Banyan will be the biggest gainer of 2018

Screen shot this. From this point forward, there will be no bigger gainer than BBN in 2018.

The crypto market bull run is coming, and Banyan entered the market at the perfect time. Big Data on the blockchain will have massive success and prove to be one of the few practical use cases for the technology.

Banyan's team is arguably the best in the entire data industry let a lone blockchain.

Co Founder Kelvin Long - Founder of Union Pay Smart (The big data section of Union Pay)

Half the core team worked in high positions at Union Pay Smart.

Advisory : Zipei Tu - Former Vice President of Alibaba Group and best selling author on big data.

Zhenjun Li - CEO of China Unicom Big Data Company

Daniel Wang - Loopring Founder

Bob Wang - HPB founder

CEO of Banyan David Zhou is on telegram answering questions about once a day. Yesterday, he literally said his first milestone is to 10x and that 100X is possible for early investors if they are successful this year.

These guys are all winners. Banyan will not fail. This is a very powerful blockchain team that should not be underestimated.

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Lost me at chinese

Stay poor forever and ever. Fool.

I don't want you to stay poor. I want you to make it. But you need to expand your thinking.

Let it be known I was here. I’m poor but my small holding will make me rich..ish

I have some of this, hope I'm not getting scammed

Same here.
100$ ===> 130$

Ironicaly my best performing but the most small bag. I knew before the shilling started but went to sleep and it was already x2 when I woke up. Still in profit, will see.

China=Biggest crypto market
You do the math

Got in deep as soon as it listed. The breadcrumbs are out there, do yourself a favor and research this shit:

nice try chinke/ pajeets..good try to sell u r airdrop tokens to bizterds. go back to discord , post same shit tomorrow.

We don't have a discord you fucking idiot.

I don't give a fuck if you buy or not. I am simply asking you to screen shot this to remind yourself of your mistake when EOY comes rolling around.

u guys want buyers for u r free airdrop tokens. want to scam biz . there is tons of projects bleeding. this is another chinke scam coin. 90% owned by team, 10% circ supply for airdrop.

my pf had much better coins than this scam project.

If anyone is a pajeet its fucking you cunt. Look at that spelling

Chinese made with pajeet name for undershirt. I'll pass.

Chinese made and named after the pajeet word for undershirt. I'll pass.

I laughed out loud

This coin is well and truly a piece of shit. It got picked up by a group called 'Wolf Crypto' on telegram. They collectively made it spike x2 and now they are bagholding because their CEO is retarded and said in the official BBN telgram that he wants the coin's value to do a 100x.

Fucking kek- get the fuck out of here.


But people are stupid and this will still probably do a 10x, deepbrainchain style

kek. yes we laugh at u r bag holding this piece of shit

Shut the fuck up Rajesh. You are the joke here.

Chinese made and named after the pajeet word for undershirt. I'll pass.