Could this be the fabled Golden Bull Run?

In 1876 economists and mathematicians theorised the existence of a economic-ecosystem that had reached a form of transcendence - creating an endless positive feedback loop. They proposed that such a system entering this state would begin what they called the Golden Bull Run. Various mathematical models were created to show what this Golden Bull Run would look like.

Through my PhD research I believe cryptocurrency may be entering the early stages of a Golden Bull Run. In this stage early investors could potentially earn an endless supply of wealth - as the system generates tangible wealth rather than just moving it around.

Economists believed that the slow nature of the stock market meant that harmful players could sabotage the emergence of the Golden Bull Run before it could get started. However it looks like the extremely fast paced nature of cryptocurrency means it is not susceptible to these types of attacks.

If I am right we could see something never before experienced in the history of the universe. Hold on while you can - takeoff is imminent.

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>bulls are now saying BTC valuation is infinte

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>However it looks like the extremely fast paced nature of cryptocurrency means it is not susceptible to these types of attacks.

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think you're on to something op

bitcoin's real value = ∞

really makes me think


>Through my PhD research
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You're right, OP. A golden bear run is coming

It's crashing again. Not enough volume.

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so any hints on where to look for some of the shit ur talking about? youtube didnt yield much with just golden bull run, any names of the math/econ nigger u talking about?

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terrance mckenna technological singularity

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actual econ phd student here.

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>creating an endless positive feedback loop
There is no such thing as perpertual motion machine.

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>a cult of the faithful gets into the cycle of wealth
>the powers that be manipulate it against each other for their own gain at unpredictable rates
>anyone trying to beat the system ends up chewed up and spat out having lost money (this is what will happen to the ADHD traders)
>the true faithful who believe in golden bulls (see Molech) against all odds will stay patient until the time is right
>get rich, get out, new acolytes see what we did and take our place in the machine

The greatest game on earth - a 24/7 decentralized global financial market with almost no regulations. You could try to game the system for a nice edge (and you might win!) or you could just accept that most of us already hold the keys to wealth and just need to wait it out a bit longer. Pretty comfy.

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here’s another that kind of explains what’s happening. chainlink is the transcendental object at the end of time

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