Give me one good reason why you can order a pizza and have it arrive within the hour...

Give me one good reason why you can order a pizza and have it arrive within the hour, but when I order a doll from Amazon it takes 2 weeks?

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Economies of scale

there's no daily demand for your dolls like there is for pizza

Because they don't make the doll in an oven, down the street. But soon, Amazon will. So you can have your dolls almost instantly, you fucking pervert.

That's their goal.

Looks like the worst pizza in the world.

yeah but the pizza has to be cooked and then delivered, that amount of effort should be used to pick up the already constructed doll and take it to my house right this instant, I want it on my bedside NOW

because the margins on pizza are crazy high, the margins on amazon is almost nothing.

Are you fucking retarded?

>already constructed doll
Do you think there's really just a warehouse full of dolls reserved for people like you who may or may not order it in the future? They make that shit on an on demand basis.

you may be on to something.

how about a frozen sex doll and you can bake in the oven so it can be warm to fuck?
the doll would be make out of a cellulite type based mold that feels like skin. kinda like how dough rubbed with flower can feel like real skin. it will be warm to body temperature, the packet contains a bio degradable wig, talcum based powder and lube.
coming out of the oven it looks like a mold thats in a fetal position and you cut along the lines to release the feelt and arms. its lasts a few hours before getting hard and brittle.

You have to go back

Why don't you just fuck a pizza?

More like
>Give me one good reason why you can order a pizza and have it arrive within the hour, but when I buy some bitcoin from Coinbase it takes 2 weeks?

Because the pizza isn't sitting in a warehouse in Japan before you order it.

fuck you.

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anyone can fuck a pizza. you buy my shit because you cant fuck a girl.

my question has been answered, your service is not required

>your service is not required
you obviously need service if you are here asking about sex dolls.

i-its not a sex doll, its plushies of my raibus

what a travesty of a thread
ya'll need jesus

Stop being a poorfag and get prime

are those even legal? should op be reported?

>dolls are within such high demand that people demand them with the hour
They're not

That's because it's Little Caesar's. They are the best value, but the worst quality.

$5 for a large is an amazing price but you end up with cardboard tier pizza.

pfffffffhhahaha ledgen mate. the willy wonka of fucktoys, I am waiting to see you pull it off.
Actually I want to help. Lets start a company from biz with the goal to make catgirls real

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some chink has to make the doll first

As soon as there are fast, high quality industrial 3D printers, everything will be available quickly for a fee. Probably even delivered. Right now it's just easier to make pizza than to make whatever else you happen to want.

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This is how CPChain started their chain.

They couldn't get "cheese""pizza" fast enough.

>what is scale?

Because you can't compare the entirety of the pizza delivery business, in all of its scale, distribution, and total logistical capability to a single online retailer with no such production, transportation & storage infrastructure.

this is how far we've come

I believe in you user

My fucking sides, got my recommended daily allowance of laughing, thanks OP you freak pervert

If you make an ICO i'll invest in it