUN is going to be an actual thing if all goes well.

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I know of one but I know how weak-handed people are here so I don't want to say

Guaranteed ~30-40x assuming the devs pull through though

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ipbc - youtube replacement
storm - money for using apps/ads
cv - carfax/other car info on blockchain recently partnered with BMW
phore - solid masternodes
alqo - masternodes with apps built on top
ubiq - smart contracts and dapps - old but good community

fornix for a quick af, high roi masternode if u wanna play that game.

Vivid, just look at this vid of their alpha app. I think it'll even work on pajeet phones.


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That is still an ICO you faggot, read the OP. That vid looks cool but you're still a faggot.

>3 million actually. Holy shit it's low. This is by far the most undervalued coin.

did this retard screenshot another retards post? or is this retard such a samefag that he screenshots his retarded posts?

Mount Olympus Token (MOT) of Olympus Labs.
-40 mil circ, 100 total
-partnered with Kyber, Shapeshift, Coinnest
-cancelled ICO due to huge intereet from VCs and a spike in ETH price (NOT GREEDY)
-utility token, all dem millions the team got are locked up for 2 years with gradual release
-beta wallet already out, release planned in a couple of weeks
-going to have indexes, futures and DERIVATIVES

DYOR user:

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>85 replies
>no mention of dero

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jnt is the only legit gem i see posted in here, maybe dbix too but jnt isnt confined geographically the same way dbix is

> 7m market cap
> down to $1.40 from $16.50
> 5m supply
> active team, combination of bitcoin, dash and PIVX
>currently POW, POS in future
>5k BWK = masternode
EZ 10x when the bull runs

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XBY > Everything
Patent pending for proprietary tech, to be released in coming months.
Platform not coin
SO much going on with this shitcoin, get in while you can.

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I've heard about this, but where tf/how do i purchase PFR

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Switcheo is the first DEX to run for NEP-5's and QRC20's. Token (SWH) is basicly similar to BNB but as it states in one of their Medium post "Fees from our Switcheo Exchange will be distributed evenly to token holders, in the true spirit of decentralization.".

Platform is underway alrdy. Might be some dips due to bonuses at launch (tho only 7m$ HC) but safe to say any SWH bought below 10m$ cap is a winner. Team is fresh from college, take it as you will, but first mover advantage I believe is strong with this one.


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>pic related
It's a long hold because of skywire development but it'll pay off hard

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Simple lending app that mines as loans complete, rewarding users for completing loans and also venmo and crowdfunding

Vaultbank - DEX for tokenized securities, guilts etc run by the establishment. Here's 5 members of the team:

>Head of Nasdaq trading at Wells Fargo
>Ex-CIO of Blackrock
>Former President & a CEO of PFSC
>Former Head of Digital Commerce at MasterCard
>Former Managing Director of Bank of America

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