It's heeeeerrrreeeee

it's heeeeerrrreeeee

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How's your portfolio lookin

is that the "miner" that doesn't actually mine the premined skycoin?

No fucking stickers. WHERE ARE MY STICKERS?

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shitbait is shit. Calling it a miner was a semantics fuck up. It's a very necessary part of the skywire. There has to be a node where information can be transferred from one person to another and people aren't going to tax their computer resources for free so the coins are to act as incentive to be the computing power. The coins are used as currency to use the web to cut down on overuse/spamming.

Laziest FUD I've ever read.

I'm so jelly. I'm going to build me own but I'd like to be a part of history so I could say I bought their first model.

will post more when i build it next week


i really think youll see these first gens in museums someday

They made you pay 10k for a $500 "miner" for a premined coin. It doesn't matter if you say "well, sure, it doesn't mine but...", These kind of tactics from Skycoin are shady at best and raise all kinds of red flags.

no shadier than an ICO

Nice antminer

OP is a dumb nigger

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I just realized it’s basically fucking this lmfao, bitmain ripoff.

Youuuuurrreeee queeeeeeeeeeeeeerr




I didn't pay shit you brainlet I'm not OP.

You can make a skywire host machine yourself without having to pay for the device through skywire. This is the most boring buzzfeed type of FUD circulating about skycoin. At least get your facts right and be challenging.

If I had the money I would absolutely buy their machine and the exchanged coin without selling it back for bitcoin. I believe in the project more than any other project on the market.

It's the next logical step of the internet, it needs to happen and frankly if these jew ISP's were actually interested in staying relevant/ahead of the curve instead of resting on their laurels and protecting their shit tier delivery of the internet it would have already started happening 10 years ago.

Enjoy being poor.

i dont think you know what youre talking about

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incase you guys really like to make money, im comfy af in
pulled all outta skycoin because i saw it crashing, i got cucked into buying it, but i made it all back and more in powh these past 2 weeks

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Definitly legit!

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>Shows some faggot who's invested into a particular coin
>This somehow represents the coin

You're such a fucking faggot, holy shit.

Hahahhaha so salty


When will we be able to actually "mine" skycoin if we build our own skyminer?

Skywire is supposed to go live this year.

>Enjoy being poor.
Ah yes, the "enjoy being poor" rebuttal.

>Ah yes, the "enjoy being poor" conclusion.


The entire post was my rebuttal to your poorly thought out argument you brainlet.

they didnt make anyone do anything. there is a year long waiting list for these bc the community believes in the project and 1,000s of people making DIY miners including myself. Miner is just the term bc its easier to market and describe than a skywire node cluster bc each miner has 8 nodes.

This nigger is clearly a paid shill, why would he be promoting it this hard without actual affiliation? You're fuckin pissed you investing in a scam

Also, is there any value in building more than one miner?

testnet is supossedly running on small scale already but will white list DIY miners in the hopefully in the next 2-4 months if everything runs smoothly

It's only like $600 to build a miner. People invest more than that in scamcoins, so why not build a skyminer instead?

obvious trolls being obvious to create fud and drive price down. its already scheduled to get listed on major exchanges so groups are creating fud and driving price down to accumulate. this is known and their subreddit was spammed w bots for the same reason a few weeks ago

>why would he be promoting it this hard without actual affiliation?
>You're fuckin pissed you investing in a scam

Jesus christ this FUDDER doesn't even know what to say. It sounds like he was paid to fud if anyone was paid to fulfill an agenda.

Says I'm a paid shill, then in the next breath he says I'm an investor. Which one is it? You brain-dead piece of shit.

I'll give you a hint, I've only given money to skycoin. I sure as hell don't need to be paid to correct lies and inaccurate information about a project I believe in and am passionate about.

A better question might be what difference is it to you that I'm correcting inaccuracies and bad fud?

Shit, the videos you posted are downright lazy.

>collect 150 million for a vaporware whitepaper
"this is fine"
>collect money by overcharging for hardware then reimbursing people in your tokens

>collect 150 million for a vaporware whitepaper
>"this is fine"

This guy is too smart for us. Never been a coin with a whitepaper that's turned out to be a scam. Whitepapers are very important guys. Not thousands of hours of github data, just a whitepaper.

>collect money by overcharging for hardware >then reimbursing people in your tokens

1) Can make your own hardware for the cost of parts.
2) Even if you decide you want to buy their machine you can literally exchange the coins as soon as you get them back into bitcoin or whatever else you want. They need to get a bunch of coins on the market fairly and there isn't a better way then to repay the people who want to invest.

Are you faggots even trying?

>literally getting this mad


Who can I pay to FUD this coin 24/7

>buying a literal scam


You made it, OP

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is it like a seperate internet completely isolated from the regular internet? like people have to build all the websites on it from scratch now?

no, synth said in one of the interviews that you can connect to the normal web