Bloomberg: More than 90 percent of American adults don’t own cryptocurrencies

Bloomberg: More than 90 percent of American adults don’t own cryptocurrencies

Crypto hasn't seen a real bubble yet. Yes almost everyone heard of crypto, but only minority invested, and their investments are small. If you accumulate and don't sell low like a retard, you will probably make it. US national debt exceeded $20 trillion for first time and the stock market is due for a crash. More people will lose faith in the financial system and pour a significant amounts of their savings into crypto. Could take years, but it will eventually happen.

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Crypto has seen numerous bubbles. Bitcoin's first bubble was when it went from $1 to $35 before popping and stabilizing around $5. Then it bubbled again and went up past $100, then fell to two figures. Then it bubbled back up past 1k, then fell below. Then shot up to almost 20k, then fell back down. It's probably going to bubble again.

The problem is that it's not necessary going to be BTC that's mass adopted n the end, which is the rub.

>we are early adopters
>also early bag holders

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Theres too many cryptocurrencies. They're inventing new ones every week.
Its all meaningless unless you luck out and invest in the one that survives to mainstream use.


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Dotcom bubble didn't need everybodies money to pop so didn't crypto. Nobody cares about crypto they only want to make money from this as we saw in december when normies fomo'd in.

if crypto goes to 0 I would still be in profit, but I'm not selling because the potential reward is worth it. There were bitcoin bagholders at $1.

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+99% of these coins are pump and dump shitcoins and will disappear. Diversify and allocate more money to high cap coins with good fundamentals.


*it has strong corporate backing (the digital cash group) and will probably moon

my xlm and tron bags are heavy user

I'm sick of people comparing crypto to the internet bubble. It's lazy.

You're tired of lazy comparisons? On the internet?

A "real bubble" fucks up the economy when it pops user. The past ones are baby bubbles.

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Nobody, and I mean NO ONE is running to crypto as a "safe haven" you fucking idiot. NO ONE. Even the Asians who use crypto as a means of capital flight will liquidate in a heartbeat when real shit hits the fan.

Wise the fuck up.




you are new here user,
shes fucked by btc

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BTC's ATH will be around 38k. Not gonna say when.

Accumulate now and don't sell until then. Don't say no one warned you.

Oh, and ETH will be the highest % increase, and that will come much sooner than BTC's true moon.

The real show begins when crypto will dump fiat money.

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i mean this. if someone has $500 in BTC, with $1,000,000 BTC they'll have 50k.
we'll only be in 'late majority' when the majority of WEALTH OF THE WORLD is already stored in BTC

Look up Amelia Wang newfag

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fucking Bloomberg... a shit show fake news ragola

>Overall, only about 8 percent of the U.S. population has invested in digital tokens such as Bitcoin that have dominated headlines for the past year with more than 1,000 percent gains before many of the speculative assets collapsed in price the past few months.

Hm, I guess "only" over 25 million people isn't good enough...

Remember when only 8 percent of Americans owned a microwave oven? A TV? a refrigerator? (each of these was considered too complicated by a large proportion of people at one time.

>The study found that the majority of crypto buyers are Millennials, with more than 17 percent claiming to have holdings, as compared with 8.75 percent of Gen Xers and 2.24 percent of Baby Boomers.

Yeah... so what? Those are the generations which matter.

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38k will be the next peak, but it will only be an interim top. Shits going to 100k



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Ok, but what's the percentage that own:

Mutual funds
Precious metals
Other investment vehicles (excluding houses)

Those will make the crypto numbers a lot more relevant.

>10% of adults hold crypto.
Either this is a grossly exaggerated number or it is over.

How many Americans own beanie babies?


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This. If close to 10% of the population owns a purely speculative asset, its destiny is written



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just because adoption is low doesnt mean valuations are. dont delude yourself thinking youre early today, or even a year ago, crypto and bitcoin especially has been all over msm for over a year now.

at this point you resign yourself to 20-40x gains, or you have to gamble in shitcoins, of which 99% wont even be traded in 2 years

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>has been all over msm for over a year now

yes, but most people don't understand crypto even the minority that owns it. wait until the next economic crisis and you will see.


Reminds me on this video

You're all morons, Crypto is nothing but a pyramid scheme that benefits early adopters. The idea is good but there are too many technical issues with current concensus algos plus the fact that bitcoin can never truely integrate with modern banking so it will be relegated for the use of criminals such as human traffickers and drug dealers. Except people know now that bitcoin transactions are veiwable forever, so actual no one will use bitcoin.

I'md glad that speculative lambomoon fuckbois such as you guys with no undertanding of the underlying tech are getting the shaft and that I sold out at the double top in December.

people literally said the same thing every day since bitcoin had a price

you will choke on fiat and government dick when the stock market collapses

Accually good and true post
>almost everyone heard of crypto
the only thing they heard is that a internet currency skyrocket in price(btc) That is the only thing they have heard. No understanding of the blockchain or the use for crypto currencies

>muh human traffickers and drug dealers
If you really had any understanding of the criminal world you would know that almost no one use crypto for that. Sure people sell drugs on the internet but fiat is the currency used in 90% of the times.
t. criminal thats been heavly involved

Everyone has heard of stocks and bonds yet the majority of people wont invest in them because they are scared. What are the chances you can get them to be magic meme money?

Stop making these shit threads.

>resign yourself to 20-40x gains

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because they need an alternative for their ever inflating fiat, retard.

>resign yourself to 20-40x gains
oh no, how will I ever survive
I've made it if I get a 40x

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>tfw you will never hold enough ripple and walton to marry this qt

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Why is everyone on biz so obsessed with trading cryptocurrency anyway?

