Do the math for me pls user

If I bought $500 worth of an alt coin at $23.63 a coin and sold it at 27.97. How much money did I make? And how is the equation drawn out and solved?

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Are you actually retarded?, whatever you bought you need to sell right now because you clearly don't know what you are doing

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You sold into USDT?

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what is the answer tell us you fucking idiots I want to know too

27.97*the number of altcoin - $500 = the amount you made.

I’m bad at math but I make decent trades faggot


You made 18%



You made 90

So I made $87.37?

So in this case you made $91.83
I don't know why I'm helping you as your either a LARPing as a retard or braindead.

$91.83, Its not fucking rocket science.

500 ÷ 23.63 = 21.15954295 x 27.97 = $591.83

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Congrats, user. You realized $2170 in taxable gains.

(500*27.97) - (500*23.63) = 2170

Translation: I’m stupid but I get lucky

27.97 / (23.63 / 500)

Thanks babe now I got my equation since I’m pretty dumb but that won’t stop me from getting a lambo and a whore to call my own

You should have $91.83 so you lost some due to exchange fees

Thats some fucking common core math right there.

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Some people are legit born with less iq and have harder time doing stuff like that, or even just not paying attention in school.
But it doesn’t mean those people are stupid.

You made around $91.83. What's difficult about that?

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If they can't do basic math operations they shouldn't be involved with trading

>what are calculators for

Okay at this point I’ve boiled it down to three conclusions
1) op is genuinely retarded
2) op knew the math but wanted to brag about his $90 gain
3) he is trolling

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Your method is more complicated than it needs to be and wildly inaccurate, you got into a wide range by going through more steps than were required. It has nothing to do with IQ... You are literally making a simple problem harder than it needs to be and getting an answer that is not entirely accurate

This is how I do it.

Dont faggot about taxes

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it depends what price u locked your ledger at

You made a 18% profit.
More of less $90, and I'm actually impressed because you're a complete illiterate.

Just sell everything now and buy a vidya or something, being this retarded to not being able to do a simple math you'll lose all your $590 soon.

Hey guys I turned $100 into $200... How much monies did I make? Help me out guys seriousely

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Y-you're trolling right?

Current price / purchase price gives you a number. That number, multiplied by how much you purchased for, gives you your current holding

That gives ($27,97 / $23,64) * $500 = $591

have you cashed out and paid taxes?