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i heard we might get some gains in April.

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When you sell

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It's a bearrun

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I think we're in for a long one. We're still in a fucking downtrend after 3 months (we've even broken the 1 yr log uptrend), and the market hasn't even begun to trade sideways/go into accumulation zone yet.

In perspective, we are on a beach on vacation, thinking about what flavor Margarita to have for breakfast, only the entire island was just spontaneously engulfed by an enormous fucking tsunami.

you're scaring me

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20 years

We will be alright

Right, anons?

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its not only that, BTC is finding a lower roof almost weekly, its been a couple of weeks already since we were at 11k, we are getting lower and lower and lower but gradually

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To be fair I am always fucking wrong in crypto. And luckily for you almost every "celebrity"and public advisory group in the cryptosphere has the opposite sentiment. So long as BTC just calms the fuck down somewhere in the 8-10k range then we can have a little alt boom and recoup some loses.

Its a bit frightening. I think futures and institutions shorting/longing the shit out of it has done some lasting damage and I fear for the future of BTC. Its more profitable for them (institutions, big players) to keep BTC at 5-20k in their control, instead of to have it zoom past 100k, because then the smaller guy will win, and money is, no matter how badly we wish otherwise, a 0 sum game.

Yeah,i think BTC is now being pump&dumped by really big players and the "funny" thing is that at the end this "biggest transfer of wealth in human history" is from normal people to banks who can manage to manipulate the market as they want because there are no rules here, its a perfect pump&dump for them, they must be living the dream desu.

If you look closely at this you can easily realize we are fucked and crypto gains are totally done but well idk i don't have a magic ball i hope things go well in the end but from now it seems BTC is truly going to 4k or something but gradually

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I don't really care where BTC ends up desu. I am more depressed about the hyper-volatility inevitably leaving crypto as the market matures. And its not paranoia, its a 100% certainty, we are just praying we have enough time to collect some scraps off the table.

When you least expect it to happen

pls sell op

Around the holidays, and alts will lead the way. Sell in May and go away, after all.

Unironically I did sell at 8500
Will buy back at target of 7500

I'm going to sleep now (americhad)



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From a behavioral economics standpoint, the lower the prices go, the less willing people will be to selling. I mean, if you put in that there is a bunch of people holding for 50-80% losses, their aversion to risk is lower i guess, so they don't mind holding positions.

I don't think that applies to active day traders though

well yeah obviously but we all know that when BTC is fucked alts are too, remember that time when a coin could go up 300% in a month or something like that? we are not going to see that anymore, alts are going to grow steady if they grow etc, not more mad profits in shorts periods of time,we are going to get gradually adjusted to some stock market where we can have %25 per year or something like that.

And as you said, you can't deny this, maybe crypto isn't over as a market but as a 'make quick money machine' it really is, and it is so bad but it was fun while it lasted

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When will GPU prices return to MSRP?

the meme chart tho

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 1.21.02 AM.png (2224x1018, 121K)

I don't know, i guess a lot of people have some limit of tolerance, some are going to hodl to whatever happens and other people are going to take a loss and forget about crypto, as most people did when they bought +13K and the market crashed, anyway i don't have a magic ball or something im just telling what i am seeing, BTC/alts roof is getting gradually lower and market sentiment is terrible, Crypto hype is gone in society, as an user said once it was like some fidget spinner thing for normies, just some popular thing, thats all

I know it sounds pessimist but if you analize the facts it is the reality

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kys virgin


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It lasted about the same as Pokemon Go being a huge phenomenon.

I have a gift for you OP.

Look up DOGE-BTC all time chart on coinmarketcap.

You'll be able to easily predict when the next bullrun is coming. Begin preparing when DOGE reaches around 25-20 sats.

You're welcome.

Also this is not the bottom for alts.

>Also this is not the bottom for alts.

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the day after you give up

Yep doge has always been an indicator for me.

Got to love that fucking doge

that doesn't make any sense

20K = 2021
screencap this bois


Are you implying that the next few hours are CRUCIAL for BTC?

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This shit is wearing on me. I just wish I could go into a coma for a couple of years and then come back to find out that I'm wealthy. At this rate, I don' think I'll live that long.

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kill yourself, you aren't worth the air you breathe if you want everything to be gifted to you effortlessly

I agree with you, but user why are you here? This is a board that is centered around trying to do just that.

