The Most Undervalued Stock In Existance

>Exetemely low debt
>Asset value (minus debt) is higher than Market Cap.
>Extremely Low PE
>Extremely High dividend (literally only 1/3 of it's earning. Meaning they aren't taking it from revenue)

>Decline in sales by 2% in 5 years
Holy shit why hasn't everybody Jumped at this stock?

No it's not BlockBuster V2. There is no netflix equivlent to GameStop. Plus They have subscrption rental type method nowadays too. Gamestop is evolving and testing new methods.
BlockBuster were stuck with old methods. BlockBuster also had bad management and high debt. Netflix wasn't the only thing that killed it. It was just horrible management of the company.

Even if Gamestop closes tomorrow. You'll get back at least 100 to 125% back due to its assets.

If it falls to 10 buck. I am going all in with 100k. This has to be the most retardedly undervalued stock of all time. Gamestop is not going away anytime soon. Even if it lasts 10 years. I'll get back my money plus sales on assets.

Wall Street is wrong about this stock.

I called it for MU. I am pretty confident This is going to hit big. Especially when the new consoles come out, PS5 and Xbox two or something.

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Also they had equivalent on netflix.
It was called OnLive.

It doesn't exist anymore.

how will the stock price grow with such a high dividend

Gamestop is a great stock to short, not long, you moron. They are almost CERTAINLY going bankrupt. You may as well be buying Blockbuster 10 years ago.

Literally the only thing they have going for them is turnover on profitable used games. The rest of the company is for show.

This is fucking retarded. Why would you buy brick and mortar as they get phased out as everything goes online?

It's giving out only 1/3 of it's earnings.
Rest is reinvested back.

High dividend is based on stock value and this stock has been undervalued.

>literally no debt
>5 years decline of only 2%
>sales this year increased

I dont think that is going to be happening anytime soon.

Their online sales has been increasing every year.
Estimated Next year it'll be 50%.
Plus their sales on merch is also pretty good as well.

How does this survive against Amazon?

Now that you say that there's no Netflix for gaming I'm going to start a company exactly with Netflix's business model except for video games. Thanks user you just made me a billionaire in 2 years

It's a competitor.

They offer more option than just sale of a new game. There are used games. Merch. and a subscription model, similar to gamefly, Where you rent games for monthly charge.

It's not like Amazon will kill majority of the gaming sales for others. It's still actually inconvenient to return things when you have mail order. For games, it's seems like downloadable content is more competition but I don't think it'll replace the whole market.
When Playstation and Xbox does Rental downloads. That's when you get worried.

Google "OnLive"


Holy shit you are genuinely retarded. Gamestop survived off selling mostly console games, which most people now purchase directly through their consoles or amazon. Especially on xbox where you can share games with one other person if you buy it through digital. Gamestop is a fossil and will be completely useless soon.

>mfw the CFO of GameStop shills his bags on a Friday night

Give up dude

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>Wall Street is wrong about this stock.

The is the PS5 and the Xbox One X Two Thousand two is going to be digital only and you know it!

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In a way, Nvidia is actually trying to do this. And as other anons said OnLive was the closest thing untill (I think Sony?) bought it and closed it.

Brah, I'm burying my savings into old geezer home stocks, fat yields, slow capital appreciation, idc. This shits safe, the economy can TANK and we still need old geezer homes. Senior assisted living and retirement homes. And guaranteed there will be a frenzy around them eventually when Cramer features retirement home stocks on mad money and goes "THE BOOMERS ARE RETIRING ON MASSE THE AVERAGE BOOMER AGE IS APPROACHING RETIREMENT HOME AGE THEY CAN'T LIVE ALONE ANYMORE" and everyone rushes into them. I'm talking decades out bro, I got time. This is some Warren buffet shit.

>digital downloads
No reason for gamestop to exist.

>playing video games in 2018
get a life losers

>what is Steam

The income hasn't changed much the last 4 years.
And lets say earnings declines 10% per year.

That's STILL makes the stock extremely undervalued. And the valuation of the stock would be still 2 times by the end of 10 years.
Right now it's 3 times under its real valuation.

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Damn creative thinking at least, mind giving me the name of one you’re looking into?

>The income hasn't changed much the last 4 years.
Stock market don't care about the last 4 years. They care about the next 4 or at least the next annual report

>all the stocks with potential are severely overvalued TA bubbles
>the rest of the stocks will go bankrupt in less than 5 years

Consistency. Amazon wasn't created yesterday.
The large volume of people that wanted to convert there did.

Gamestop is in every few blocks. Most people don't wait 2-5 days to receive a game if they can drive 20 minutes and grab a game.
Plus value of used games saves a lot of people a buck or two and gives Gamestop major profits.

>Almost no debt
>Goes bankrupt

Also, most stocks are around 30% more overvalued. That's not enough to cause a crash.
At most there will be a bear market for a year or two to fix that. The bubble meme isn't for everything.

omega healthcare investors is one, also sienna sr living. there's more reits if you're into that, I'm bout equity

>Be me
>Work in senior position within one of the worlds largest gaming companies that supplies to
>Know what my company and other major publishers are bringing to market
>Know the impact this Will have on our friends at GameStop
>Suck Shit. Deserve it for ripping gamers off for years
>What I refer to above doesn’t even take into account the extreme growth of digital downloads that are eating away at the physical goods market

OP is retarded if he buys this anytime soon, the only way their stock price is going is down for the foreseeable future

GameStop have been doing well to supplement the lost income from gaming by expanding into pop vinyl crap and other trinkets. This is growing but is not replacing the lost revenue from gaming. Retards don’t realise they can buy this crap direct from China for a fraction of the price or via amazon

Godspeed OP.

