Seeking guidance

Genuine poorfag here, not begging or asking for anything but advice while I'm trying to get my shit together.
Can you guys suggest a good place to go to for debt consolidation services?
I heard I can get any debt I have lumped together and pay it off in decently priced monthly payments if I go to the right place, I just need pointed in the correct direction.
Desparately need to raise my credit score, all help greatly appreciated.

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How old are you?


Dude, you're young enough to file for BK and start rebuilding your credit quickly. You have student loan debt? Or just credit debt?

You can get a personal loan or you can get something like a bankamericard which let you roll all your debt onto and then you get a yar interest free. Then you can just open a new card somewhere else.

I didn't pay for my credit cards and it went away in 7 years. Was able to get new credit cards. I'm not paying my student loan, they do call, but I'm not paying

Mixture of both, how would I file for BK?
Just being honest that finances aren't my forte, so I figured I would seek help.
How does one file for BK?

Bank Americard, like from Bank of America?

only in this crazy world does a man in debt who is underwater get advised to take out more debt to solve the problem. no criticism of you user but it seems society doesn't see anything wrong with this course of action

BK won't clear your student loans but will clear everything else. Find a BK attorney. I speak from fucking up in my early 20s and did this route. Cost me around $1500 to clear about 50k credit debt. It was a life saver and a refreshing restart. Funny enough. The credit offers came a month after the court cleared it and u started to rebuild quick.

Yeah, I saw the word loan and immediately knew taking out a loan would be a bad idea, one of my debts is because of a student loan as it is.

It's all a fucking game, really. Buying a cheap 5k car on credit after the BK bumped me significantly. I was in the 700s in no time

Thanks anons, I'll look into it.
Also on the tip of buying a car, the guy who actually gave me the advice of trying to get my debt consolidated told me I should trade my current car in and get a new one for that exact reason, boosting my credit and all.
Trying to get married and move out of state in the next few years, I'm lucky that my S/O has amazing credit but I need to get my cleaned up so as to not drag theirs down.

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Best of luck to you, OP
I was just about to post a similar thread but found yours. Thanks for posting!

no prob dude. just don't get married before you file for bk or you'll drag her down as well. you'll get a second breath of financial life and learn. it's a 7year on your credit meme but they honestly don't give any fucks about it as they offer you credit pretty quick. by 30 you'll be ballin' anyway with your linkies. don't fuck up again. godspeed.

going through this now. have about 12k in CC debt due to bad decisions.

BK is tempting. need to look again at consolidation, wasnt working at the time and they told me to pound sand.

i wouldnt mind transfering it over interest free if i can find it.

Jesus this is making me nervous for someone who is 21. user did you graduate with a degree that is hard to get a job with? Or is your debt from something other than college. no judgement.

It's a long story I generally prefer to keep to myself, basically my student debt is from a private trade school that ripped me off and kicked me out 2 months before I finished without warning. My other debts are things like for example a few are from a few years back from moving out of an apartment and forgetting to shut the utilities off and them keeping it on and charging me for several months I wasn't there, I wasn't doing anything serious with myself at the time just getting by so I ignored those and my student debt.
It's really my own fuck up, but I'm at least motivating myself to own up to it and get my shit cleaned up finally, and I'm honestly lucky I'm not in a worse hole than I am.

Thanks again guys, I promise not to fuck up again as I finally care having some stability in my life.

Student loans dont go away ninja, you is fucked

federal ones will fuck you in the ass if you don't pay. Private student loans...meh. My brother and sister and law stopped paying years and years ago, and they'll call but they would need to go to court in order to get your money. Fed loans, they will take your tax refund and garnish your wages.