I put so much money in and I keep loosing. I'm down like 70%. Fuck HODL. I'm going to try to daytrade my way back. I have like 15 ETH in binance. Is there any good guides on how to do this shit?

If I loose all my money at least I will do so knowing I was trying to do something about it instead of riding all this shit to the fucking ground.

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Learn as much TA as possible, and don't over trade. It is a bear market, you should not be buying every day.

If you really want to maximize money to be made in bear market, shorting is necessary. Otherwise, it is more about preserving what you have and only buying severe dips or obvious trade setups.


Day trading is for pussies

dont do it just teather

It's easy to daytrade, user. All you have to buy when it's going up so you don't miss out on gains and sell when it's going down so you minimize your losses.

Actually, addendum to whta I said, don't learn "as much TA as possible" at all -- actually, just learn the basics.

Most important is trendlines and how to recognize bullihs or bearish candle patterns.

Next is just knowing the concepts of supports, resistances, and some common chart patterns.

Also, IMO 1h charts are best for day trading, and 1d for swing trading. Lower time frames you will be battling bots and will lose.

you're gonna assfuck yourself

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OK. I'm going to try shorting. Do any of you guys have any guide or thing I can read up on about it? I can't find much info in regards to crypto

Fuck off

losing money
>how to lose money faster?

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If u have to ask BIZ for advice on trading, you're NOT going to make it. Take my advice I'm not from BIZ!

Literally this.

>IMO 1h charts are best for day trading
Most people reccomence 5-15 minutes. Are bots really an issue? Is there even such a thing as a reliable trading bot?


Welcome to the club friend. I've been interested with charts trading since my 2nd day in crypto. Never fell for the hodl meme, most my coins were ready for trade. I'll leave you with this, although I got burned a few times learning. I can now say most my trades (alts) are positive. Even if it's a little profit they are turning out okay. Patience is a virtue user, you will not be making 10 trades on 1 coin in a day. More like a couple hours to complete 1 trade. Wait for that dip to buy, it ....always comes

point is whatever bad decisions you made you're prob make again with daytrading too.
and you will lose money faster with daytrading.

go to the whalepool team speak and listen to their advice

>Daytrading in a bear market

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Crypto is like anything else. You need to make mistakes to learn and get better.

Yeah just secure gains, and tether.
Unless you want out of crypto all together.
Shorting stocks with leverage is retarded, can't believe people do it with crypto.
Might as well hit the casino instead


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It's fine,as long as you don't take daytrading to mean "every" day. Yeah, you definitely dont trade every day in bear market haha.

Unless you like high risk low reward plays.

Tradingview --> Search for Cash Is King --> Just follow what he does exsactly, without ANY deviation what so ever. Increase your portfolio every day (30% last 2 days). Insanity

ONT, Aion, only coins im actually making money on in this shit market

>Fuck HODL
>I'm going to try to daytrade my way back

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You´re gonna lose it all user.

this. I casual daytrade whenever a pump is going or it is under bought. Overtrading on the other hand, has rekt me many times.

Setup a bot. ETH is doing well for bots nowadays

Dont fucking touch even one fucking eth you will fucking lose it all you fucking moron. You sit on it or DIE.

Tfw when i feel for the hold ark meme


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