Want to join college and study something

>Want to join college and study something
>Made paranoid like crazy about cvollege debt
What do? I know I can just study on my own for close to no money but I need to get out I just need to. I just want to socialize and yes I'll pay a couple of bucks just to not be a neet anymore. Just spoonfeed me how much it will cost and if I will make the right decision.

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State school idiot

You don’t have to spend 30K a semester to get “the college experience”

just kill yourself so we have less people

What is a state school? I have been a neet for a long time.

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Community College

I'll tell you what I did...

1. Get into University
2. Student loan aquired
3. Buy Bitcoin and alts
4. Go to University for free
5. Do whatever the FUCK you want

legit apply to UCSB

it's a low-tier enough school you'll get in and it's basically an oceanside resort

if you are smart they'll give a scholarship

if you are a cal resident it costs almost nothing to attend

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Who benefits from student loans???

the government

OP, i have $140k student debt. Go to state school and be frugal. Get a degree in stem. don't be a biztard like me.


Forgot to add the double quotation marks on the word "Who".

Now tell me again, ""Who"" benefits from student loans???

That really doesn't exist in Belgium. When I look up anything like that it's for kids.


I used to be like you, then I got a job in STEM, paid off all my debt, and made a couple hundred thousand in cryptos.

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Some people are not college material. You should probably look for a nice chain gang opportunity during your next incarnation.

College won't unneet you.
Meds probably will.
Education is cool but don't try to use it this way imo.

>Some people are not college material
Most* people. Seriously, they’d often be happier, not stuck in debt, and probably much more useful working blue collar jobs.

Just spoonfeed me exactly what to do. I have no social contact and I'm losing it. What do.


Find something you might like in community college and try that first. You'll have either no sent or a lot less but still interact with people. University is a scam right now. If you want to go to university at least get some generals done at community college and pay way less.

*no debt. Stupid phone.

How much does a college cost me?

Honestly if you can't get a free ride or pay out of pocket, you probably shouldn't be going to college. You are taking out a mortgage for a degree that may or may not be useful in the job market. See the fucktard in your pic that probably got a wyminz studies degree.

Use the OOH and pick a major that has good outlook/starting pay. Basically the only things worth going into are things like accounting/finance, certain engineering degrees, straight math/actuarial science, etc. Things like psychology and dumb shit are useless unless you get lucky or are in the top 5%.

As for costs I pay 30k a year and that includes all tuition/fees and living expenses. I got fuck all for scholarships and pay out of pocket.

Colleges outside the Ivy League, MIT, Stanford etc. tier are a scam unless you have a scholarship or have rich parents already.