Does biz hate money? every few mins im reinvesting my dividends. they just keep coming and the dividends keep coming...

does biz hate money? every few mins im reinvesting my dividends. they just keep coming and the dividends keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming, and they keep coming

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Five dollars damn OP soon I'll be able to buy a soda pop at the kinoplex.

100$ investment, instant dividends everytime someone buys or sells from contact. 30% masternode bonus, is there any other place i can put 100$ and get 5$ dividends several times a day? please tell me sir

Give it a break op, biz is having fun losing their minds and getting liquidated while the bogdanovs dump on them.
No1 here actually wants to make money, I been posting this chart for few days now every day.... watch the growth it’s not just a meme

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how the fuck do i do that?? I have so much money but I've been loosing since january

Referral links are not masternodes, Pajeet.

go to
get yourself some ether in metamask,
and buy urself some tokens then when you have more then 5+ you get a masternode, and buy more tokens this way you getting 30% masternode bonus, then you have few options to make money,

one you can trade and sell when its high, and buy when its low,
or you can wait and make dividends from traders,
or you can wait for phase 2 where you can trade on the futures,
or you can tell others about this with your masternode and get 30% bonus,

theres so many ways to make money on this its insane,

what are you talking about? you honestly must hate money? or do you just not understand how smart contracts on ethereum work? do some diligence and research before you even try to weak fud, unless your accumulating, but then go get more money dont waste ur time here. its not time to be cheap right now. its all in or gtfo


You're trying too hard pajeet

im just sitting comfy with some dividends, just woke up and saw i made so much, thought i might share it with biz today, i share it everyday, maybe someone will learn and make some money, and ill have good karma my way for teaching biz early.

if your not interested, plz come take a look tmrw, or the day after, ill still be here with my daily morning coffee, and my daily bread to teach you to make real money while everyone else is either bleeding out or posting pink wojacks. like i dont even have pink wojacks in my meme folders, its all green and all graphs

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You are "investing" in the same shit big mouth nigger is. Let that sink in.

I don't understand how people keep investing in literal ponzi schemes.

im not investing, im investing in this nigger to get other niggers to buy and get other niggers to buy, oh and some of those niggers to sell, and maybe cause other niggers to sell, and maybe cause them to buy again.

thats what im investing in,
let that sink in for a moment

btw im not racist, wether it be nigger gook whitebread, w.e. u want to call it.

im investing in the future smart contract
dividends safely snek bonus 30% masternode,

also its btfo

so come back tmrw, or come back everyday and take notes,

btw craig is the man, and so is trevon,
bless up craig,
bless up trevon,
bless up

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Good to see you are admitting to being an actual retard.

I give it a month before YouTube niggers have so many referrals that's it's impossible to make money on

If he wasn't going to take most of the money he wouldn't be in this, Craig is actually smarter than the people who made this

user leave him alone, he hates money and doesn’t want to make dividends from buyers/sellers

He will most likely get into some token ico while whales manipulate and dump on him. While you are openly transparently watching what is going on and out of your contract making dividends.

Dw op ur golden, biz hates money thnx for ur daily bread a lot of ppl are learning I learned from u few days ago and I’m already in the green all profit from here. It’s like winning a lottery that pays u dividends for life

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A masternode is a server running blockchain software that gets paid by that blockchain for the service. PoWH3D doesn't have anything remotely resembling that. Your "masternode" links are blatantly multilevel marketing, also known as a scam. Fucking idiot.

lmao how do you type all that and still participate in this horse shit

That's not very expensive at all

do you really hate money? like honestly. why are you trying so hard to explain masternode, i been in crypto since before even masternode was talked about.

you know whats staking? thats putting ur eth in contract and u make more daily dividends,

this is p3d staking contract, there is so much to catch up on, your not gone dw we can teach you,

arent u tired of losing money? or u still want to be the smartass thinking u know better,

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And it is beautiful that you'll be able to transparently watch YouTubers like Craig reinvest his referral bonuses until he controls 25-50% of the supply himself

You even created partial sells so he can take out his profit after that without even losing his whale status

I think Craig actually made this shit himself the more I think about it

5$ might not be much but 1% daily compound interest adds up fast 1k into a million in 2years or so from those 5$ dividends compound interest adds up,

These ppl either don’t understand math or Ethereum or idk wtf but maybe that’s what it is.


