Who getting JUSTed on bitmex here?

Who getting JUSTed on bitmex here?
Bonus points if your long got liquidated

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Nobody? Damn this place is full of pro's

They've all knecked themselves.

You piece of shit BitMexicans are the reason this market is untradable right now, and it won't recover until all of you lose your last bit of money to the whales pumping and dumping bitcoin to try and liquidate you.

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$300 at x50. 200% made me whole $11.

I longed 50x at $8032 and watched it go up to $8250. Set a stop for $8110 and went to bed. Woke up and saw it was $8500 and went to close it, but they had fished my stop.
I don't even know why I bother gambling on a platform where they see what you're doing and make direct moves against it.

Stop losses are pointless. Better strategy:
- lower your leverage (< x10)
- increase your margin but never go over 20% of your holdings
- but most importantly, don't fall asleep at the wheel. constantly observe what's going on

Wait so you are saying that if Americans and Euro's start tossing money into crypto, we can cause a Mexican genocide by killing off all the shorts?

sorry guy, there be gold down in old mexico rn.
im running for the border

Yes, keep borrowing money goy.

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Can someone explain what the fuck you guys are talking about?
I'm good about the technicals or crypto and just hodl based on those, I know jack shit about trading.

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Based Bitmex BBC CEO strikes again

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You BitSpic fags deserve to be poor.

mfw its true

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>your long got liquidated
soon pretty soon

fucking disgusting. why would anyone invest in this project? its a nigger ffs. Id rather have a pajeet or some asian scammers.

I bet that Ben Delo COO is a jew. Samuel Reed being a CTO is probably just some white IT dude and not a (((chosen))).

They also have a couple other guys on the team. A CTO and a COO. I think the COO is a kike. Maybe the CTO too?

Someone here on Veeky Forums had their withdrawals restricted on BitMex. I don't know what happened to his thread. If you are reading this, please chime in. I think BitMex might actually be scamming people.

Between being run by a nigger, BitMex halting a Veeky Forumstard's withdrawals and BitMex being incorporated in Seychelles (some BBC country I believe), I think BitMex might be a scam?

Uhh... Can't be the same guy?

Wait, there's another profile
This one also mentions JP Morgan

>Putting your money on a platform where people with far more money than you are actively hunting and liquidating your ass

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not only that but bitmex sells your liquidation price to whales running bots since its unregulated and bitmex is based on an indian ocean island chain so its legal lmao

enjoyy uor losses

BitMex goes by a blended price on Bitfinex, GDAX, Bitstamp, etc. right? So basically BitMex will sell your liquidation price data to whales who trade on Bitfinex/Bitstamp/GDAX?

I’ve only been making money so far. Is it a trap to bait me in? Fuck I’m hooked desu-chan

why do whales care who gets liquidated?

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95% lose just wait desu
youre basically gambling unironically
they often go lower and higher than any other price

>So basically BitMex will sell your liquidation price data to whales who trade on Bitfinex/Bitstamp/GDAX?

why would they even need to do this?

whales aim for targets that trigger chain reaction stop losses to liquidated thousands of orders at once. they don't need any data from bitmex to do this and they make money and bitmex rakes fees. its win-win-win unless you are the one getting stopped out. stops are a kind of liquid anyway, because when most people get knocked out they fomo back in at a higher price.

guess who is selling to them at that higher price?

Two weeks straight I made money, then an unforseen spike up two days ago wiped me out as bitmex didn't accept my stop loss order in time, 5 minutes after entry I was liqed at 25x and slightly below my first deposit, far far below my second bigger deposit.