Ha, did i hurt your feelings? Fucking piece of normie shit

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>hurr why isn't there another bull run 3 months after the most massive bull run in history?
ITT December and 2018 buyers

Pump it.

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because i'm bored and occasionally you find a small diamond here that makes it worth it

he FOMO'd in

When the suffering ends.

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>It's just Jan dip, gain in Feb
>gain in March
>gain in April

Attached: 14.jpg (336x437, 11K)

>biz claiming bitcoin is dead
>institutional investors willingly spreading massive fud
>Veeky Forums basement dweller larping that he knows what he's talking about on something he knows nothing about
>bitcoin skyrockets 80% by April

Absolute state of biz

WOW 80%

>you have no idea about crypto
>will be up 80% by April
Sure user. I know you hodl some heavy bags but lying is not an alternative to getting to grips with reality.

bitcoin is dead. which is good. other better cryptos will take it over. this is just the hard times that come before the good times.

2019 starts the bull run to 20 trillion by 2020. This year will be the accumulation period

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After the Chinese new year.

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let the acc per be 2 yr

Not for another 2-3 years unfortunately

We'd be very lucky if it started Q3/Q4 of this year. Most of you shitters will be long gone by then anyway.

August 2021. Screenshot this.

August, but get ready for heavier losses.
I will be returning to BTC when it hits $1.8K, so I can double my money in December.

Sorry, I'm not going to tell you that for free. You have to buy the report from Marius like the rest of us.

>Majority of brainlets on biz think the bear market will last years
>They all conveniently forget that crypto moves at lightspeed
>They all fall for whale/institutional fud
>No one looks at the zoomed out chart to realize the entire market was pumped and dumped
>No one has put 2 and 2 together and realized this was just a test run
>Brainlets begin to sell low at the bottom biz style
>More and more suicide threads
>BTC shoots up to $20k-$30k end of April

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Attached: 1514254547079.png (1470x786, 156K)

And if the entire market cap is 20 trillion, and link only needs a MC of 350 billion to reach $1000, then LINK only needs a 1.75% share of the market. Let's fucking go boys.

Attached: 1512386948897.jpg (630x840, 191K)

Majority of oldfags know it'll last years. Most of us experienced 2014-2016 2 year bleeding bear market due to Mt. Gox.

ETH Smart contracts breath new life into crypto speculation but that will only happen now again when crypto projects like REQ, OMG etc actually mature and have real world non-crypto adoption and usage to spur a new bullrun.

This is going to take at least 3 years. If you don't believe this then you came after 2016 and never experienced a true bearmarket within crypto.

Not gonna lie, I would taste her bunghole

>hard times creating strong men
>strong men create good times

Have faith

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We are still waiting for you do sell.

If you're a true oldfag like me, been trading since 2013, you know that the 2017 bullrun was supported by a major influx of institutional money. THAT is what started the bullrun you LARPING little shit.

I was there for Gox, the bleeding bear market after Gox was a completely different environment than the one we are in now. TOTALLY FUCKING DIFFERENT.

>This is going to take at least 3 years
HAHAHAHAHA no, more like 3 months

You still dont get it, you still think this is a natural market, this is 100% controlled by Wall St now, they are going to pump the shit out of the market this year and they will establish a new floor at $20-30k. That cat is out of the bag, fellow "oldfag". Pandora's box has been opened. Wall St is in the game now and they are shaking everyone out after this test run. The big bullrun is happening later on this year when they snowball this shit to $100k.

>Hurrr durrr no they are going to suppress it for years

No you dumbo, they are humans just like us and they want their money NOW. They will have their money. It benefits everyone after this shakeout to pump the shit out of crypto. It's going to happen. There is too much momentum behind crypto now to stop it.

I am tempted to screencap these posts because it shows even oldfags on here are delusional and cant see the forest for the trees. Wall st knows the Dollar is on its last knees and they are fleeing to crypto. Everyone knows it.

Attached: loltom.gif (600x402, 3.93M)

This drought is going to make 2014 feel like it passed in a blink.

Only the true hodlers will survive.

Attached: 1494387844587.jpg (249x218, 4K)

Really 20k-30k in April? I thought they were waiting for regulations to be placed, then open up their own exchanges and offer it to clients or something like that. Like the whole Goldman/Circle buying Poloniex.

>2 year bleeding bear market due to Mt. Gox.
>due to Mt. Gox.
tell me for what reason you think will this bear market take longer than the last?

