Crypto market will go up again very soon

What did he mean by this? (tweet has been deleted)

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It's in his advantage that people stay in the market, but he has no real say in the direction the market goes. The most he could do would give incentives for people to keep trading on Binance.

please someone tweet back "kys you stupid chink" thanks

institutional money is getting in, why the fuck do you think they're manipulating it so badly right now lmao? What do you think ETFs are? Futures?? fucking retards if you can't connect these dots. Bear market will last a while but wall st, more than anyone, wants dotcom bubble part 2 electric boogaloo more than any other entity on the fucking planet, especially since this time the buyers are even fucking dumber and its even more accessible. Jesus fucking christ no one gets it. You thought 2017 was bad? 2019-2020 is going to be the biggest bubble shitshow on the whole fucking planet

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he doesn't want to tweet that the markets are going up, because IF they somehow go down, which can always, ppl will be throwing shit at him for that tweet.

ppl like him don't give away market predictions for this reason, especially not short-term predictions 'will be up again VERY SOON'.
if a few whales want to fuck w/ him..

he's a chink that owns a piece of shit exchange. he wants your volume because that's how he makes money. he'll bot buy BTC to let you in, then dump all over you. nigger

he's over 2 billion USD, he said he doesn't give a fuck about money anymore and just wants to leave something behind

Binance is pure cancer.

nice inspect element


Did we reach a point where we have to fake tweets to force people to hodl?
Time to sell
Cya next yesr


cuz its fake


This gets my dick hard because it's so true. Next few years (2018 included) is going to be in fucking sane. If you play it right, you can set your whole life up financially (if you haven't already from the 2017 bull market).

>he thinks they are going to wait to 2019

Hahaha, no, the bullrun starts in a few months. These are humans and they want their money NOW. They arent going to wait a year.

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You guys are cute
I hope you all make it

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Why. I like Binance

Q predicted this

Not your personal army

Did he? Could you show the source (message) where he mentions crypto? Not doubting but I'd really like to see.

Checked and kek'd

Someone finally gets it

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Green ID + quad 9s, holy shit. We're gonna make it

We're all gonna make it

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Every company that profits a lot from crypto is a potential plunge plunge protection team. Crypto is their golden goose and they won't let it die. The liquidity is low. It doesn't take a lot of money to provide price support and keep the ponzi going. Coinbase made +1 billion in profits just last year. This chink faggot is already a billionaire. Less than 10% of americans have invested in crypto. There's still a lot of money to be made.

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>pic related

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gotta imagine nvidia and amd dont want to see crypto keep tanking.

yeah institutional money realize there's not much time left for the stock market bubble, they will look for a new one. Crypto is their best bet.

>cuz its fake

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Holy shit this chink just handed us the golden grail.
(Or may he's running a pump and dump scheme.)

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Only chink I trust

wrong post. meant

>Wall Street don't you want make money?

It's absolutely impossible to trade on Binance, bots will fuck you up.



Mark lost a bit of weight huh.

What do you think 1 Bitcoin will inevitably be worth??

it means hes praying cryptos not dead because binance is losing money now that volume has gone to shit

It means if crypto crashes like MBS^2 that his shitty business will go under.

How would one play it right? Investing in good projects?

>institutional money

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Wrong, I daytrade on Binance and I'm doing well.

1 btc


I feel like 90% of that CEO's time is spent ensuring they aren't hacked

it was proven to be effective. that guy single handedly saved chinas reputation

This guy knows what's up.

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Wrong. He can market buy several millions.

>dude with a 1-2 billion in crypto assets cannot affect the market

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>we make money regardless of whether you neets lose it
Based chink

Maybe 100k?

that is one ugly man

Yeah, and managing risk well. Taking profits along the way, not FOMOing into things.

They make 3million per day on trade commissions.

We've already lost no matter how many cryptos we hold

you sound like the kind of dumb bitch who's able to pick up grapes with her loose butthole.

The crypto market won't go up again. Every project is overvalued 100x as it is, and that's AFTER the 70% correction. Maybe if you're lucky you can expect another doubling, but you'll never see a coin doing 10x in a month again.

Cap'd. Even though this still does happen and will happen again with whenchain. Bearnigger.


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What the fuck is this? Do you mean Wanchain? That was supposed to hit exchanges months ago. it's a scam.

100k because at 100k
1 satoshi will equal 1 cent

maybe 1k

>Chink dominates 60%+ of the total volume of this market
>Acts without any professionalism, dropping 'hints' about what 'will happen' on twitter.
I worry about these things.

This, the market needs to crash fucking hard before any market cap valuations make any fucking sense for institutional money to come in.