Do I see rise inc????

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Comfy with 1700 ICX. I'm all in now. Consolidated all my alts to ICX.

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It's done nothing but stay at the same price range. I don't see it going higher than $3 for awhile and that makes me fucking mad as an ICX holder but what can you do? I will just keep buying

what's your average price?

If you're not buying ICX right now you must be a fat retarded monkey scrotum. Token swap, dApps, serious no-bs team, and Korean backing. I would suck off a dog for more ICX

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Me as fuck. If I wasnt so down on sats id go all in right now from alts. Currently at 50% ICX

That is a nice ass.

Mostly tethered still, but 80% of what left in is ICX

The only thing keeping me from going all in right now is because if BTC dumps again it will break support at 2600ish sats and go down to 1k sats

I am gonna all in at 1.60 which is probably pretty soon. BTC is dipping to 7k at least soon and that's gonna drag ICX into the shitter. I might 50% it and NULS at that point. Gotta see where they're both at.

I would suck off a dog just to feel something again.

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ya you can see a rise in my cock if you know what i mean

Comfy with 50k ICX

75k ICX here. I'm confident about it, but it might be a long wait.

dat ass

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here comes the refugee boat!


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2750 for my first 1k stack and recently 2650

Will put some fiat in and buy more if it goes lower.

I haven't been on Veeky Forums since the conference. Has anything important happened aside from BTC shitting the bed and taking us with it? I kept my tokens on Binance, have they converted yet?

Nope, no token swap yet. Gooks are taking forever.