Who else in here sitting comfy with dividends?


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$20 divs a day with only $750 invested... Going to reinvest for even more FeelsGoodman

>who else here keep making the exact same thread over and over again on Veeky Forums

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He made a new thread because everyone was shitting on his last. OP is talking to himself using his phone.

This shit is being pnd'd right fucking now. Look at the volume increase right after the rival ethphoenix released a new feature. Someone is shitting themselves. Prepare for dump.

you understand that pump and dump is good for the hodlers? u make profit when they pump u make profit when they dump?

and also whos to stop from copy pasta code on ethpohenix with the same features? it doesnt take much to copy paste it, and release on p3d,
btw im in ethpy from the start, since divine days

Are you retarded? It doesn't matter if there is a dump, 10% taken off all sales and distributed as dividends. Then everyone will just buy more with the divvies and start the climb again

unless everyone just dumps realizing it peaked

and the last one holding made dividends from everyone dumping? lol u dont understand this, alot of ppl really dont understand its ok.

No it dumps, then you have like 30% of your investment in dividends and the token worth nothing and the last few people will never cash out.

not true, when it dumps you earn right away 10% in dividends, also you end up holding more % of the p3d tokens left in circulation, thus the next dump you will gain more % of that. eventually the more ppl dump your already way ahead in your profits from dividends, on your initial investment, where you dont care if they dump more or if they buy, because its all profit for you from there.

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ok thanks for the ponzi tip i'll stay poor

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Good to see Ponzis are alive and well and people keep falling for them thinking it will be different this time.

>thus the next dump
which is never guaranteed since it may never go up again

Also, if your success relies on shilling people on brazillian butt injection forums, you're at the bottom of the ponzi.

Actually laughed out loud.

This one is actually working, the divs are crazy

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>muh dividents
>20 dollars daily from 750 invested
>2.6% return on investment per day
>reinvest and more than double your money in 30 days
>10x in three months
>11716x in one year
>somehow think this is sustainable and totally not a ponzi
No wonder Veeky Forums is known for buy high sell low.

People wouldn't keep making Ponzis if they didn't work. The same day Bitconnect went down the retards were shilling Davor. They are mentally incapable of trading or understanding how markets and economics work or what is actually sustainable.

>Everyone gets 3% day hop in
>Where does that come from?


I can feel it.

The type that comes right before the crash?

I wonder where this gets to by year end.

bumperino etherscan.io/address/0xb3775fb83f7d12a36e0475abdd1fca35c091efbe contract is still raking in divvies for everyone, and they keep coming! divvies for life


Craig bless
Trevon bless
Snek bless

Pajeets rangebanned when?

Get some rope ready when you see this going past 1k ETH

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I got like 10 tokens just in case it stays more than a few months
it's gonna crash though