X100 coins

Some of them are like 95% down from all time high .. Im sure there are coins that are going X100 from now. Have to find the right ones in this bear market and invest wisely

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Veeky Forums and Turtle


XLM 36$ EOY. Meme me.

I would bet in some CryptoNote coins, including (potentially) XMR.


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Lmao top tier shitcoin, I like u

ironically these

BTCP (LOL I'm a holder and I still think it's funny)

Pac is actually going through a revamp and has masternodes, a 100x is not impossible


>3.5 billion market cap (same as XMR) in a pump and dump coin


Stay poor fag.

NXS, once they launch their cube sat, they'll be golden. Even IF it's a single tiny chip floating in space that's for testing, that's quite a cryptofeat

TRX is hella cheap rn, bags is heavy. Ready set go...


Thanks OP, I was looking at all the bad ones and investing poorly. Thanks for setting me straight.

Bazinga because I need to sell it but it's not on any exchange and Pajeet has my money.

Haha no

Except spacechain already did that and you don’t even know what that is

Unironically this.
Undervalued by at least 10x atm