Blacked out

Dumbfag here. Posted a pic on Twitter.
You can’t undo the black out right?
Am I safe?
Need help anons.

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at least phil was on drugs
whats your excuse?

You're so fucked, because I can totally read that with my eyes alone.

Why don't people learn to use the mix brush instead of blacking it out like that fuck

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Why do inept people keep using fancy graphic editors instead of Ms. Paint?

Because they are Mac fags who can't into computers

You're probably a scammer pretending to be this guy in the hopes some idiot will help you get this guy's information. Fuck off.

You can kind of tell what it says

I have to blank stuff out for work all the time and always erase rather than fill, always safer. I have a script that dumps a black layer behind the image and then I use the erase tool to reveal the black.

Holy shit what is this sorcery?

eum yeah actually you can

Ok I was trying to larp
I don’t care for this guys info.
It’s posted on twitter anyway.
Just wanted to know if it was possible to un black.
Didn’t ask anyone to do it.

When an image is saved with the black text, it will be saved as a file of bytes in a two by two matrix where each byte stores what color that pixel is. There is no way to take a file that has been re-encoded and revert it back to its original state.

t. A guy who wasted time and money getting a CS degree.

These things where people bring back blacked out text, it wasn't actually black, right? It's fuckups where they selected a gray or had the opacity turned down?

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Yes crappy iphone or whatever shit, the brushes gradually shift the color of the pixels towards the color of the brush. Have to color in the same spot for at least 5 or 6 seconds I think.

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Is this real ?



brightness. levels, all photoshop shits.
thats the best you can do,
still hard to read tho

well duh .. it's the TA guy

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or just take a screenshot of the picture you blacked out retard

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Yeah this is about as far as I got, I have multiple layers that I think through trial an error maybe I could come up with the rest but who knows. Whats the worst someone could do with just a licence

Holy fuck OP is 12

Correct. In order to avoid this kind of screw up, simply make a selection of the area you want to clear, delete selection (put colour desired for block on layer below). Alternately, make selection on layer above image, fill tool set to 100% opacity, flatten layers before saving for web.

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Veeky Forums strips exif data
Some cameras embed a thumbnail in the image.

This happened to the Ander's card guy before Veeky Forums stripped the exif data.

Posted picture

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exif thumbnail image

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What's it like being retarded in your teens? Are your peers giving you lots of stress?

Unfortunately, there is a way to strip the black.

Check it OP

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No you cannot undo a blackout because twitter only accepts JPG and PNG files and those compress the layers into one layer. Only PDF, PSD, AI, etc files that aren’t able to be posted directly on twitter contain layering. You’re safe user

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dmv is a thing, Could dig everything up but too lazy

Alternatively if you use the eraser is it recoverable?

in case you're interested this is OP assclown doing "research" ... trying to pin shit on this mostly useful TA ricer

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lol that twitter is one of the edgiest things i read all day

Let me guess, this woeful lack of oversight is an Apple issue.