It's not staking you retarded, that is not how staking works

The way you're explaining it buying any coin with upside potential is staking. What you're doing is literally purchasing a referral link

i think craig is smart, and so is trevon, you know there is rumors they are millionaires in crypto,

but all smart ppl aside,

you can see every whale, you make money when craig partial sells, you want ppl to buy and to sell, if your the last one standing u just made so much from dividends,

every single person buying and selling 10% goes to dividends 30% masternodes

wtf are you even talking about.

either get a life or make money, or gtfo out of here, u seriously got no life....


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Please Veeky Forums, realize that this $5 into millions math needs more people to buy into the lower levels than exist on this planet, there aren't that many people

Then subtract all the people who have ETH

then all the people willing to put their ETH into a Ponzi scheme

You will never make it in one of these with $5, it's mathematically impossible, you're just buying Craig his lunch

Staking is a process of validating blocks on a blockchain. Since PoWH isn't a blockchain, it cannot by definition have staking features.

You're obviously too dumb to understand that, which is fine since when you reply with another paragraph of nonsense you'll continue to betray yourself as a scammer, which was my intention.

Yeah you're not understanding that Craig and other YouTubers are going to reach ridiculous whale status, never sell enough to lose their 20/30/40/50% supply, and THEY will live off the dividends while others delude themselves into thinking they can just buy more tokens

It happens with almost every crypto, it happened with bitconnect, and it will happen here too. The whole system is practically designed for youtubers to get rich off of idiots. You might make small cash at this point but I've seen how many videos Craig is making, it's going to be too late very fast

omg i think theres soyboys in here,
talking about math, and about validating blocks....

lmao they dont understand the satire, what this is all about, omg

plz help me,

the state of biz these days

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you guys understand that while we have been talking here, another 5 eth has entered, and i made another 5$ on dividends just these past few minutes,

You're just making stinky linkies threads except they aren't funny at all.

Ironically you would all be better off buying and shilling LINK since it's a "legitimate" token

>guys come make free money!
>lol it's just a joke why so serious

You're done, Pajeet. It's over.

I could have made more margin trading ETH in the past 5 minutes, wow it's already worse than I thought

I mean it was pretty obvious early on that he didn't know anything about anything. The fact that he was promoting a ponzi scheme was just another cherry.

I think he might just be a 12 year old with access to a computer and that is being generous.


who ever just bought with my masternode, bless up!

im going to continue making money here on divies, while they try to shill "legitimate token" that is manipulated by whales.

come try to manipulate

this is smart contract on ethereum, lets see whos smart.

if your smart come try to game this sytem

oh wait you cant, because its not rigged!

fine stay in stinky linky and buy/sell manipulate while exchanges make money on fees, and they exit scam, and the leaders exit scam, and ur tokens lose 80%

meanwhile if someone sells this p3d token im making dividends

and if someone buys im making dividends.

theres no losing in this,

why would it fail? i just fail to fine any reason why it could fail,

can you explain that?

oh wait you cant because bitconeec was 1bil marketcap....

this will be more then 1 bil youll see,

if the first 2 contracts didnt get bugs we would be over 5k eth today

The divs keep coming and they don't stop coming.

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kill yourself please

anons don't trust obvious shills like this, this guys is literally spouting buzzwords

>bless up
you are an absolute faggot

that was great b8 user g8 b8 m8
i will not fall for this

lmao - you mean the failed project which was rebranded to a fucking bird? which has already been taken over in ETH balance by PoWH3D?

Everything you just posted proves my points. Most people in bitconnect lost money, some lost MASSIVE amounts of money

Most "made money" on PAPER before it collapsed - you can still buy and sell BCC tokens, where is the bounce? They ran through everyone willing to purchase it and maybe 10 or 15 individuals actually walked away with gains they couldn't have made investing in a nonscam

Yes faggots, that one is a scam too

The absolute state of pajeets

how is it horse shit when there is real money to be made here? like talking about real actual ethers, its a real game, its a real contract, there is future contracts that will be built on this ecosystem.

have you ever played runescape? and staked party hats?
or played wow and made gold from botting?
or diablo 2 and farmed soj ?

did u ever sell these game items for real money?
like real cash money?

this is another game, except its totally decentralized and autonomous its smart contract,
there is no trust, you dont have to trust any 3rd party at all. its all there on the contract.

now either u know how to make money on games, or you dont.

but either way, dividends keep coming,
do yourself a favor,
bookmark this and check it once a day, just once a day

and in 1 year, i want to see what u have to say

These are the same people that invest in shit like TBC. They deserve to be poor.

