Who /vape & trade/ here?

Who /vape & trade/ here?

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iJoy Captain PD270 with watermelon juice.
Recommend me a new vape

>The electronic dildo

>paying for cancer

Takes a special kind of retard


sounds good

ive been using the good old g-priv 2, and as far as juice goes i like any fruity flavors from Nude

Only DMT, and only from a GVG.

Vaping nicotine is for high school dropouts and XVG bagholders.

>He says while scoffing down his big mac

They're 99% safer than cigs, I'll take the chance.

ehh, i smoked cigs from 18-23, vape is a lot better than that. no high school dropout, just regular eurofag lolo

I like packing a fat lip of sweedish snus and trading. Very clean tasting in comparison to American dip.

Too bad I'll get cancer. But everything objectively gives you cancer (cell phones, microwaves, et al.) The liberal media has tricked people.

so gay but I'm might have to unironically try to vape to quit smoking. luckily I'm self employed so I can hide my chad pen alittle better. I feel ashamed even typing this

oh man, snus is so disgusting but at the same time so nice

i dont understand, are vapes looked down upon in america?

I suppose I should ask for advice too on the best vape option for quitting ciggs.
no key discreet and for the love of god not too powerful that's why I never tried before because any time I hit one the heat in my lungs would be insane and I'd cough like a bitch and I smoke a pack a day. the fuck

i only vape around my one friend who vapes constantly. he lets me take hits. i get a nice, quick nicotine buzz each time i do it too so that's nice.

Yes. But I don't give a fuck. Vaping on an SX mini ML class custom tuned with blue raspberry vape juice.

Stay away from sub ohm then. You need to do mouth to lung.

yes and no.
it was huuuuuuge recently, not sure if it's as much of a mania right now but there's still vape shops everywhere. so high school kids and chads everywhere were way too into it it was like a tell tale sign of a douchbag. but that probably had a lot to do with there other qualities, the vape pen the size of a red bull can enhanced it lol.
but generally if you're just vaping nah no-one really cares but there is some stereotype to it.


How the fuck are you vaping DMT on the reg

like hit it like a joint as oppose to a bong? only way I'm imagining it. not sure what sub ohm is.
probably takes getting used to regardless and I know there's different settings and heats on most.

i was also a smoker (not 1 pack a day though, a lot less than that) and found vaping to be a really nice substitute. just use low heat settings with the right coil and you'll be just fine

Been vaping for 4 years now. Smoked for 15. I guess i traded for the lesser evil but I feel a lot better now. Haven't touched a cig since but im obviously addicted to vaping even though i use low nicotine now. At least people like the smell and actually tell me I don't have to go outside. I'm pretty sure I started smoking for a reason to go outside

Get a vaporesso tarot nano kit, i've never touched a cig ever since i bought one 3 months ago, smoked a pack/day.
It's compact, advanced enough to feel gadgety but easy to use and tinker with, compact, good battery, looks nice with the carbon fiber finish. Has great flavor and you can set your own wattage (even variable like start at 25w go up to 30 35 40 back to 25 in the span of a single inhalation). A lot of room to customize to your own taste.
Quitting smokes was a breeze using this shit, doesn't even matter i look like a fag. Like literally no cravings whatsoever and after like a week you ask yourself why the fuck would you light that dirty stinky shit up when you can have some delicious silky vapor.
Also find some nice clean juice, aim for max vg as pg is supposedly more problematic (allergies).

soyboy faggots? what you soyboys trading?

im accumulating p3d because i invest in online marketrs on youtube shilling it.

sitting comfy af during this downpoor of red,

looks like the only thing green in my portfolio


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Sub ohm (

smoked a pack a day, since i started vaping 6mg i have no urge to smoke at all it's fucking great.

I started off with the smok al85 but upgraded to the smok procolor due 2 batteries and a bigger mod.

Highly recommend this one if you want to quit smoking.

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shit makes me feel dehydrated as fuck and gives me headache and foggy brain but im completely addicted it seems

vaping is so gay and beta male cuckery. Just smoke or dont. Every vape shrinks your balls and reduces your chances of getting laid. You look like clowns..

Who /coke and trade/ here? This shit allows you to stay awake for days

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Yeah ex 20+ cigarettes a day here; smoked last before boarding flight out of Afghanistan back in March 2014 and went cold turkey courtesy of e-cigs.

most of biz wants to die
so smoking is like a pussy version of dying in slomotion

>smoking the mouth fedora

kill yourself

again I'd like to empathize that most of this board are permavirgins
if this is your attitude I have some bad news for you
you are not the norm, you are the normie

adderall, vape, trade, buy gold sell gold, raise my kid, fuck my wife. Pretty much all I do every day.

You make enough money off of buying and selling gold to support your family?

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Have the exact same, actually 2 of them, get the tank that can run a v8-q4, its well worth it. Oh and if you have an LLC, and a Tax ID, you can get a whole sale deal with vaporbeast.com which means just about any 100ml juice is only $10.00. I think I only paid 25.00 for the SMOK.

I own a cash for gold, but also attend outside events like auctions. I am actually gearing up to go to one now. They are auctioning off a jewelers estate with about 1500 grams of scrap in it. I am highly competitive, I use an XRF gun, Ill put out about 40k today and hopefully bring back in about 42k on monday.


>stay awake for days


Was smoking 1.5 packs a day 18 years and didn't touch a cig almost 10 months now. I have Smoant mods. This shit is best. Tried Vaporesso, Smok, Wismec, and some other mods but nothing comes close to Smoant in terms of quality. Highly recommended.

svoemesto kayfun 5


6mg green apple juice, only can find it at a shop 40 minutes away from me where i grew up

so fucking worth it though, this shit is so smooth i cant even feel it.

Vaporetto Nano & some Modafinil



my fucking nigga
I prefer Armodafinil, gives me way less headaches.
You use duckdose, too ? Or you con an MD into prescribing it?

pls rename thread to: who /suck cock&swallow/ here?

I have prescription pads so I just write it for myself.

But I paid it a fuckton (80euros), never tried Armodafinil but I'd be willing to try it if its stronger

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i used to but stopped. I noticed the nic makes me to jumpy. I fomo in instead of being calm

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>someone who has never tried DMT in their lives

who /sucks cock&swallows/ but also heterosexual here
vape is comfy but real cigarettes are better

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