I know women well. Can I help?

Hi there Veeky Forumslets

I happen to be a guy who was into BDSM and basically it was my thing to mow down women psychologically by making them cum over and over till their minds and chemistry is reset. Say a woman who has been divorced and hasnt had a man in years, it can help them cope with life. Or even young girls that just need it a lot.

I have a special insight into the female's brain. I get threesomes easily with no effort, my wife is very hot and asian, and Its not like im Beckham here or anything, im alright, but Im sure many of you are more handsome than me.

Im happy to give some life-sex-relationships coaching for socially awkard crypto dudes. Im into crypto and I have met some dudes around that omg, what a bunch of betas that cant direct themselves to a woman. Threads the sort of "how much for this type of woman" or "i never kissed a woman" and things like that. I want to help, I want to offer some advice.
Best would be for me to make coaching lessons over videocall somehow, with my wife next to me if need be.

ProTip: Yes, just fucking go and tell her she is cute, that she can trust you, make sure you got something to talk about not her or you, and that you cannot wait to sink your head between her legs.

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hansum man i wuv you wong time

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We crashing now come back tomorrow

Nah. No streetmeat allowed

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I'm afraid giving a female a the sloppy leads to throat cancer. Surely their is an alternative?

>Yes, just fucking go and tell her she is cute, that she can trust you, make sure you got something to talk about not her or you, and that you cannot wait to sink your head between her legs.
Doesn't work if you are ugly

aight not sure what to ask but would love to hear more of this highly detailed larp
also >dat angle tho

Pretty sure /r9k/ would be more interested, this isn't business related just because you slapped the word crypto somewhere

It does man. Also what are you hitting for? Is she like way out of your lead? Maybe start lower a bit. But definetly definetly, girls DONT GIVE A FUCK about your money. Do not flash it, but be smart with it. Allow things to happen thanks to your money, such as trips, or invite her to something SHE LIKES. Whatever is her favourite restaurant bring her there, but dont flash your money, always keep your money lowkey. Focus on asking her about her life, what hobbies and interests you share. If you are interesting enough, she will look past your physique. All I can say is, if you like playing videogames, great! play with her. But play stuff you both enjoy. My biggest suggestion for the BEST videogame to play on a date is Overcooked. Oh man, we got threesomes and foursomes started often because of that game. My wife is bi so sometimes some girlfriend of her over.

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well man, is not like this board doesnt need help lol

>But definetly definetly, girls DONT GIVE A FUCK about your money.
I know that part. Anyway, no girl has ever been interested in me. The closest thing I ever had to a relationship was a girl leading me in back in college.

Have you actively tried to be her friend first?

I know this im going to say many guys will refuse to believe or even acknowledge. But you see, if you are not her first her friend, she will never want to be more. Unless is a Tinder match or sth of the sort, which leads to low quality sex. The kind of sex I stopped having when I was like 17 lol. First you got to be her friend, confidence and trust ARE A THING. Be her friend first, but dont auto friendzone yourself. Keep the manliness, and specially, treat her as one more of the group. make her feel integrated. Thats is a such a common thing, dudes wth dudes, girls with girls, but you see, we want is to mix ourselves, get naked, and fuck.

Ill keep posting rare vietnamese cuties...

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Well, that was like 6-7 years ago, but we just shared a social circle and she was really physical towards me. But, as it turned out, she just likes to do that sort of thing. I mean, she literally told me later she was just leading me on for laughs because she eventually came to feel bad about the whole thing.

Also I don't really have any friends any more since I finished grad school, everyone I know has moved various places across the country.

Tips on threeways? My gf is down to try but I’m not sure where you find the other girl. Don’t mind approaching and getting shot down myself but I don’t want her to see me get rejected

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Right. No good then, if she is playing with you then fuck her. Not all women are worth it, thats for sure.
What hobbies and interestests do you have apart from, let me guess, computers and crypto.

