I bought at 3900

Dubs decides how I kill myself

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Don't kys

If dubs then you don't kys

If this post is dubs then you won't kys

Send me your coins to me first

>buying a teeka pump and dump
/r9k/-style. Check em.

If this post is dubs then you won't kill yourself




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I bought at 3350
Fell for the talk from that pajeet on AION Teeka thread yesterday who said it would go up during the weekend because of the boomers who buy the pbc report

Use the same gun as the /r9k/ fag I think you should incorporate some Rube Goldberg mechanics into your suicide.

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Aion is great, but there's an artificial pump monthly to sell the TRS airdrop icon buyers continue to receive. Until that's over, it's just not worth it for others.

I'm wondering if I should hope for it to go back up enough to my break even point or just cut my losses
My fear is that it bleeds slowly back to pre-pump prices

Get some rope, tie a noose, and hang yourself from the top of the nearest multi-story parking garage.

Don't write a note, don't say goodbye to anyone, just do it. Stop wasting time.

>icon buyers
ICO buyers

I got burned once and decided to cut my losses and it did go back lower, but it might be different this time. I think AION is solid, so sooner or later it will very probably go higher than what you bought it at, but I've got no idea of the time this would take. You can't know the future, but this isn't a worthless token either, so being stuck with it might not be the worst thing that could happen. Losing money is almost to be expected with anything recently.

or sell

I'm amazed how incredibly hard it dumped after the pump. Down to just 5% over the old price, 3000 sats.

I can't tell if that means there's zero enthusiasm for this coin so it's best to just dump, or if it means the price isn't artificially inflated much so it can't possibly dump any more. Confus.

sorry user, I literally wrote that post to console myself after I bought at 3900 and watched it dump 20% 3 minutes after. I technically still believe it but I also wonder if Teeka has any magic left in him. Maybe CND was an anomaly and these return-to-means are the norm now. I don't even know any more.

i bought before TRS and am now beeing paid monthly pension.

dubs decide how i celebrate myself

In this bear market, most of the times I decided to cut my losses it ended up being a good idea. Got burned hard by holding.

GTO pump also died down quickly but it briefly went up again a few days later if I recall.
Probably everyone is already on to Teeka's pumps now and don't fall for them anymore, combined with the current market sentiment.
I already knew that many PBC subscribers are rich boomers who don't day trade, and your post gave me a nice confirmation bias that I should enter the trade.

It was the first time I entered a PBC pump. Felt like I missed out on GTO and CND, because if I had entered when first heard about them, would have made some profits.

I'm inclined to take my chances and see what happens tomorrow. Alts usually perform well on saturdays and sundays unless btc shits the bed real bad.

You're a hero user. Kek wills your influence and positive spirit. Spread it far and wide.

Too late 88 saved him.

Lost all the nano I day traded through last week and a bit more. Can't believe I fell for it, bought at 3700. Literally the moment I bought it dumped and didn't come close again.