Detroit Comeback

They say that Detroit is making a huge comeback and is gentrifying. When are you moving in?

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We dont take kindly to fucking fags in this town.

black people from the hood actually love to fuck transgenders probably just broke his heart by cheating on him

>Detroit blacks taking a firm stand against modern degeneracy

I'm actually a leaf from Windsor.... bordered with Detroit .... (Don't live there anymore)

Two nigs tried to rape a "girl" they found walking alone at night. Turns out it's a man. Do it anyway and then beat "her" because somehow in their monkey brains this makes it not gay.

I'm already here nigga. Come get rekt.

Yeah, I'm thinking they're back

makes sense to me

gun ban cant come fast enough
2018 might be the most dangerous time to live in the states right now

Curb stomp yourself

I'm so confused. A "transgender woman" . is that just a man wearing wig or is it a female dressed as a any case why aren't they just gay?

When the city is taken over by a conglomerate.

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Unironically kys projecting faggot
You gentrifying scumbags brought this fuckery in and we are pushing it back out...dont worry you'll be next if you start acting like a faggot publicly too

seriously tho thats definitely some white faggot that did this

>.in any case why aren't they just gay?
As someone who might be trans, I can try to explain why it's just not that simple.

I am bisexual. But when I fantasize about guys (and as far as guys go, I only like black guys), in the fantasy I'm a sexy coal burning roastie. I had the opportunity to fool around with a black male stripper as my gay friend took me to a male strip club. And I backed out of even getting a lap dance because it weirded me out. I wanted to see the girls in the audience suck his dick though. And I fantasized about being one of the girls in the audience sucking his dick.

For some people, they are more aroused at the idea of being a dirty slut than being with a dude. I've cybered with women online while pretending to be a woman and that turned me on as well. But I want to be a roastie whore thot for Tyrone and Jamal.

Always makes me bust a gut when lefties get btfo for gentrification right after making a huge post on normiebook about why they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Shoot yourself. Actually nvm I'm sure someone else will do it eventually.

true. so many down low negros

That's a lot of bait you putting out there.

In any case LGBTQFSASLBT are all just mentally ill degenerates.

It isn't, only Woodward Avenue is. Everything off it is falling to bits. Specifically the area which matters is the part around the Amtrak station, because that's where commuters from Ann Arbor and business people from Chicago get in and out.

The rest of the city is lost, nobody wants it. Let it die.

Not bait. I have watched interracial porn for over 10 years. And I have fantasized about being a sexy roastie getting fucked by niggers for at least 8 years

Detroit has tried to do that multiple times, no dice. No sane company would buy the city because then they'd have to pay to dismantle or repair utilities and roads while digging out 2-3 inches of dirt everywhere because everything is brownfield land.

The city has no future, other than it's population slipping under 100k within our lifetimes and Michigan stepping in to clean everything up. Everything around the main avenues will remain, because even now the city can maintain the roads and utilities there, but everything else is slowly eroding away. Eventually "detriot" will just be this strip of vacant land between the suburbs to the west and the river. A nice place for a picnic, if it wasn't for the occasional bits of broken glass everywhere.

lol wtf is up with using a hunting rifle

And even if you think I'm mentally ill for my sexual orientation, why does it bother you so much what two consenting adults do with each other?

it's clearly some sort of 22, a cheap gun that can be had very easily

wow, a nigger behaving violently

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It already is. Quicken Loans runs and operates Detroit. Most companies are either subsidiaries or work with Quicken. Dan Gilbert is the man to bring white people back in to the city and force blacks out through high real estate prices.

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And yet the Republicans are pro-life. If black women had easier access to abortions, less murderous niggers would be born. Addition by subtraction.

>a whiteboy triggered by faggot shit not being ok
>a faggot

wow i can't believe it. enjoy your sissy fantasies

/pol/ should really try to exploit the faggot/nigger divide

faggots are disgusting
where we disagree is your jump to violence

This same thing with degenerate Muslims. Just because we're against feminists dosen't mean we want to beat and rape women.

people are free to do whatever makes them happy but it is important to recognize transgenderism for what it currently is: dysphoria and disorder

You have autogynephilia which is not transgenderism, it's transtrenderism

Detroit has tons of Muzzies

My motivation is not transtrenderism. Transtrenderism implies that I identify as trans because it's "cool". No, I just want to be a dirty white slut for big black cocks. It's really just that simple. It has nothing to do with following trends. I just want to be a sexy trashy coal burning white thot


It's not about fags or gays........they were touched by a relative and it sticks with them for the rest of their life. They Will always be OutKast

that's nasty

even an actual male untainted by surgery and hormones would be better

Did I trigger you /pol/ack? You /pol/acks LARP as being Chads 24/7. When really you are pathetic beta male white cucks who can't get laid and live in your parents' basement jacking off to Chinese cartoons. There was an article about a report that most alt-right posters lost their virginity after the age of 26. This is why you whine about Tyrone fucking your women 24/7 on /pol/. Real Chads are not sexually threatened by black men, the BBC, etc.

As an /r9gay/, I know my place in the pecking order as an autistic beta male manlet. /pol/ continues to live in fantasy land. Where neo-nazis are all Aryan Superman Chads like this Chad hunk in The Man in the High Castle. In 2018, no Chad would ever whine about Tyrone fucking his girl. Because Chad gets so much pussy that he never has to worry about Tyrone fucking his girl. I would have been better off being born a Stacy. Even Chad/Tyrone has to put some work in to get laid. Stacy gets cock as easy as ordering a pizza through an app.

