What if LINK does actually somehow manage to live to its expectations by 2025...

What if LINK does actually somehow manage to live to its expectations by 2025, but you lost all because binance exit scammed along with all your stinkies haha

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If Binance found a way to exit scam my Ledger Nano I'd be too impressed to be mad.

Not talking about you but the hundrends of Veeky Forumstards who didn't withdraw.

Is binance not to be trusted? I'm currently using it

Those people never deserved to make it anyway.
You shouldn't be storing your crypto on any exchange. Google Mt Gox.

if you're stupid enough to leave a large amount of something on a foreign exchange you get whats coming to you

you shouldnt trust anybody in crypto. Keep it in a wallet. Every centralized exchange could implode at any second

Nice timeline
It took fuckers 5 years to make it from bitcoin inception, 5 years makes sense for biz today

>trusting any, but especially a chink 3rd party with zero accountability where you have no recourse

Like asking a random nigger on the street to hold your life savings for a bit while you go take a nap.

Is this just for long term holding? What about trading them out ever couple of days to turn profit?
Do you actually make enough to cover transaction fees just to store them in your wallet and then more transaction fees to send them back to an exchange the next time you see an opportunity?
It also sounds tedious as fuck.

What do you think

Fuck how did they get their hands on my MEW private keys??

LINK is a long term hold. You keep it on the exchange if you want to swing trade, you pull it out and leave it alone once you've felt you've accumulated enough.

>swing trading with your entire stack

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Finally got my ledger nano last wednesday which was a huge relief because I had $5k on binance. But all I have stored on there now is like $100 of ADA lol

Never said you have to use your whole stack, but if you want to live your life on the edge like Jason Parser, go for it.

With that being said, Binance would *never* exit scam. CZ is already a crypto billionaire, makes a fuckload of money from binance, and seems to actually care more about his exchange than the money.

Fuck out of here faggot. I'm a trader how am I gonna trade coins constantly transferring from that over priced garbage usb Stick to exchange. Enjoy hodling to the ground tard. This isn't bull market anymore , if you want a chance at surviving you have to hustle and trade. Only retard perma bulls in a strong bull market can hodl and win. Anyways, Binance is legit. I trust that chink

>Binance is legit.
Until it isn't that is. Many things can happen and you don't know what that chink will do if binance becomes insolvent for whatever reason


Wrong he is a genius hybrid chink. He doesn't mess with play money. They even said they will put bounties on hackers if they try it. 250k and above rewards, meaning it'll scare some off. He makes so much money an exit scam would be a loss. Anyways is there a tiny tiny risk. Yes, but I'm taking that risk so I can trade like the degenerate I am.
Pro tip my alt trades are doing well, I keep increasing to my stack, I make minor mistakes here and there

God damnit don't make me think about that. Binance make too much money to exit scam

>I'm a trader
>thinks I'm the faggot
yeah I didn't read the rest of your post