Join whatever groups in your area are doing stuff you enjoy. You will find women there. As much as possible try exploring those hobbies that are not so male-exclusive. Maybe some sports, hiking, film groups or whatever, as long as its balanced genderwise.
Half of the women go to those things for the same reason man, they just want to find a man but dont like meat markets like Tinder. Either because they feel unconfident about themselves or because they look for something else in a man, not just looks and bullshit.

ProTip: Most women feel so unconfident about their own beauty man... take pictures of her, make her feel beautiful, remind her how beautiful she is. YES, GET CHEESY. They fucking love it, its funny, its childish but fun for both. Just get cheesy with her.

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i can't even get my wife to have sex with me it's been two months.

>Also I don't really have any friends any more since I finished grad school, everyone I know has moved various places across the country.
Me too user

Go flirt girls WITH her. Part of it is the flirting part. Its a thrill for a girl to get approached by 2 people :))) on the other hand, I got them mostly from the therapy stuff I was doing, so we have this circle of friends now. But basically, just go out with your gf, and flirt other girls, WITH your gf. Also, threesomes DO NEED dick skill my mate. You gotta be able to handle that shit.

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Get hard, hard as fuck. Go to your wife, strip her off her clothes. Tie her down to a chair, legs open. Bondage, but u just need practical bondage. Lick her, toy her, vibrators dildos whatever, just plasure her. Till she cums, When she is done, you tell her you are done. AHHH but no, oh you are not so done right? Rinse and repeat, till she cant cum more. Then you turn her around, and fuck her raw with her sore pussy.
Next time she will think twice before refusing sex with you. But do it, bring her to her limit, make her cum countless times till she is a raisin.

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you get threesomes and foursomes started because of a cooking game?

this is top tier larping lmfao

Meh ill play along.

All I really want is a girl to act sweetly towards me, and for her to really care about me. Ofc i dont mind getting physical or anything i just really am not interested in actual sex. I have peculiar and unsatisfiable taste anyways. Thats not a big deal really. Ill say it here just because we're all anonymous here but anime really has destroyed my mind i think.

Am i asking for too much? I am a rather quiet person who has a hard time expressing how I feel about things.

Its just too much embarrassment to state a opinion!

Sigh, mods asleep again.

No interests or hobbies really, I haven't been doing much since I graduated outside of work. It feels weird to try to go find and join some sports or hiking group, like the idea that anyone would voluntarily want you to just show up at their sporting event is one I have a hard time entertaining. I feel like if you don't have a solid social circle locked down by the time you finish college you basically can't fix it. Like, I'm 26 and life already feels over.

Thanks bro

Dick is fine

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Yeah well, that cooking game gets people hyped, and team playing. Its such an icebreaker. + beers +weed +maybe half modafinil
woah, yeah fuck yeah.
Sometimes we play games like, whoever makes us lose the level, gets played and toyed with by 2 people. For realz :)

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No dude, just try it! Just go and join them. You got to fucking get off your ass and go. Lazy bastard, move! get girls! and fuck!

Come to Asia.

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Regarding anime and hentai. My wife is full on into hentai man. Girls like it too.
She absolutely loves cosplay for me, act hentai wtih me. She loves screaming like girls in hentai and more. You think asian girls are not into that shit? Oh man :))))) Even better when you are a 6ft euro bloke with tons of cum coming out of a dick that looks like those ones in the same hentai they watch. Go to cosplay events in Asian, you will find what you are looking for....

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its not even that, now that i think about it its more that i enjoy the interaction with a attractive girl more than visceral things

pornography always does that better anyways from what i can see

thanks anyways

fucking KEK

>get girls! and fuck!
Dude, I'm so ugly even fat girls I knew ridiculed the idea of anyone ever being interested in me. I guess I would at least make some new friends if I went out and joined random meetup groups or whatever but my face is a dumpster fire. Romance is just not something that will ever happen for me, I accepted that much. Maybe if I get plastic surgery...

Learn how to please pussy. Become a darklord of pussy skills

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