Lol. Do you idiots think you know better than professional analysists??

Lol. Do you idiots think you know better than professional analysists??

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Doesn't matter I'm a millionaire at $2.33

$2000 EOY

That's still way too overpriced.

have fun waiting until 2022 faggot

>10x in 4 years

kys nigger if i wanted slow gains i'd buy stocks

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>Waiting 3 years to become a millionaire

I don’t think you understand how anything works.

This site is neat

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I'm going to say... Yes.

WOW a random screenshot with no provided source said a bunch of words about a thing incredible I'm selling now.

Thanks, just bought 18237 LINK.

When posted ironically this is probably the weakest fud out there, seriously. Even Jason Parser is more effective.

Except it's not FUD though, and walletinvestor is legit...

It's all based off of TA these niggers probably haven't looked at anything beyond the chart.

It's irrelevant because it's entirely based on current market trends and doesn't take into account actual new developments with the tech or with the industry, for example of the mainnet released and chainlink proceeded to be adopted by big industry players. Obviously no possibilities like that are taken into account for the price calculation, but those possibilities are the entire reason people are investing in link right now. If you think about this for 2 seconds you can figure this stuff out man.

>to 2000 USD in one year


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Can't be mad considering that is a 15x and blows boomer stocks the fuck out.

this site should be taken with a grain of salt.

>"Should I invest in BitConnect CryptoCurrency?" "Should I buy BCC today?" According to our Forecast System, BCC is an awesome long-term (1-year) investment*.

What site?

this sounds more like a block of salt

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Link won't go past 3 dollars even if the whole market goes retard parabolic again. You heard it here first. With out market doing above it will be 50 cents eoy enjoy

> Do you idiots think you know better than professional analysists?

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this confirms link is going to 1000 soon