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I'd do the same in that situation if I'm being honest

Becaus the nigs need to go back to africa and instead of exposing them as the subhuman filth they are you're capitulating to them and making them feel superior. Either way you're a fag ruining the traditional family, but you're doubly bad for also boosting the niggers' self esteem. Penises go in vaginas. Assholes squeeze out shit. Anything else is degeneracy.

Lol. You do you. I still think you should be gassed though.

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>someone had thoughts like this and wrote this and posted it

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>muh degeneracy
Said only by cucks who don't get to enjoy the debauchery that Chad and (yes) Tyrone get to enjoy.

>Lol. You do you. I still think you should be gassed though.
too bad for you that you LARPing alt-right cucks will never be able to bring real fascism into America. Germany had real battle-hardened Aryan Supermen. Modern neo-nazis are genetic trash.

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>get to enjoy
No, I choose not to do that shit you fucking faggot. I don't even fuck bar sluts because sex means too much for that. Have fun just being a living piece of fuckmeat for literal wild apes though. Just don't cry when your prolapsed anus is can fit a grapefruit in there and you need a colostomy bag though.

daily reminder that your alt-right darling Aryan goddess Lauren Southern is a BBC whore

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>he did it again
>he wont stop defending his urges for black cock
>he can't determine his gender but he thinks we should pay attention to his opinion

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I'm renting a place on the Cass Corridor while I start digging into my MFA at Wayne, rent is constantly rising down here thanks to the million hipsters who moved in after the Detroit craze started in like 2010, but luckily my masters program is subsidized.

Things have massively improved in pockets like this or Indian Village. I lived in the same area when I was a kid and there were usual homeless people sleeping on our front door, now they're gone and replaced with yuppies like me. Outside of these pockets the city is still more or less a wasteland, money is starting to come in but the city just doesn't have the infrastructure to support any true growth. Everything, from transportation to education to even fucking electric is fundamentally broken and propped up by band-aid solutions thanks to a generation of Kilpatrick (nigger) policy making. Downtown and here almost resemble a functional urban setting, but they are drops in the bucket of shit that is this city. My roots are here and I'm staying until it burns down, but there needs to be some serious restructuring before anything will really change. Quicken Loans owning 2/3 of the city is beneficial, but they also fucking love doing real estate pump and dumps all over the place and sacrificing any growth potential for quick capital.

This thread needs to be nuked.

You are beyond retarded if you actually think this is true.

detroit reporting... these nogs are prob just tired of the infestation of trans trying to fool them. they pull up to a girl working at find out it has a penis over 8 out of 10 times. i actually hope all these trans fags will just move down to toledo or somewhere else they are accepted and gtfo.

How do I long Detroit housing?
Is there an ETF?


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trust them, they will repay.

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As a practicing clinical psychologist it’s irritating how many people throw around phrases like “mentally ill” while being totally ignorant about what constitutes a mental illness and what sort of criteria they’d have to meet. It’s almost never used in a medical sense, I find people use it the same way some tribesman would throw around the label “demon” or “witch” to refer to non-conformists, it’s just that people are appropriating medical terminology instead of religious ones to communicate the same primitive notions.

it's the other way around. medical naming draws from popular naming by necessity and appropriates it for their own ends.

You see those labels in the way they were/are used normally.

In my language we call it pseudo-psychologicalisation, and the majority of patients do it so I don't get why it vexes you so much.
If you're actually a clinical psychologist you should be used to it, just realise that you should treat every Veeky Forums poster as an ASD patient.

>practicing clinical psychologist
>follow protocols or get sued

Meh, psychologists with a working brain are few and far between. The formal definition of 'mentally ill' has little to do with academia and is mainly the result of negotiations/agreements between pharma and insurance companies.

>appropriating ...


This as well.

Psychiatry 101 is that every term in the DSM-5 denotes an artificial construct encompassing a very wide range of clinical phenotypes, that we only used to practice evidenced based medicine on something as elusive as diseases of the mind.
Their definitions change constantly. I know most psychologists have never seen a DSM-5. Most clinical psychologists broadly know its contents, but haven't truly mastered them.

>The formal definition of 'mentally ill' has little to do with academia and is mainly the result of negotiations/agreements between pharma and insurance companies.
Easy with the tinfoil there, fella.
No sane psychiatrist would ever diagnose someone unless he asks for it, with the notable exception of people who are an acute danger to others or themselves.

If you ever want to get help for a serious mental illness just make sure you get to see a psychiatrist and not a psychologist for your diagnosis.

>Easy with the tinfoil there, fella.
True, diagnosis and treatment of 'mental illness' in all its forms is not at all a multibillion dollar industry, no sirree. Surely insurance companies don't care about this trivial little issue enough to try and exert influence. Same with pharma, their stuff is practically free amirite, why would they bother meddling in such an obviously irrelevant market.

Let me guess, you are a clinical psychologist?
No surprises here.

Porn addiction, the post.

Guns are already banned in detroit you fucking red coat

I'm not a clinical psychologist, have you read my posts at all?

Of course it's a large industry, that doesn't make it conspiracy.
If you think psychiatric illnesses are made up you should try visiting an institution.

I love how people and especially /pol/ always thinks everything they don't exactly understand is one big conspiracy. It's sort of a folie à plusieurs.
Must be so great to be a /pol/tard and think the world to be so exciting. The only annoying thing about them is their misplaced sense of superiority or their sense of being "red-pilled", a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

my idea of detroit

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Fuck up faggot, they try to make us sick to profit off us. You're deluded if you don't realise this.

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why is it that any time of day, any day I come to Veeky Forums
I can find you ranting about /pol/ being cucked by jamal and tyrone?
fucking kek you joke
world class autism on display