Biz explain this meme

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Pornography is fine

Either this is a slide thread or you need to research. Either way fuck off.

Guilt is from Christianity

>white culture

the amount of Jews in science is HUGE
there is a reason Nazi Germany started redoing science because most of it was done by jews

Christianity is a fork of Judaism

Albert Michelson #,1 (1907)
• Gabriel Lippmann # (1908)
• Albert Einstein # (1921)
• Niels Bohr #,2 (1922)
• James Franck # (1925)
• Otto Stern # (1943)
• Isidor Rabi # (1944)
• Wolfgang Pauli 3 (1945)
• Felix Bloch # (1952)
• Max Born # (1954)
• Igor Tamm #,4 (1958)
• Ilya Frank 4 (1958)
• Emilio Segrè # (1959)
• Donald Glaser # (1960)
• Robert Hofstadter # (1961)
• Lev Landau # (1962)
• Eugene Wigner 5 (1963)
• Richard Feynman # (1965)
• Julian Schwinger # (1965)
• Hans Bethe #,6 (1967)
• Murray Gell-Mann # (1969)
• Dennis Gabor # (1971)
• Leon Cooper 7 (1972)
• Brian Josephson # (1973)
• Ben Mottelson # (1975)
• Burton Richter # (1976)
• Arno Penzias # (1978)
• Sheldon Glashow # (1979)
• Steven Weinberg # (1979)
• Arthur Schawlow 8 (1981)
•K. Alexander Müller 9 (1987)

• Leon Lederman # (1988)
• Melvin Schwartz # (1988)
• Jack Steinberger # (1988)
• Jerome Friedman # (1990)
• Georges Charpak #,10 (1992)
• Martin Perl #,11 (1995)
• Frederick Reines #,12 (1995)
• David Lee 13 (1996)
• Douglas Osheroff 14 (1996)
• Claude Cohen-Tannoudji 15 (1997)
• Zhores Alferov 16 (2000)
• Vitaly Ginzburg 17 (2003)
• Alexei Abrikosov 18 (2003)
•David Gross 19 (2004)
•H. David Politzer 19 (2004)
•Roy Glauber 20 (2005)
•Saul Perlmutter 21 (2011)
•Adam Riess 22 (2011)
•Serge Haroche 23 (2012)
•François Englert 24 (2013)
•J. Michael Kosterlitz 25 (2016)
•Barry Barish 26 (2017)
•Rainer Weiss 27 (2017)

Jewish Noble Prize Winner - and that's just the Physics category

You bet, user. When white people fuck up their own lives and societies, they sometimes try to blame a group of people who looks and acts a little bit different for all of their problems. That way they never have to face any of their inadequacies.

White culture lmao

>ze juice
The irony.

Fuxk off back to your low iq echo chamber you inbred hick

There are just no more reasons for
>muh family
>muh healthy lifestyle
>muh don't kms
>muh no to pornography
If you don't believe in God.
Christianity is dead. To be a christian in 21th century you must be a brainlet.
Yes, I know some christians saying "yes, the Bible is full of myths but still..."
I see it as a hypocricy.
I literally don't know a person not denying anything from the Bible.
No matter, jews or christians.
And by denying I mean denying, not reinterpretion.

You may reeee but it looks like "let's stay with christian morals even though we're not christians". Why?

>slide thread
t. boomer jew

It's true

Because it's better than being a degenerate piece of shit.

>White culture
Having a stable job and a family. Not stealing or doing drugs, etc. Why do non-whites get pissed off when you say they should act more like white people?


You should have expected biz to be full of Jews and Asians.

>Jewish committee picks Jewish winners

imagine my shock

Literal interpretations of the bible aren't fantastic that's correct. But interpretations of the bible from a metaphysical context is key.
I was about to lay into you, but upon reading your post for a second time I'm going to give you two things to ponder over:
>Has the human condition changed that drastically to warrant the replacement of a God that empowers you when you're subservient to him, to a big government that is slowly encroaching on every aspect of your life?
>Secondly, how did humans in the first world arise from poverty and being to flourish? Now unfortunately you're going to find that Christiantity is the answer to this question. Even Dawkins acknowledges this.
Before you start, I used to be a "le 2edgy4me fedora tipping atheist"

theres alot of white culture though, paintings, statues, classical music, architecture, naval fleets etc

>naval fleets


KEK those Nordic Jew committee members!!!

The current members of the [Physics] Committee are:

Nils Mårtensson (Chairman)
David Haviland
Olga Botner
Mats Larsson
Thors Hans Hansson
Gunnar Ingelman (Secretary)

