Why doesn't Sergey express any human emption?

Why doesn't Sergey express any human emption?

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He expresses disappointment

Same reason you can’t be good at photoshop.

Its hard existing when literally everyone in the world is a brainlet to you.
Stephan Hawking died from shame and jealousy after seeing the sxsw talk

Below par beard mustache game

In Slavic culture smile is sign of disrespect.

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Oh shit. Is that him? Rip

'cause he had a bad day

because he's not human

Idk from the first hand reports were getting it seems he really is just a dick that is always drunk and is good at golf.

wut. I'm slavic and that's the first I hear of it, but then again I'm a neet who's almost completely socially isolated. when I do leave the house, I tend to be polite and smile at people. dam, that totally explains why the local IRL normie slavs are so rude to me...

Because he is clearly autistic. Brilliant, but autistic.

someone please post the Ground breaker CEO meme please

>3. In Russian communication, it is not conventional to smile at strangers. In Russian communication, smiles are directed mainly at acquaintances. This is the main reason that salespersons don't smile at customers – they don't know them. Salespersons will smile at customers they know.


kek i didn't know

Don't smile, nod if you have to but with a blank face.
Smiling for no reason is for Westerners, clowns and wicked people.

Do you think Stephan Hawking had sex after her was paralyzed?

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First of all define which Slavic group you mean, retard. Not every Slav is a dirty Serb or degenerate Russian.

not in all slavic places and not all smiles. normal body language rules apply. Just amplified by the threat of violence.
External displays of hierarchy are much more important, and usually smiling indicates a lower social status.

The weight of being Satoshi and not being able to tell anyone can really eat away at a person

He probably has assburgers. He communicates too well for someone who has autism.

I'd be pretty pissed too if my lives work became the foundation of a weird cult and their "memes".

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like rory said they'd rather have a questionable group of people interested than nobody care.

Sergey's been around long enough on the internet to recognize the power of the hivemind to identify good ideas from the morass of bad ones, even if the same communities produce offensive stuff and can't say so publicly.

Sergey doesn't view time in a linear fashion like we do... at all times he sees the past, present and future. Nothing surprises him. He knows what he's doing will work out and he's just tolerating us mere mortals until it does

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he cucked himself to Ripple Labs

dump your bags now

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