Jibrel Jinirel 3/16

motorcycle user here. i did it bros. i'm currently sitting on over 25K JNT with 4 ETH on the exchange ready to buy more if it dips. i've never been so motherfucking /comfy/ in my entire life

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>5.somethingk jiblet


i unironically took out a 40K loan to live off of for the next year and i'm investing 10K of it into JNT.

i waited an entire fucking month to get that money, watching the charts every minute and thinking it was surely gonna take off without me. most intense shit ever; bitcoin shitting the bed might have made me a rich motherfucker in a couple years. could very well end up with a 35K stack if it drops to ico prices.

You do realize they started exiting about an hour ago lol, you're fucked

You better pray to God or someone that JNT works out

right now it's market value is 5x less than it's book value is. This is literally one of the safest bets you can ever make.

idk man, i hold a stack hoping for the best but i bet this whole seed partnership falls apart in these market conditions

Nope, it's been devalued so much and don't tell me 'muh bear market'. Its decreasing everyday, even after the pump news 2-3 days ago. People lose interest into JNT.

Going all-in is very risky Personally, I am waiting for more news from them before deciding buying.

GVT is a more safe bet especially after the news that was out today.

I'm aware and own 10k myself, but nothing is ever certain in life. Personally I would never take a loan to invest in jibrel. Don't know about gvt but I agree I want to hear more news about this seed deal with regards to the timeline and mechanics of it. To be fair talal did say in the telegram today that they were discussing with seed as to how much of the info should be disclosed so hopefully this will happen soon.

Haha, tell that to SALT bagholders. Be careful, nothing is for certain in crypto.

Nice. 8.5k jiblet here

Only from the name of the project I can tell that Jibrel is a blatant scam.

>motorcycle user
not even once. read the old threads. i'll be comfy as fuck regardless of if the entire crypto market tanks and this goes to zero

in proper context it's logical desu. i'm getting a shitload of money outside of crypto this year. thus i'm betting 10K on hitting a homerun with jibrel which has great potential. buying in close to ico during a bear market. if it flops oh well it's 10K not half a mil or anything crazy. if it hits 100 bucks like NEO i'm set for life. has the potential to go much higher than that too.

yes user totally safe bet because as we all know arabs are the most trustworthy race in the game. you should totally hand over all your money to sand niggers they would never do you wrong user

is that racism some kind of reverse shilling? The masses are not invested cause they are too racist

How they are going to get this to a sufficient marketcap to cover that first 250m is going to be something to see, like you cant lock up all the tokens in one asset, its need have a much bigger marketcap than 250m

Dude you didn’t understand, they’re not tokenizing 250MM, SEED is providing 250MM worth of liquidity for Jcash.

Tokenizing 250m
30m for liquidity

Where the fuck did all the bots on bibox go? I want the price to fluctuate so I can swing trade again I'm so fucking bored. I wage cuck all day and the price is everywhere, I get home and it goes stagnant every fucking time!

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I didn’t understand it like that. Guess we’ll have to wait for the official details of the partnership. Hold strong brother.

I was only able to get a 5k loan but I burned it all on Jibrel without hesitation. My 11k stack might not make me rich but at least I won't be a total poorfag like I M today.

Anyway congrats on making it in time.

I mean why not just get a job and buy JNT? Am I missing something? It's what I been doing. I get a paycheck and then I invest most in JNT.

thanks user. we're all gonna make it

I'm a collagefag and while I do have a weekend job, its not paying very well. 5k really helps me a lot and it's not a huge sum anyway so if worst comes to happen it's not that bad. That said, I really believe in JNT otherwise I wouldn't have done it.

Collegefag too, I took the money I had leftover from my summer job and bought 4k jibs, honestly just hoping its enough to pay off my college debt and I will be more than happy

Friendy reminder you need at least 400K JNT to make it in a few years. Anything less you might as well sell right now.

Yeah that sounds pretty nuts though. Then again I've always hated the credit and interest Jew. I'm very bullish on JNT. I pretty much put any money that I don't need to live into it. So maybe I shouldn't talk.

You clearly don't know Arabs

Arabs are known for being reliable businessmen. They can fuck off from the West though. Rapist inbred retarded fucks. These guys are also whiter arabs which means that they're upper caste and more honor bound.

so it's just gonna go to like 2-3 bucks?

You made it buddy, gj

It's a high-risk, high-reward play. I'm tired of being poor so fuck it, let's roll the dice.

Small beginnings user. We'd all like more but we do the best we can with what we have.

At best in a few years yes.

Arabs and honor 2 words that don't go together KEK

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You seem to have them confused with Jews.

is it me or is the whitepaper kinda short? other whitepapers I've read are a lot longer

it'd be funny if this ended up with a working product sooner than other projects that have been around longer with longer whitepapers

Same difference, really.

are you me? I'm basically 50/50 JNT/GVT.

Very excited about both. JNT as a counter market tool would benefit this market so much I don't know why more people aren't speculating on it. And GVT is an excellent idea for a financial tool, especially in an uncertain market like this, and especially with so much headroom above the current MC. I mean, once people catch on to GVT and how much money they can net from it, that shit is gonna explode. Or rather should explode.

Don't get this market sometimes. You got crypto specific market tools staring you in the face and they chase after some shitcoin trying to be the next currency or platform.

Thank God you're wrong. Think how fucked the world would be if there were over a billion kikes. 15 million is already way too many.

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They believe in the same shit, they both have religion police, they're both mentally unstable and they both hoard gold.

Usury is illegal to Muslims, vanity is bad to them, and they hate degenerates. Hell they're not so bad really. If Arabs weren't sub humans I wouldn't mind them. Islam is so different than Judaism though. Jews are the lowest filth on the planet.

Whitepaper in crypto is just a glorified sale pitch.
Vechain doesn’t have and it outperformed every other supply chain coin.

> Vechain

Ok I'll give you the first one, but the other 2... come on. Arabs are vane as shit and they ARE degens. They have been caught drinking, smoking, taking drugs all while murdering lower caste people that get caught doing so. They are horse shit just like the jews.

Meh. At least they have an honor code. I think we can coexist with them. Of course with them living in the middle East and North Africa and us living in Europe and the United States.

Good bot.
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Criminals have an honor code too.

Only ethereum will survive among these lol

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90k here. Get fucked. Out!

Top kek, it's going to 2-3 bucks the moment they tokenize the $250 million from SEED

Muslims are lawful evil, criminals are either chaotic or neutral, so no, they don't.

>the moment they tokenize the $250 million from SEED
They are aiming for it.