The only coin with a proven use case

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the only true crypto

Bitcoin has the proven use case of purchasing Monero.

>Believing this will have any value after regulation hits

if it can't resist regulation it deserves to die

Oh boy you're right sold 100k

If you're not holding Monero then you might as well KYS.

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Hypothetically if regulation hits how would you buy it? Also where do you guys buy it now. Kraken sucks ass desu

Is that use-case to enrich hackers and bot-net owners? I mean they finally come out with ASIC's for it so that hackers and bot-nets don't mine all the Monero, but instead they decide to fork it to make it ASIC resistant (aka mined most profitably by hackers). I want them to fork Monero for ASIC mining. Maybe call it Cash Monero.

Unironically bittrex also mine. Hypothetically if it gets hit with regulation how are they going to stop it? Not every country is going to have regulation and not everyone using it is trackable. Have fun stopping anything that has an internet connection.

They said they will continue to make it asic resistant until they feel like its no longer worth it to keep it resistant. This is because they believe in the end it is inevitable. You want a truly asic resistant coin you do vert and honestly we see how thats doing.

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That's my point. The ASIC version of the coin is more secure and legitimate. If they keep changing the coin's POW they weaken its adoption.

Another /ada/istan here, how you holding up bro? I almost sold all my ada when that tranny on twitter started saying that shit... lost some faith in the project

Bitcoin's only benefit is its first mover advantage. Bitcoin is still using archaic technology and it is slow. It also has a public ledger.

Monero (XMR) is the only crypto which is private and anonymous BY DEFAULT.

It is the only crypto with an actual practical use.

The entire crypto market is filled with vapourwares/shitcoins/scamcoins and coins that are pipe dreams with empty promises.

It is no wonder that Monero (XMR) is being widely accepted in dark markets.

There’s completely legitimate reasons for not wanting consumer-grade hardware mining be replaced with Jihan’s monopoly.

As soon Monero is illegal the value will drop to price crypto anarchist find it worthy. It will become like rare pepe's, some find it valuable but 99.99% not.

Normies won't be using it, because they cannot get it.

Criminals won't use because they can't transfer monero to legal money

I'd kms if I WAS holding xmr.

Holy shit it's been tanking, but wait until G20

XRP for the lawful economy
XMR for the other criminal economy

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>mfw XMR is the only currency not to lose satoshi value in the past month

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well it did go from 0.034 to 0.025 actually

but those are the times you should be grateful for since you can buy more cheap moneros

When regulators say their going to ban monero it indicates that they still don't understand. Regulating anonymous coins on decentralized exchanges isn't happening. Monero will be fine.

also if something like that comes up it just confirms the power of monero and might even be a bull signal

Once Monero gets an increase in On/Off ramps comparable to Bitcoins... Anyone would need to be mentally handicapped to use anything other than Monero... Just through the fungibility aspect alone

100+ Monero holder here. Bought at $10. I always buy never sell. If you buy Monero under $200 it's almost guaranteed profit.
Monero should be a top 3 coin.

Can anyone tell me why it's bad to get Monero, other than the possible regulation it may have (if it even affects it)?