Hey /Biz

I'm creating a new ERC20 token because I'm board
Give me some names I'm going to try and get this on exchanges so lets keep it somwhat normie freindly

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Peanuts! (PNUT)


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kikeCoin (KCN)

Globule first 4D transmarket decentralized asynchronous dual indexed multifunctional smart contract token

Dormant DMT


Call it tardcoin, you tard

How about Another Coin.

nigga I type fast




Gold American Eagle


Call it CHINK to FUD the linkies

Anal token
Care token
Don't buy this coin
Don't buy this blockchain
Don't buy this token
Every-body chain
Good coin
Last coin
Money chain
Oops coin
Pop token
Queazy coin
Rabies chain
Same token
Tard token Universal coin
Worry token
Zimbabwe chain

i should just name it SCAM TOKEN

i feel like a doofus for missing that one

Scam coin
Scam chain

everyone would buy into it

BUT ACTUALLY we could market it as a payment system for when people report scams....

Pajeetoken PJT

i'd buy that if i knew it was real thats not a bad idea.

a blockchain to report scams

seriously it could actually work really well
I'd have to actually put together a team though and a website and shit

wth do you think half the icos are right now?


by that i mean
you can write a white paper and have people
throw money at you seemingly

TRAP chain

true true, the question is if I live in burgerland
how quickly will i turn into a dick sock

Call it ENOS and constantly talk shit about other coins until you get absolutely destroyed on national tv

depends on motive

i might put that on the backburner after I finish getting my business going i don't have enough time to put all my effort into a crypto
for now just for fun

I'm not breaking any laws as long as theres no ICO right?

dont think so

but i'd have to say that's subjective as to how you are proceeding

bitcoin 2 - bit's back

Princess Coin
Abbreviation EGL

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This, DOM coin, a general purpose coin people can use for anything they wish.



why are you faggots responding to this? OP doesn't know how to spell "bored" you think he's capable of creating a new token? fucking idiots

>faggot chain

shut the fuck up he's probably autistic

Sergey has absolutely no technological experience, neither academic nor professional, and got a degree in philosophy, yet he is making the greatest technological leap since Satoshi himself.

it's true and if OP plays his cards right this could become huge
remember boredom spawned Trump presidency


Goycoin is the only acceptable answer

Zenunium (ZENU)

Juggalo bucks

Let's make an sjw coin and call Inclusion Coin. We can hire a bunch of minorities to act as team members and fleece the libtards to the poorhouse.

actually a good idea
also this is op on phone
should I make a discord
I actually have a guy who codes BTW and I have the basic code set up

Do it. I want in on the bottom floor of this one.

Nobody screen cap this.

Fucking perfect

alright link should work sorry I'm driving around

TugNuts (TUG)
AnalBleachingCoin (ANL)
RimJob (RIM)
LeatherCoin (LTR)
Fabulous! (FAG)
SafeSpace (SS)