User, you didn't just lose your life savings in the crash did you? You'll never get a gf being poor!

user, you didn't just lose your life savings in the crash did you? You'll never get a gf being poor!

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>implying I could get a gf even if I was rich

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>i'll never get a GF because I don't want one you stupid cunts BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM

see that kid trying his best to block out all that roastie noise while checking his blockfolio?
that's me about to buy the dip.

my hand feels better than any pussy

Can you give me a devilish handjob?

wouldn't doubt it for a second.

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I can make myself cum with my right hand in under a minute. Sometimes mere seconds. It takes 15, maybe 10 minutes for me to cum inside a pussy bareback. With a condom, impossible for me to cum from pussy.

That girl in center can stinkie my linkie anytime.

$30 Tomax onahole feels 300% better than any vagina I've ever stuck my dick into. It doesn't talk back and if it wears out I can throw it away. Women can't compete.

I see you are a man that enjoy used goods. Any patrician would have picked second left.


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Nah nigga far right makes me wanna impregnate

>tfw still wealthy and can't get a gf

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His digits assure me he has quite the technique.

It's fun cumming inside a woman. Particularly a woman of colour. I like colonizing women of colour and fantasizing about breeding them with a sexy half-white mixed-race daughter. But the worst part is when the woman you are fucking wants you to entertain them afterwards by taking them out to places. Or they talk back and they stop putting out for awhile because they are mad at you. Meanwhile Chad can treat women like shit and get away with it. Chad can get women to fuck him within five minutes of meeting him and he doesn't have to put up with any bullshit.

And in terms of raw pleasure, your own hand feels better than a pussy ever can. And can bring you to climax a lot faster. This is why lots of guys who are accustomed to jacking off have trouble cumming with a real woman. Real women are inferior

Just reminded me of this

Fuck off loser. Take your shitcoin and kys

Good taste.

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Me in the ninja costume.

You sad human

That's not true at all and only applies if you're actively jacking off to porn, then sex doesn't feel as good and feels weird

But if you stop using porn and stop jacking off, and exclusively reaching orgasm during sex, eventually the sex becomes WAY better than any masturbation ever could. WAY better it's not even funny, it's like heaven and your skin touches and her big boobers are all over you and you just want to explode your dick so hard and OH MY FUCKING GOD


Not this r/nofap bullshit. lmao. This has no scientific basis at all. A hand has a much stronger grip than a vagina. A vagina can't provide you with the same amount of friction as a hand


Friction? You think a hand feels the same as a warm wet hole that surrounds every inch of your penis and is specifically designed to give penis pleasure, along with the feeling of a woman's soft skin against your own, plus the psychological knowledge that a woman wants you to cum inside of her?

If you think hand grip compares to that you're a loser virgin

I figured out a long time ago that there's always someone of the opposite sex more desperate than yourself. Always.