You keep holding coins... I hold vintage computer equipment

I have a room full of old computers parts, cases and monitors.
In 10-15 years this will be worth a fortune.
You can stick to your links and memecoins... I keep it real. I can touch my belongings. These are not numbers in a computer.

First they laugh at you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.
All the people that misunderstood me will regret it.

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this makes me want to go to the thrift stores and buy every old computer I see and check if it has any bitcoin on it with the key in the document folder

awesome brother. I too have a collection of mid 80s - late 90s computer equipment. My dad was a pc nerd when I was young, and kept EVERYthing. What are you best holds?

Out of curiosity, why will it be worth a lot in a few years?

You're holding junk, no offense. These are not like classic cars

I have so many it would take me days to do that
They are generally older
I have an HP 260, several 8086 and 80286, a Pentium Pro and many more.
Its so fucking old!
My stupid dad threw a rare Dos compatible Apple computer because I had too much
Finite supply
Mean of payment
Store of value
Rare items

The only old PC hardware worth holding is pre-NSA opterons

but thats why. most people throw it away so theres not many left. you ever seen the prices of an original mac?


But if the tech is obsolete now isnt it? What would cause people to want old outdated tech? Not trying to argue, i just dont know shit about computers lmao

i have legitimately found bitcoin on used hard drives i buy wholesale from a neet friend of mine

the only thing of value is the gold in the CPU's

Because what said; it won't.
I have an old tandy laptop and a 386 but no one will want that shit unless you track down John Titor or some rich Silicon Valley faggot who absolutely must have one.
Maybe there will be a few pieces of pc hardware that are worth a lot for some reason in the future but as opposed to a classic car which is still kind of fun to drive, you are just going to have an old piece of shit which runs boring stuff slowly and could be easier done with an emulator.
This thread is making me wish we didn't have ids so I could carry on ops funpost though.

Sorry brah if it isn't IBM 5100 then you are keeping a junk.

Bullshit. How much?

I have 100 cd roms of classic games and programs for Windows CE. Wonder if they're worth anything. Not a bad idea at all to keep all this old pc stuff. I got two NES's that need new 72 pins. Show your grandkids in 30 years this shit lol

Weak FUD
It has only steadily increased in value

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HX chpset
2nd gen, supports 512 Mb of RAM and multiple processors
A true jewel

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The room

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Anyone remember DFI?

god speed user

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do you have an estimated melt value for the whole lot?

Buy ham radios.

There's always some jack ass that will buy a 30 year old outdated broken ham radio covered in dust and melted candy for much more than it is worth.

I dont have an inventory
I already have too much.
I have limited space. My parents dont understand me.
My fateher dumped a 286 and my mother dumped a monochrome monitor (the only one I found)

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You know they manufactured 10's of millions of these things right?

It's a nice thing to do. What high end 'enthusiast' motherboards do you have?

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ill bump it for you

That stuff is worthless and will remain worthless. Please say this is an elaborate troll.

theres tons of these online from before 20 years that are sold for like 5 dollars averge lmao
theyre not rare or vintage enough and never will

Oh fuck what is this

I'll give you .o3 Bleachcoin for the whole lot

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OP strikes me as a possible meth addict

there's a bunch of ancient shit on fleabay. You'll see 486 motherboards and stuff listed for $200. "completed auctions" usually has em selling for something closer to thirty bucks though, which is what you'd expect if there's a small hobbyist market and lots of people who think incorrectly that they've stumbled upon a goldmine because they can call something "vintage".


I know a guy like OP in real life. Absolutely convinced that his pile of useless early 90s junk is going to be worth a fortune someday.

Show any evidence of it increasing in value.

>Finite supply
>Rare items

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user, 3d printing is going to make your hobby worthless in 10 years

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Shitty computers will not be worth any money

I have and old macbook classic or something like that and it's worth around 150$ more or less.
I was really surprised when I found that out.

I'd like to raise a point fellow anons: Is it ok to say that old computers have an intrinsic value too because of the metals (including gold) that are in the various parts of it? That applies also to old cellphones etc

>i have no money for new pc so i keep all the old ones just in case
yeah nah, this trash is worthless

Hodling old computer hardware is retarded. It doesn't appreciate that much in value. Right now I can get an apple 2E on ebay for 300 bucks. That's not even taking into account capacitors and batteries exploding and wrecking your shit and tin whiskers.

oh man Matrox... the memories... that was the shit back then

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I'm in a similar position to OP. I own a scrap yard and we mainly deal in non-ferrous metals but I've started branching off into WEEE scrap.

The price of the motherboards are upwards of £6-10 per kilo whilst some of the older ceramic processors can be up to £90 per kilo and RAM £15-25 per kilo.

Its a side project at the moment but I must have over 1000 computers to be stripped down, might be worth checking the hard drives for wallets...

Yes but taking the gold is a pain in the ass.

Sure thing champ. I bet they write their wallet passwords on the back of them for you too.

Its not as difficult as you might think as you don't have to physically extract the gold, you just have to strip down the parts. Motherboards, processors, RAM, videos cards etc.

Don't get me wrong, if you had the means to extract the gold you would certainly get more money, but the prices are pretty good for the components per kilo.

>she is the most powerful

Look closer.

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I've got a bunch of old Coleco vision, atari 2600 carts, and Sega genisis carts. They worth anything?

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Some genesis games are worth a fair bit, pic related

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Yea that sounds better , I just know some stories about people trying to extract the gold with asids, being a pain and having impact on thir health

yeah right
he didnt' even answer the question, he just made a list of buzz words

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