Former members
Hugo Hildebrand Hildebrandsson, 1900–1910
Robert Thalén, 1900–1903
Klas Bernhard Hasselberg, 1900–1922
Knut Ångström, 1900–1909
Svante Arrhenius, 1900–1927
Gustaf Granqvist, 1904–1922
Vilhelm Carlheim-Gyllensköld, 1910–1934
Allvar Gullstrand, 1911–1929
Carl Wilhelm Oseen, 1923–1944
Manne Siegbahn, 1923–1961 (chairman ?–1957)
Henning Pleijel, 1928—1947
Erik Hulthén, 1929–1962 (chairman 1958–1962)[dubious – discuss]
Axel E. Lindh, 1935–1960
Ivar Waller, 1945–1972
Gustaf Ising, 1947–1953
Oskar Klein, 1954–1965
Bengt Edlén, 1961–1976
Erik Rudberg, 1963–1972 (chairman 1963–1972)
Kai Siegbahn, 1963–1974 (chairman 1973–1974)
Lamek Hulthén, 1966–1979 (chairman 1975–1979)
Per-Olov Löwdin, 1972–1984
A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid, 1972, 1986, 1993
Stig Lundqvist, 1973–1985 (chairman 1980–1985)
Sven Johansson, 1975–1986 (chairman 1986)
Gösta Ekspong, 1975–1988 (chairman 1987–1988)
Ingvar Lindgren, 1978–1991 (chairman 1989–1991)
Carl Nordling, 1985–1997 (chairman 1992–1995)
Bengt Nagel, 1986–1997
Erik Karlsson, 1987–1998 (chairman 1997–1998)
Cecilia Jarlskog, 1989–2000 (chairman 1999–2000)
Tord Claeson, 1992–2000
Mats Jonson, 1997–2005
Sune Svanberg, 1998–2006
Per Carlson, 1999–2007
Lennart Stenflo, 2001–2006
Joseph Nordgren, 2001-2009 (chairman 2008–2009)
Ingemar Lundström, 2006–? (chairman 2010–?)
Lars Brink, 2008–?
Börje Johansson, 2007–?
Björn Jonson, 2009-?

>kicked out of 109 nations over the course of recent history
oh it's white people being insecure!!! no schlomo, it'll happen again too.

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christianity is judaism for gentiles.

Once upon a time the black plague was blamed upon Jews poisoning the water supply. Today it's been recycled by Nazis.

But the black plague was the Jews

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What is strange is Jews have been consistently fucking up nations and cultures for their entire existence and they act like they are being persecuted for no reason.

I mean fuck there is no group who has been more historically hated than the Jews across the fucking board. After a certain point you have to admit that maybe just maybe the Jews are the problem and not everyone else.

Naw Man Kikes really are dating evil. Did you know they actually steal little gentile children and perform gruesome satanic rituals that sometimes involved actual cannibalism.

And now you know why Schlomo bites the foreskin off little baby dicks.

These Jews literally are apart of the Synagogue of Satan.

still better then gypsies

There is way, way more to do with it then that.

>lmao just kill the nuclear family structure so people have to rely on nanny state and bankers to fucking exist and not the other way around what could go wrong

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If you subtract Jewish achievement from "white" achievement - you'll see that non-Jewish whites have barely achieved anything in comparison. Western society wouldn't be anywhere as great as it is without the Jews leading it behind the scenes

cultural marxism

There are some nefarious jews, but non-jews as well.

The jew hate is mostly rationalization and herd mentality

where were you when you realised roger ver is literally jesus?

>t. 105
social cohesion brings improved quality of life for everyone, and leading by example inspires others
there is a vision of god beyond a simple anthropomorphic superhuman, and in upper classes it goes way back (i.e. victor hugo)
it doesn't make one enlightened to see the "lie" in religion if they fail to see the truth in the immense benefits for civilisation to have a common set of positive values easily understood by the majority
most of humanity will always need a helping hand, unless we go full eugenics and breed the next generations to meet 130+ iq averages

an objective look at data doesn't support this claim
"nefarious" jews are overrepresented to an extent unexplainable statistically

Jews are the scum of the earth.


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Christianity was a jewish trick to pacify the romans. People are still falling for it.

>high-level government and corporate are jewish at a rate significantly exceeding their demographics
>countries concerned are failing
>this is wypipo fucking up!!1

Who do you think picks the winners?

>oh vey

Sweden is literally the most cucked country on earth. Where do you think they get all their (((orders))) from? Can't be Swedes themselves because they keep passing laws that are clearly not in their long term interests. Its almost like the kikes who run all the media and cultural outlets have something to do with it.

No you dirty kike. You fuck off.

Spot the Jew.

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KYS jew faggot
Porn is a weapon and has been used in literal warzones
Lmao enjoy your mind aids and lifelong "depression" zombie faggot

Because nordic countries like Sweeden have such good judgement. .............

Only a jew can be this delusional

Read “Culture of Critique”

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Nobel physics prizes
>Before ww2; 5/46 jews
>post ww2 up to 1976; 18/60
>'80,'90; 13/48
>since 2000; 12/44
What a surprise. Despite all the jews getting gassed is ww2 (if only) they manage to get their hand on roughly 30% of nobel physics prizes post ww2 in a world controlled by muh holocaust on one side, and literal jews on the other.
Pre ww2 this was only 10%.

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It translates to "bohoho I'm a sad middle aged bitter man and I need to blame someone for my shitty life"

To continue with the nobel physics prize
>Do not award in '40
>Do not award in '41
>Do not award in '42
>give it to a jew in '43
>give it to a jew in '44
>give it to a jew in '45
What a cohencidence
It would also help if whites weren't discriminated against. Pic related.
3.2-3.39 gpa nigger has a better chance of getting in then a 3.6-3.79 gpa white.
Don't worry about the jews getting mixed up with whites and not getting in though. The ivy leagues are full of (((them)))

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Nice try, Shlomo.

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Used in literal war zones? That's something I wanna learn about

in 2002/4 Israeli forces took over Palestinian TV and displayed nothing but pornography except one channel which was their state news

People complained about lasting psychological damage from it

Porn is the only thing Jews give away for free
Really makes u think, no?

This is correct.