No bull runs again ever. We will never see returns measured in "x" again except over several years. The bubble has POPPED. You are a LATE ADOPTER. Should've bought in 2016.

Not at all. This market is unregulated as of this moment and they are taking advantage of it. Of course they are taking advantage of it - why wouldnt they?

I'm calling $20-30k by May. New floor set by early June. Late summer pump to $60k. $100k BTC by end of the year.

This year is going to be similar to last. How do I know that? Simple, last year was a test run and they are going to follow a similar format.

The bullrun is already happening and you're stupid and dumb if you're not in this already.

Attached: bullrun.png (1523x585, 37K)

But what about the countless normies who got burned? Are they going to let the media post some fomo articles or something?

the fuck is this /user/

>Posts chart
>No context

Please, user. I can't afford to get my hopes up and loose everything again.

Attached: depresso.png (509x619, 8K)

They control the media bro. When BTC was pumping, the media was spinning articles to further the mania. Did you notice what's been going on these past weeks in the media? FUD and more FUD.

As for the normies, some will buy in, some won't, and will fomo in later I guess. Either way the market will get pumped. I suspect there werent that many normies entering the market anyway during 2017.

Nah, not gonna tell you. Last time people were calling me a shill and told me to fuck off. Veeky Forums deserves to stay poor.

There will be no bull run. It's over. We'll see us at 1000$/BTC

Starting to lose hope. Everyone who was saying “this happened last year” is now gone, because this didn’t happen last year.


it's powh

Attached: lewd4.gif (400x225, 1.51M)

guess what bitconnect niglet posted this gif on his twitter yesterday

normies incoming, brace yourself

Attached: gif10.gif (400x225, 2.22M)

Whenever a lot of work is put into shilling coins using tits and asses it just makes me think its a pajeet coin, it's basically fud instead.

Thanks for not sharing coin name faggot

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 1.16.29 AM.png (970x776, 68K)

>tfw only 24 tokens
>not even 24
>still no bf
>getting older and less cute every day
will money i get with this Veeky Forums scam actually get me a bf?

>Thanks for not sharing coin name faggot
It's one of the eth ponzis, don't worry about it.

When Goldman Sachs have finished accumulating of course. For now, just enjoy the buying opportunities, the gradually dwindling newfags, the absence of constant pajeet spam and the tears of confused plebbitors trying desperately to rationalise the market within their faggoty reference frame.

lmao, you guys are waiting for something that will never happen. The Ponzi finally reached its peak and the whole world was a part of it. It is not possible to become bigger than that as people see crypto for what it is now. Enjoy your losses.

They cant just long and short with leverage forever while manipulating it. Its zero sum and ready even redditors are noticing it’s manipulated. Big money will run out of oppsing poitions to liquidate.

Not only that but real buying will evaporate and mega whales are just accumulating unrealised profits with btc.
Whrn time comes a large majority of whales wont be able to cash out. Then you consider that exchanges will have no liquidity that point making nobody able to cashout.

Miners who have even more power thrn whales like bitmain wont let whales fuck their income by destroying genuine buyers.

Basically they are accumulating now. Its obvious. They cant do as you think or they will break their toy forever and also destroy all their gains. Doesnt matter if they accumulated at 300 bucks.

They need to make it grow if they hope to cash out.

It's Ethphoenix.io. Hilariously enough it's my best performing hold right now.....the devs fucking delivered. I put 1 Eth in (because I'm not about to risk more on a ponzi) and I've covered my initial fees and am at 1.2 Eth. So not Lambo, but nice steady gains are welcome.

haha. low effort. PoWH3D has again surpassed your shitty project and not only that, it also surpassed it's own ATH by miles.

Attached: illcomebacktothis.gif (400x314, 1.7M)

>the whole world was a part of it

Yeah sure, all insurance companies switched to smart contracts, we were using BTC to buy our groceries and all major hedge funds are in it, while the biggest daytrading segment is housewives.

I was there for the dotcom boom and bust you fail FUDing faggot - this isn't a spit in the bucket yet.

This guy is the type of mongloid who doesn't know that major companies really are moving in.

A few days ago I learned a 25mm+ and a 2mm+ contract were out for major companies to hire crypto consulting services.

Just to hire consulting.

It's a zero sum game right now.

Anyone got the comparisons of when bitcoin hit 200, and then 1000 and 10000? My friend wants to buy in, I'm trying to tell him to wait a while.