Favorite moment in Link history

For me it was when AssBlaster said big corps had bought 125 Million Link tokens under the table.

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my favorite moment was the time I got convinced in october that I'm going to be rich soon and I went all in on LINK
my 2nd favorite was when I quit university on my last year because of the previous favorite moment
my 3rd favorite moment is how I'm in so much shit right now I am contemplating jumping under a train

When AB exit scammed by dropping some scam ico


Please stop larping.

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Legolas, I think. Just one more mediocre project among a hundred shitty DEX ICOs.

without a doubt

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how the fuck am I larping you absolute cuntface

Are you saying you REALLY, ACTUALLY, LITERALLY quit college because you went all-in on Link?


This is my favourite LINK moment

In that case, all I have to say is I feel sorry for you and I hope you'll turn your life around. You're young and everything's possible. Good luck.

How did you make it to fourth year of uni with such a low IQ and poor decision making skills? Art major?

>You're young and everything's possible
good joke

computer science

college is just brainwashing anyway

are you that dude with honors in a comsci course that decided to drop out of uni because you wanted to pursue studying blockchain tech instead and your family hates it or doesnt get it or something? also said something along the lines of two gold rush in the making (crypto investment + being a blockchain dev)

Then you’re just retarded for dropping lol. There’s really no nice way to put it. You fucked up royally. Good luck user

I won't need a degree once link makes me rich


no I'm just a random asshole with no skills or prospects

The sibos dump defiantly just imagine if link mooned to $1 that day

These two statements give me great hope and immense despair at the same time regarding my link holdings

Do you still believe in Link?

What was the sats value when you went all-in on LINK?

I'm in the same boat as you man...about to drop out of UCLA. I literally put EVERYTHING into link...I own 120k links and i fucking bought close to a dollar...If i don't make a couple million off this investment soon i'll probably off myself too man...

Let's both do it together so we don't have to jump into the abyss alone...

We can hold hands while we walk to the door of death. But I guess we gotta go in that door alone...

I'm actually not fuckign larping...which is the sad part, eah?

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.00008 for me...I'm literally ready to off myself if this shit doesn't go to $10 minimum...

You're a college student with $100K to drop in crypto. And you're not larping.


I had 10k to start with and I hit it big with a penny stock I went all in to gamble on..If i just stayed in that fucking penny stock I would of been worth 500k right now not fucking larping...check RXMD

Also, I made more money with futures investments. I should of just stuck with commodities like oil, silver, gold, and currencies...i was making close to 1k a day doing that

Hahahaha you put it all into link? All that money???? You said you go to UCLA? No way... you def go to Grambling univ

But I got greedy as fuck and I started to fomo into crypto like an idiot...I knew about it way back then but I just fomoed in like a dumb ass finally...

Oh and EPGL was another penny stock pump and dump I made 300% return on

You're either trolling or you're dropping out because you're depressed or over-stressed and are lying to yourself about your actual faith in LINK.

Do not drop out.

That's the tl;dr here: Do not drop out. We'll have another bull market, even if it's in 2020.

you the samefag that was worried about your parents and kept posting the sad chink pepe months ago? if so, your links are up since you were crying about them then.

I am llying to myself dude...i'm scared shitless this won't work out...i missed my fucking oppurtunity to make about 500k...had i listened to myself and stayed into the penny stocks i'd probably just quit shcool anyways and day trade that 500k and make like 1k a day low risk...

But now i'm scrambiling to get back in hopes that I can get my half a million or something man...

I deserve that fucking money....all the grueling years of hard work sitting behond a fucking computer screen and for what?


seriously not larping...

>I should of just stuck with commodities like oil, silver, gold, and currencies...i was making close to 1k a day doing that

You were day trading commodities?
I don't follow.
You would have to have so much money invested initially to gain $1k a day from any investment.

Futures trading is highly leveraged play...it's like trading bitcoin 100x on bitmex...you can own 5k barrels of oil with like 3k...You just get liquidated quick if you don't know how to red charts..

But the difference is futures market is heavily regulated....HEAVILY...so it's not like bitmex who scams people and liquidates them for fun...there's no manipulation...hence, it's much easier to complete TA

A +60% to break even (implying LINK doesn't crash more) is not a huge problem.

But yeah, as you said the problems are the missed gains and the exponential growth that LINK should have to give you the expected profits.

I don't see why I wouldn't, the project is going great.
It's the crypto situation as a whole that's worrying me. BTC just can't seem to be able to recover. Someone is suppressing it hard.

Who cares about sats. My cost average is 38 cents.

It's fucked up man. But you have 120k LINK. I have only 13k. If you want to off yourself what am I to do?

Let me type that out a little better...Futures market are highly leveraged contracts that expire at a certain date. So people are speculating whether or not the market is gonna pump oil up or down or whatever the fuck...

I trade during the quiet hours...meaning, I trade when there is no news going on that might effect the price...

So I basically just scalp trades all day. Couple hundred here couple hundred there. And by the end of my 10 hour shift i've pocketed about 1k USD with using only about 15k USD

>Who cares about sats. My cost average is 38 cents.
But you buy and sell in sats, you autistic shit head.

Wait... you're all depressed about your 13K fucking Link even when you bought at 38 cents and are still in profit?

Come ooooooooooooon. Get over yourself, user. Go out and take a walk in a park. There's a real world out there.

I honestly thought I could day trade bitcoin because I did so well in the futures market. But now I realize this shit is manipulated as fuck and TA doesn't really apply to cryptos.

Better to get into a market where it's regulated so people can't play these kinds of shitty games...

I didn't realize it till you actually experience it.

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I'm not in profit. That 3 cent difference will barely cover the selling fees if at all. And did you miss the part where I have no degree, no abilities or skill, am a permavirgin living with my parents and I never had a job.
>There's a real world out there.
yeah and it's nothing but despair and misery.

Go back to uni.

fuck that. a retarded paper won't help if I myself have no inherent talent or motivation

Have you tried cleaning your room?

Hey Link holders, this is your fellow investor. Still think you're gonna get rich?

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You added the wrong picture.

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lol i remember his profile, the companies he listed he didnt work for any of them, hes just some pump and dump whale. Which is why chainlink is going to the toilet literally.