Personally if I was to invest in a listed gaming company, AAA game publishers are where it’s at, trust me on this. Practically doubled my money in the space of 2 years which is rare in stocks

A stock thread late on friday night? Such wow. Put me in the screenshot

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PlayStation Now?

There was GameFly too and it was the equivalent to the DVD era Netflix

>30% more overvalued

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why does it have to be this way? I miss the old Veeky Forums

Xbox already is doing rental with game pass. You could argue PSnow as well, but who wants to stream games?

Short short short, BBv2 all fucking day. Microsoft almost went totally digital with the one. Publishers hate GameStop it will die.
Look up 6 person game share Xbox one

You mean like a $10 monthly subscription pass that lets you play any game including new release?

Xbox already has this
PlayStation likely announcing someone at E3 in June

Bye bye GameStop

Simple math really. With basically 10% dividend yield, can you hold this for 10yrs and make your money back before it goes to zero?

No is the answer.

I don't think you understand the way the future is going. Just like dvds are gone so will CD for games. Everything will be online most of it already is. It is cheaper for the companies not make a disk and box set not pay shipping customs etc

Give it 3 years, there wont be a Gamestop. Anyone that's ever worked there or knows someone that's worked there will tell you the same. Yea, it's not blockbuster. It's also not a game rental service. It's a game store. Amazon. Steam. GoG. Investors will go elsewhere.

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>zero debt.
>2% decline in 5 years

Yeah it's not dying in 3 years.

>laggy service
>Lack of quality games

I don't know about Xbox. Maybe that's better.

I understand exactly where gaming is going.
But I don't think retail market is not going away. Especially since, you can take a 5 minute drive, grab a game and come back. Not everybody has Unlimited Highspeed internet and not everybody wants to pay 70 bucks for a new game when they can grab a used one for 50.

A quick glance of the balance sheet indicates that the company does have a debt liability.


What makes you think the company doesn't throw in the hat and liquidate whatever they have left? They probably won't, but then what? It's a uphill fight for them, and I see no value as a consumer for buying a game there. My last experience was maybe trading in 3 games just to get $40 credit and still having to pay $20 more for a $60 game. It was just them fleecing kids for the most part and it left a sour taste in my mouth and I even knew better at that age

ever heard of amazon faggot?
gamestop is gonna be like toys r us

> Can you hold it 10yrs?
> It's not dying in 3 years

Great argument you have there

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>Investing in literally any retail stock

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ITT: Brainlets quoting financial news they read instead of looking at fundamentals

Gamestop will be around for the foreseable future. People will always be around trading in their games for dirt cheap. Keep in mind, not everyone wants to download a game for hours without an end in sight. Telecom companies have kept internet speeds laughably slow in the US and have no incentive to break their local monopolies. People will still buy physical games and Gamestop will scoop them up dirt cheap to resell. Their business model isn't going away anytime soon. With their ridiculously low P/E ratio, stable enough earnings/revenue, and low debt they aren't going bankrupt anytime soon. I'm going to keep buying on the way down.

Toys R Us didn't fail because of Amazon you absolute brainlet. It failed because of already stagnant earnings and an overpriced LBO.

OP from a phone or what? Lol. Enjoy your bags fag

>This some Warren buffet shit


only stock I buy is BRK-B

If the overheads are reduced they can sell it cheaper. They don't want you to buy a second hand one. You do sound exactly like someone who thinks block buster is a good investment even now. Internet is getting faster cheaper and greater bandwidth every year so that's not a reason.

It takes about 30 minutes max to download a game. You can do it before you sleep, before you shower etc so you aren't waiting for it. Invest in blockbuster while you're at it

this. just look at best buy, it actually managed to adapt and is doing better than ever

I actually think retail is the one sector with more opportunities than any other, by virtue of how sold-down it is. The key is working out which companies have a genuinely good revenue outlook, which doesn't rely on acquisitions.

OP is pink wojak.

>people shilling stocks now
>actually lots of replies
crypto is dead

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Technology stock prices have been going up for a year. It's not as big as Bitcoin in December 2017, but it's stable.

Toys R Us 2.0

Snapchat probably is. Big panic sale, and then nigs will be back to snapping in no time.

This is idiotic. GameStop is going down fast. Do not buy this stock.

Yeah wtf do none of you play vidya?

>No it's not Blockbuster V2

It is eventually. The only thing keeping these stores alive are console gamers because they need to go purchase hardcopies, PC gamers have almost entirely moved away from it due to Steam, Origin etc. Not to mention key sites that basically have 24/7 discounts on every game. Wait until Sony and Microsoft allow you to buy games and download them right to your Playstation/Xbox. They've already been doing it for years with arcade games.

>Extremely BTFO by services like Steam, XBOX Live, PSStore and all other online sales outlets. Who the fuck buys at gamestop when they can order online? Your stock is going the way of blockbuster, user.

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Consoles have digital shops now. There is no reason for Gamestop to exist.

Oh, I didnt know that. I'm a PC gamer if anything.
That means OP is BTFO even more

>Xbox two or something


Obviously not a console gamer. This has existed for years already.

literal garbage

Thanks but I’ll stick to steam, good luck holding that shit

Everything is going digital in the gaming industry.
More and more people are buying digital downloads even if they are more expensive than the the physical copies since you can game share with another console.
Xbox revealed game pass which is their Netflix for gaming wee you pay a monthly price to play their growing collection of games, they will be adding every single future frst party games with game pass on day one, sea of thieves will be added to game pass on launch date and you can already predownload it onto the console without buying it. So used game market is dead.
Who buys gaming merchandise, only beta virgin's buy.
Consoles can be bought anywhere not only GameStop.
So the future is looking pretty bleak for GameStop and this is why their stock price is dropping, since it has no future just like blockbuster just like toys r us.

OP is retarded but so are you, this is the absolute best time to buy retail