Nice reddit spacing faggot

here incase u want to make money

You spent 1 hour and 5 mintues of your time trying to convice people to take "free money". Think about it.

bitconnec made alot of ppl really rich, the smart money was rich and became even more rich, anyone that sees 1% daily udnerstands its not sustainable.

this on the other hand is a smart contract nobody to trust here no bitconnect to close down

>It's like RuneScape
Veeky Forums - Business and Finance

I don't even care if this does make you rich, you should still kill yourself as soon as possible

actually that 1hr i have made money as ppl keep buying and my dividends coming in, also 1 year from now ill be driving a lambo, and you will remember how you lucked out trying to prove someone wrong on biz, not knowing that eveyrone on biz is super smart, and pretending to be as stupid as possible is the whole point of biz and Veeky Forums in general.

but if u want to make money then get in right now, quantom fomo


Only overtook it in the last day all of a sudden for no reason.
Now I see this thread. Gets the almonds cracking.

>Shilling Bitconnect
If you were smart you would be making money trading. You aren't so you are relying on a ponzi scheme to make you rich. You say at the same time it's not sustainable but in a year you will somehow be rich.

All the same I screencapped this thread. Because in a few months I'm going to post them in a best of Veeky Forums thread.

trading? and let whales manipulate? ill wait till trading this p3d token comes out. ill trade something that has value and cant be exposed to whale trading that liquidates you...
unless ur a professional trader ur going to lose everything

PoWH3D has less ETH in their contract. How retarded are you?

Oh my god you know nothing about anything. It's fucking staggering that someone so retarded actually managed to purchase ETH to put into a ponzi.

link address plz
i should really just ignore you, honestly got nothing against ethpy i like their devs and community and im in there too!

just the dividends on p3d is so much better and faster, i already made my initial investment and now im just living of dividends for life.

He wants to be Trevon James, but he thinks he won't go to jail because he doesn't have a YouTube channel.

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Yeah I read your site, your tokens have a 10% transfer fee. It's not tradeable

>Links the etherscan
>Lies about timestamps

It's time to stop posting

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its erc20 token, u can list it on dex ethereum exchanges, its not tradeable? you can transfer it yourself through ethereum transactions

its not tradable?

ye untill i show you a signed transaction of 200 btc transfers in 2013, then i want to see who is retarted. but hey maybe i am retarted, i am making retarted dividends, btw its already at 446 made this thread was like 400

Oops he deleted it now his comment is gone forever right

For a 10% tx fee, do you even understand how large of a fee that is? It's not worth trading, period

You forgot to change your IP for that one.

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Nope it was a post that that retard deleted when he remembered how block chains work

I see. But I think you are making a massive assumption that he ever knew how blockchains work.

He is a literal retard. His new thread is dead already too KEK

no i thought it was 400, but it was 440, its ok tho, im here smoking blunts lookin at my divs, i got it a bit confused, no big deal. still up from the post start. u fudding on what? i made a mistake and u got no life. 10% when ur making 1% per day? oh cmon stfu


I'm just hoping that if another retarded 14 year old wanders in here, I can save him from giving someone as retarded as you his ETH

Your personal incompetence is not FUD, you're dragging the global IQ down with you and you don't deserve to live

But enjoy your Jew blunts, don't forget to buy more weed every day

If you're really stupid enough to think that even if you were gauranteed 1% a day, which is impossible, a 10% (20% to complete by withdrawing) fee to send to an exchange means you just lost 20 days of income just for the OPPORTUNITY to trade it. Then you need to actually make profits, which you've correctly noted ITT that most people lose money trading

There's lots of clones out there, why not pick one that is still fully at ground level?, for example.

Unironically a better investment if you can speak better English than the people who keep posting this crap

Just make threads every day and try to be a little less retarded and you'll be in a lambo in no time

The mods get a bit salty with these sites, I have been banned for shilling them with posts before