Tfw when crytocucks will finally be btfo and pc gaming will reign again

>tfw when crytocucks will finally be btfo and pc gaming will reign again.

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kys yourself

Profitability from GPU mining is in the fucking gutter right now. Everyone who bought a massive amount of GPU's to mine is sweating bullets rn.

Honestly, they fucking deserve it. If they were smart they would've just bought video cards and just flip them, rather use to mine literally nothing.

are you kidding?

they're going to sell those gpus for more than they bought them in the worst case scenario

Actually they're just outright fucking retarded, any goy relying on price was in fact mining at a loss the entire time, I saw some of these brainlets on here in absolute denial of this acute fucking autism, truly pathetic if they still haven't realized.

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To who exactly? if profitability drops they will have to sell them under MSRP.

t. sweating bullets

christ user sell them


When supply catches up, no one is going to buy a used gpu because they are 90% likely have been abused by mining.


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When did you buy your cards?
I've already made my money back when I got mine back in late December early January.

If you bought after the insane price spike you are actually a brainlet.

>buying a gpu that has been run on 100% load 24/7.

gpu dip soon lol

I need to buy a new PC in the coming months, when the GTX 2060/70/80 will be out.

If NVIDIA will exponentially increase the price of the new GPU's you will see me on the CNN.

Gpu market will tank with next gen cards releasing at the tail end of the bear market this summer. Good, minercucks should die. Remember to never buy used cards unless you want a nice paperweight.

Good. I've wanted to build a new PC for awhile now, but GPU prices are retarded.

give up gaymers, go buy an xbox because you're never gonna see normal gpu prices again

Nope still making profit

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>gamers would rather have cheap gaming rigs than get rich enough to afford ANY gaming rig
>even if they weren't going to mine, they'd rather crypto die anyway just to spite it

This mindset is alien to me.

Like you'd know

>This mindset is alien to me.

"Crab in a bucket" look it up.

unironically this

I just sold a bunch of 1050tis for more than I bought them for. Essentially mined on them for free. Cry moar.

how the fuck are gamers so poor? building a top tier pc literally takes like 2k, 3k max if you include screens

just get a job for a month

those 1070/1080s bags are gonna get heavy for some miners soon lmao

they can't even get the card in the first place
and secondly, blah blah free market but i wouldn't pay $1000 for old tech that was $500 on release

>hashrate at ATH
>price at ATL
>still making profit
what did he mean by this?

wait a minute... it actually is still profitable:;USD;0.12;1;181;0;a5=855.84;a7=44;a8=1.07;a14=45.27;a20=32.86;a21=3.12;a22=0.66;a23=0.32;a24=514.77;a25=1.08;a27=1.94;a28=4.5

You know what that means bois... time to dump even harder

personally i could spend the 2k if i wanted in a top tier rig

i just dont want to be a pajeet who pays 700 for a gtx1080

if i wanted to pay a premium for old tech i'd buy a console

How is that pajeet?

I used to be this type of gaymer, until I became addicted to crypto. I’m mining alts, and hodling. Nicehash plebs are the only ones crying.

Anyone who isnt some hardcore assclown should just get a ps4 desu. Switch if you got kids. PC gaming fags are delusional about the price, if you want your pc to last you you need to spend 4x what an xbox goes for. Yeah its fun but all the good games require you to put in a full time to be good at because all other pc fags play 25 hours a day.

I've sorted out free electricity and my rig paid for itself. There is NEVER a time that I'm not mining for profit. Even if gpus get cheap I'll still be buying truckloads, provided that ROI time is less than a year. Fear me, gamerfags

>mfw cheap natural gas electricity (6 cents kWh) puts me at 300% profit per day.
>mfw people think mining is dead

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>He thinks the time @ which ROI on cards is shorter than 1 year is likely to continue for more than like two weeks max, as crypto market suffers total price collapse driven by compounding effects of investors & miners pulling out all investments in these shitcoin ponzischemes

bc thats a price only pajeets pay

Miners sell to other miners. Very few PC gamers are willing to buy a burnt out card. Mining has been popular long enough that anyone looking to buy a GPU is gonna be very wary of buying used and will likely just wait to buy direct from a manufacturer.

I mean, the more miners pull out the easier it is to make money off it right? I bought in November and i've already made my profit. 120% and counting....

>be me
>at university
>in university housing
>utility rates are fixed
>my profit is infinite

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I haven't mined since 2014.
Also, many of the most profitable cryptos weren't mineable, so you're barking up the wrong tree. For example, I became a millionaire due to investing in KCS, which experienced parabolic gains within the span of three weeks (and then crashed, but not before I had exited my position with massive profits). KCS isn't mineable because it's a token issued by an exchange which granted users dividends and reduced fees, which drove the price up to ridiculous levels because people thought the exchange was going to be the next big thing.
Also, cellphone manufacturers are driving up the price of memory.

GPUs are undervolted in order to save on elec costs.
Miners will undervolt a GPU to save on their power bill and increase the lifespan of their income-producing assets.
Gamers will overclock their GPU to gain a marginal performance increase when gaming. They will also subject their hardware to more temp change cycles than a miner.

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Retards who know nothing about mining.

When prices drop, miners exit the market and mining becomes more profitable for those that remain. The mining market trends towards equilibrium; no one would mine if it didn't.

I'm a PC gamer and I couldn't care less about GPU prices. It's just the way it is. Deal with it. PoW is going to be here for years, possibly decades. I've made money by mining and flipping graphics cards. If you can't adapt, tough shit.

>expecting people with 300 used gpus to just ""exit"" .

wew laddy.

I outwit bitshits

The people with that many GPUs have access to lower operating costs and will continue to mine. If anything, it's going to be solo miners like people who mined to pay off their GPU who exit first, and they won't be dumping their hardware onto the market.

Theoretically that's how it works, the reality is that there is a huge number of cucks spending $1.50 to mine a $1 coin. Fundamentally the same as genius day trader retards losing money just so they can feel pro


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Up for sale . Special machine will genterate money if you have basics internet and electricity. Think US dollar and Venezuela. And you still think it's too late for crypto ? Don't let the news fool you. Buy all the crypto you can, it will change your life forever.

>I'm a PC gamer and I couldn't care less about GPU prices. It's just the way it is. Deal with it.
No you aren't, stop larping.

Gamers are alone in a dark room. Crying and crying

i like this "mining is dead" narrative because it means more profit for me

gib me back my manchildhood
i'm tired of playing games on gt1030

Holy shit it exists. Thanks user I know this existed but didn't know there was a name for it.

Nice random number you pulled out of your ass. Do you mean to suggest that literally every miner has 300 cards?

>A completely normal and reasonable proposition is larping

Should I take a picture of my 1080ti or myself playing a game on my PC, you absolute brainlet?

So glad you so called "gamers" are getting buttblasted. I'm mining as we speak and I'll continue to push up the prices of GPUs. Suck it.