Im pullig out

Im pullig out
There is no way this shit is going back up again
Im already -30% on my initial investment

Anyone else?

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>there's no way a market will ever recover after a long overdue correction after an unprecedented year of growth
You're an idiot OP

You lack patience and shall suffer regret come EOY.

Buy high sell low.

Never change biz

how cute

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I never even had more than 10k in my bank ever and I let it piss away

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The JUSTING never ends

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wht was going on in your mind when you bought into this scam?

>buys a useless shitcoin in the height of market euphoria
>surprised that he lost his money


I invested in antshares when it spiked to 9$, it tanked to 4$ the next day. I was down over 50% of my initial investment, holding really does pay off

bitch please

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I knew it was all going to crash and I bought what i thought would retain value after extensive research

Don't listen to stupid hodlers, this is going sub 3k and will stay there for a very long time. This was clearly predicted a long while ago here on biz. Those who listened already cashed out. This is probably the last chance to cash out at a reasonable price, if you keep watching you'll lose it all.

Why is the price dropping? The meme pool and transaction amounts is already back to pre 2016 levels. The volume is already back to that too, how you know by looking at the non Asian Exchanges. Bittrex is at 185million daily volume, Poloniex is at 85 million. Binance, okex, bithumb, bitfinex all have way overly manipulated volumes, to keep calling their selves no 1.

>knew it was all going to crash
>didn't sell

I started in Jan last year so im pretty much a pro and evertime it dipped it came back way harder but I guess this was just to high of a market cap, fucking poorfags

>pretty much a pro
>down 60%+
What the fuck are you on about lol

Down 60% on that position still up well over 400% overall

I see, my bad. That being said, investing in Jan 2017 any random idiot could still be up 400%.. Well done anyway m8 wish I started that early too

I'm down over 100k of initial investment money. Stop crying.

How? I can't imagine I'm the only one that steered clear of obvious shitcoins like OPs bags

Bought a good stack of BCH during the coinbase listing hype. Immediately got shit on as the market came down. I've been dollar cost averaging down but even my purchases at 2k and 1500 are down even more. I did manage to buy 50k between $800-740 which was exactly the bottom of the dip a month ago. I have another $40k sitting on gdax for the next dip.

BCH is solid, you fomo'd in like a retard but you'll still get your money back and more eventually.

I wish I had 40k to put into BCH to be quite honest.

Agreed, mistakes were made buying into the coinbase hype. Thought I would make some quick money and got shit on, but I'm a BCH maximalist. 100% of my holdings are BCH. Gonna continue to buy more if it stays low for a while then ride this wave up till 2020 probably.

>I'm down over $100k
>100% of my holdings are in BCH


Well Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin so yeah I agree. I'm 100% BCH too although I only have ~5