I don't get how this thing will go to 1k in December

I don't get how this thing will go to 1k in December
whats the catalyst for it? business and banks aren't just going to hop over to this thing and with the crypto market completely in the shitter fucking every bank and business in the world could start using it tomorrow and it would probably crash again

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Severe fomo + small and declining volume available on exchanges = singularity, and kek has already confirmed the end price as $1000


1000 eoy check em

checked wtf

fomo doesn't apply in a bear market
there's no fomo anymore
whats there to miss out on? losing more money?


I sexually Identify as a stinky linky. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of delivering tamper-free smart contracts for individuals and institutions alike . People say to me that a person being a smart contract is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install 6 flat sides, a big mac and a permanent plaid shirt on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Linky” and respect my right to provide middleman free agreements and immediate resolution. If you can’t accept me you’re a linkophobe and need to check your blockchain privilege. Thank you for being so understanding

why cant we talk about this coin ever without autism ruining the thread?

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Nice checked

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Das right!

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Because this coins been talked about over and over. We know what it does and that it has potential . all ICX threads are should I sell and gook'd. All link threads are for memes.

if dubs $1000 eoy 100%confirmed if not then $10 eoy

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but the potential doesn't matter
LINK, OMG, and REQ all have some great potential but it means fuckall right now

Yes and that's why its just a guessing game as to who is gonna deliver.

>whats the catalyst for it?

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REQ is about to release something in the next 2 weeks, I have no clue when LINK is releasing and I don't know much about OMG
everything useful seems to be coming to a head in a bear market so literally nobody cares


If dubs, Link 100 EOY, if trips....

oh yes the power of dumb shit on the internet
>hup doop if trips LINK $252059 end of hour
memes dont mean shit

holy fuck

No it's 1000 you silly

fomo applies even more in a bear market you retard, that's when everyone's desperate to make some money

Kek was joking when he said $1000 EOY. The true number is $2000

okay so when are people gonna FOMO into LINK?

Digits confirm

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>whats there to miss out on? losing more money?
yes. I fomoed in more yesterday and my losses are already a reality. Thanks Rory.


>one digit away from dubs

You'll see. The FOMO begins when the masses realize how huge LINK's use case actually is.

when will they realize it?
how can you explain to normies what oracles are?

normies dont get bitcoin let alone eth and still they fomod

Legit successful anons are already shilling LINK to SVPs of fortune 500 companies, and heads of state. No larp. We're all gonna make it user.

Every day you keep doing this
Really, its getting old now
Get a fucking life
Every time I see this I cringe
You are a sad cunt

No one likes LINK
And its tiring seeing this thread 5 times a day
Actually go neck yourself OP
Really sick of your shit
OMG is a better coin than this shit
Vladamir Putin is responsible for this Russian scam!

So please stop?
Unless you're a faggot
Kill your

y did nobody check this nigger? kek really is generous

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If link fails is meme magic ded?

meme magic isn't real m8

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Shitty paid systematic fud. Give up already.

man I wish I was paid to do this


kek has blessed you as well!

>I don't get how this thing will go to 1k in December
If you're naive enough to believe this information you should not be posting on this board.

I have 2,000 LINK myself but only because I think it really could be a promising long term investment. 1k by December is literally the meme.

Kek’s chaos cannot be contained

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