Bittrex to Delist 82 Tokens

Bittrex to Delist 82 Tokens

Users must withdrawal before 30th of March

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They should have just registered overseas what idiots

They’re straight up stealing coins with broken wallets. Unbelievable.

Is there an agency to contact about this?

No. Crypto is for terrorists.

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Those are all shit coins

OP... you're an idiot.... bittrex is a insider(they know what's coming)... its gonna be the first true crypto - exchange with all regulations, the rest of exchanges will be shut down/banned for the USA citizens ...

RIP Titcoin

theres not a decent coin on that list. good for them.

This OP.

Either Bittrex or Poloinex (because of Goldman Sachs) will be the first regulated exchange

Titcoin the only one I know and that was from randomly searching for stupid coins on cmc.

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>This OP.
>Either Bittrex or Poloinex (because of Goldman Sachs) will be the first regulated exchange
Or gemeni or kracken lol all of the us exchanges are getting strict.

It's definitely going to be Poloniex first.

I want to chop that kike head so bad

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this has nothing to do with bitcoin cash, mong

none of them are even tradable on bittrex. they were taken off the market a while ago

You just made his point of you being a terrorist nice.

I was wondering if they'd do something about those uber low volume coins. I

Why you wouldn't be on Binance from day 1 is beyond me. Stay second class fags

F him and everything he represents

So, I had FUN sitting on there, but it was delisted a while ago and I didn't notice. Is it just lost? I didn't get an email from them or anything.

so this is why google is banning crypto ads. makes a lot of sense now