4th-Generation Blockchain

Classic biztards still unaware of this. THIS is what we need for true adoption on corporate and institutional level and from that the consumer mass adoption will follow.

It will essentialy made complex data types and data organization possible blockchain (think of relational databases).

Fresh pre-ICO, just out of the oven with upto 35% bonus

Don't miss this niggers, quite possibly the next ETH.

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lol keylogger don't press guys

weak fud

we just had blockchain 3.0 a few weeks ago, is it really time to be calling 4.0 already? also too many colors, makes me think it's just a normie trap, too many ICO scams to make me think this perfect little honeypot isn't just trying to lure me in.

I'm gonna need a firm handshake from the white man in charge of this before even a PENNY of my hard earned cash goes his way!

but i am in voise

are you a boomer kek?

Pedophile symbol

good catch user


This is the real CPChain

>op disappears after you say this
these ico funds will be used for a child porn operation

Do we really need a 4th generation when the first 3 were all as useful as a retarded child?

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because it will make it useful

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Isn’t that logo some sort of fucking pedo man/boy love shit? fuck outta here you degenerate

never heard of it. is this some stupid meme

Pic related.... if the ICO creators are innocent than they should have done more research into logo

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inverted symbols mean the opposite
this is trying to bring down the lou malnatis

ugh, hardly the same. what about this one? is anything that looks like a triangle a degenerate symbol?

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Thanks, bought 100k

pedophiles get the rope first