Theres so few threads on other investments or business opportunities.

probably less than 2% of americans are invested in pennystocks
your funnytokens are even worse than pennystocks
>institutional money anytime

because most of them require a minimum of skill and work
idiots want to be rich with a few clicks
too late

it drives me nuts, i remember coming here when they first opened Veeky Forums and reading a wide variety of interesting threads.

Stopped visiting for a while and came back to nothing but endless crypto shitposting. Should be a separate board entirely

>we are the early adopters because everyone in the world hasn't dumped their life savings into useless memes yet

Just because it can be done, doesn't mean that it will.

Fuck I wish biz was around during the Dotcom and beanie baby bubbles. I can already imagine bizlets arguing that beanies are plush gold, and that each one will be worth more than a house one day

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>comparing stocks to the superior form of money

Good thing that fiat will die with retarded dinosaurs like you.You will be a joke in history books.

"The study found that the majority of crypto buyers are Millennials, with more than 17 percent claiming to have holdings, as compared with 8.75 percent of Gen Xers and 2.24 percent of Baby Boomers. "

>You will be a joke in history books
projecting this hard

Older generations already got burned on ponzi schemes so they stay away.

so that study says most "investors" are kids who bought in with their lunchmoney?

moar liek older generation are sheep and wouldn't dare touch anything that's beyond their feeble comprehension.

Its more or less obvious which have a purpose and a solid team behind it if you aren't a complete brainlet
Doesn't mean it will fail in the longterm good ideas doesn't equal success
All does shitcoins failing is a good thing unless you are in for abusing the market

older generations lived most of their lives without internet or even computers so its really hard for them to accept "magic internet money" as the only true form of sound money.

younger generations were born in the internet age or lived most of their adult live in it. They weren't conditioned enough to accept fiat and suck government cock.

>only true form of sound money
the delusion

>at this point you resign yourself to 20-40x gains
more like resign yourself to 2x-4x gains in 10 years lel
also shitcoins won't go up 2x-4x very quickly either. Only slow stock market-esque gains ahead. The period of insane gains ended with the January crash.

>believes in fiat
>calls others delusional

I bet you don't even know the attributes of sound money.

It will be much harder for government to sell the fiat scam to post-crypto generations.

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>comaparing literally world defining technology to a stuffed animal

Personally, if I could be elected as president, I would exterminate every single retard and baby boomer like yourself. Anyone over the age of 50-60+ that hasn't had an awakening of common sense by now should just be killed off.

Only 52% of Americans own stocks. What the fuck makes you think more than 10% would buy a digital ponzi currency? lmao

Because last year investing in currencies was the best way to make money in the entire world legally. That hasn't been the case so far this year but thats just the way it is. What would've been the point of talking about anything else in 2017 instead of doing other things you could've just invested in crypto and made more money.

Crypto is obviously in a massive bear market right now but it will recover, whether its next month or next year.

We all want to see them gainz again.
All who invested want so.
We'll just have to wait user.
After we'll make them gainz another investors will pump for gainz and so on.
I believe I will x100 in max 5 years.
Them I'll dump my bags on the next fomoers.

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you would love to use a form of money where the gubberment exactly knows where, for what and what amount you spend on for all eternity don't you?

schizophrenic ancaps

>world defining technology
literally just a public ledger on the internet

>transfer delay:near instant
How fucking old is this image

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>Because last year investing in currencies was the best way to make money in the entire world legally.
Yes, that was a once in human history opportunity. The bubble has now popped. It will NEVER come again. You missed your chance if you didn't have ETH/ANS/XRP/XRB before the bitgrail exit scam etc.

Crypto will NEVER recover to the highs of January. It is OVER.

i don't "believe" in anything poo boy
believing is for people in churches and shitcoinfanclubs
i made a lot of money with btc and eth but don't wear the merchandise
guess with what i bought my appartment?
protipp: it was not btc

We have Monero, and Bitcoin will be getting privacy features too.

heard of lightning? zero-conf transactions?

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If you act so dramatic you're just gonna make your own position look stupid. (certain) Crypto will take off again when the technology is in place, right now it's still an entirely speculative asset besides just being used as a currency.

No crypto will take off. They're all already so overvalued that even if they accomplish every goal on their roadmap the price should still be lower than what it is right now.

Like, let's say ETH implements sharding, PoS, and Plasma. Will the price be higher than now? I doubt it. ETH will go down to double digits again, so it might hit 500 by the time those are implemented.

>i made a lot of money with btc and eth but don't wear the merchandise
>guess with what i bought my appartment?
>protipp: it was not btc

no one expects the fiat scam to die instantly, your generation still have some time left, so we have to put with that.

oh great, i will ask in my bakery if i can pay with monero

>ETH will go down to double digits again

You're seriously deluded.

What's this rich bitch's name again? She did facial abuse to say "f you dad" or some shit didn't she?

>he must be a boomer
i'm 27 you fuckhead
get out of your basement and get some grip on reality

>world defining technology
And all it has to show is cryptokitties and buying drugs.

I don’t think crypto is over, but I do think the easy money is. I’m “stuck” holding an alt coin that I now realize probably won’t appreciate much in value even when the team delivers purely because the bear market is going to stifle it. It’s been a rough awakening. I think my plan is to simply cash it a tiny sum, try to work on a real day job, and just go AFK for year.

nigger, merchant adoption doesn't change the fact that fiat is a scam and bitcoin is sound money.

ETH only got this high because of its use in funding ICOs. Most of those are scams and are going to be regulated out of existence, and (in the US) restricted to people who are already millionaires (registered investors).

>dictatorial powers

Lel, that millennial retardation is on full display.

The fact that you're getting so overemotional when people insult you digital tulips speaks volumes about your position. We get it, you fell for some hype during January and went all in ATH with far more capital than you could afford to lose.