Passive Income Thread

How does Veeky Forums make its passive income?
>crypto and stocks doesn't count

I'll start:
>4 dropshipping sites
>2 affiliate marketing sites
>occasionally repairing friends and colleague's computers
Probably makes me a couple hundred a month.

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Do you understand what passive means?

>a couple hundred a month

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live with my mom i guess she buys me everything now that meme magic doesn't work

does that count?

>a couple hundred
So you aren't very good at any of those things?

is drop shipping really that shit?

Passive means you don't do anything to get it. It's investments like dividends, rental properties, interest etc.

At the moment none, hopefully in future I can invest in managed fund to get 8% growth a year while also starting my own business and having the work done overseas so there is little to no requirement for me do anything unless there is a problem. If I get bored can look for more clients and then am able to work a bit as I choose.

>larp as a girl
>scam retarded NEETs and wagies out of money on top of my neetbux
>comfy $1k a month for no effort

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>do work
>"passive income"
>4 dropshipping sites
>2 affiliate marketing sites
>couple hundred a month
So many wrong things in 1 thread lmao. You'll be forgiven if you tell me that at least your sites are on autopilot.

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lmao my chainlink node will be making a couple thousand a month

explain i want to do the same pls


wait you can do that?

I own a second home that I rent. Generally makes a pretty good passive income since I live in a nice area.

Can you explain dropshipping and affiliate marketing to me?
>inb4 DYOR, that's why I'm here

Yes you can, of course your website quality would plummet since there's no product curating which is why earning only a hundred or so dollars a month WITH 4 [CUATRO (FOUR)] dropshipping websites sounds reasonable

There's no such thing as truly "passive" income. Investing in a managed fund? That takes effort. Starting a business and having the work done overseas as says? You best damn believe that takes effort. Buying an IP to rent? Jesus fucking christ you best damn believe that takes effort.

Each dropshipping site literally took me 3 hours to set up each, and the affiliates took me 2. Got them all up in one day. Only the dropshipping sites require effort which expends roughly 15 minutes every week at most (7 to 8 minutes placing orders for each site). That means I get payed around $200 to $300 per hour for that work.

Would you like to get payed $300 an hour? I would, that's why I do it. It's about as passive as it can get.

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I am planning on setting up nodes in the ChainLink, Enigma, and Graft networks

How do you guys optimise your dropshipping? Ever started a site and made thousands overnight? It's not easy, requires significant effort and is most definitely not passive. A year ago I had a dropshipping site that turned over $2,500 in its first week of launch. That took around a month of research, product vetting, website design and social media campaigning on the cheap (nothing automated).

Share your success stories with dropshipping then, and explain how you did it.

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Passive is when you have a couple of million in the bank and live off the interest.

If you invest 5k each year for 10 years, it's possible to get 2-3k a month on dividends. Pick the right stocks.

I have thousands of random photos up on Adobe Stock. I make absolutely fuck all from my fine art photography I take on purpose and 30% of my income from random garbage I think isn't even good enough to put in my portfolio, because some ad faggot in New York wants my picture of a lighthouse on his Facebook page for boner pills.

I sell books + ebooks on Amazon and on my own website.

Last month I made just about $1000 in passive profit.

Hopefully this year I can get that higher by developing my website's SEO and possibly creating more books.

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>managed fund to get 8% growth a year

Managed funds aren't worth it. They under perform vs index funds.

>be girly male
>don't scam anyone
>cute neets that just want to feel some love give you money anyway
>comfy 1k month with no effort

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Do you write your own books?
Do you ship physical, actual books or is it just dropshipping?
What genre are you in?


I wrote my own books. They are non-fiction, somewhat "technical" guides.

I do none of the shipping. Amazon has a print-on-demand service that prints the book when someone orders it, and ships it automatically. I just collect the profit.

Not gonna share my niche because of reasons.

Nice work man, great stuff.

So you make 3D models and then sell it?

Buy 5k CND for yourself to use. Buy more to sell. If you can get 100k you.made it.

Drop shipping is for brainlets. Just build a brand and distribute cheap Chinese manufactured products, and become a millionaire/billionaire.
When you get big enough you can run your own factories to reduce expenses.

There's a whole world out there of cheap goods sold for huge markups. You just have to be able to beat competitors value propositions.

For example, Titan Fitness sells fitness eauipment for half the price of a competitor called Rogue Fitness. They unironically copy all their designs without batting an eye, while retaining core functionality and have grown significantly in the past few years.

How many ya got?

How did you get started user? I've been thinking about it for years but never knew how to begin

Found cheap amazon products that sell well with big margins
Made a store on shopify

I get around $700 neetbux per month to stay home and do nothing.

Got land? Grow Xmas trees. Super low maintenance.

Larping takes work user.

So drop shipping?

Find cheap Chinese shit on Ali and sell it with your brand/company

you are a gay prostitute or is it online?

I have a few methods currently, affiliate links for my cloud mining and crypto exchange accounts, which compound on top of my cloud mining and trade bots, which all stack together as I usually withdraw cloud mining returns into my exchange wallets and the bots end up using those. Couple grand a month at least without much investment on my end, I have to monitor my bot some to make sure the bags don't get stuck and it's not frozen but other than that couldn't be more passive and doesn't affect my day job.

Couple grand a month can't hurt either. Problem really with this is cloud mining is kind of arse, .1-.2% returns compared to the .4-.7% returns I'm seeing with trade botting but they play nice with each other, trying to weather through the bear.

I make some chump change too with dividend stocks and my normie investments but it's not enough to compete with my crypto gains.

How do you bot trade?

give me the lowdown. whats are the best products to dropship forsomeone just starting out?